ST. Louis police have identified the two teens who were shot and killed in a robbery attempt. Little did they know, the man they attack was elderly but no helpless.

Jonathan Warren, 18, of Florissant, and Lonnie Middlebrook, 20, of Ferguson, were shot and killed by a homeowner in the 4100 block of Taft, which is a few blocks from the old Bevo Mill Restaurant.

Police said Warren and Middlebrook entered the homeowner’s detached garage and attempted to rob him just before 4 p.m.

One of the suspects held a gun to the homeowner’s head and demanded that he back up, police said. The 73-year-old then grabbed his own gun and, fearing for his safety, fired it at the suspects, according to officials.

Police said the homeowner fired in an act of self-defense, killing both suspects.

The suspects’ guns and the homeowner’s gun were found at the scene. According to police, the gun recovered from Warren was reported stolen on Oct. 30 by the Florissant Police Department.

SO not only did the 73-year-old man draw his gun and defend himself, he OUTDREW the teens. It only took “5 shots or less’ according to people who heard the shots ring off.

Accounts suggest that the criminals took solid hits and didn’t even get out of the garage, and it is unclear if the criminals even managed to get a shot off.

The elderly man walked away without even a scratch. He is highly unlikely to face any charges considering the authorities believe it is a clear case of self-defense.

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  • Valor

    Obama and Hillary are not going to be happy about this!!!

    • David in MA

      “F” ‘EM!

  • David in MA

    Signs should be posted at roads leading into towns:

    • Overcome Evilgov

      Michigan has on its Entering Michigan sign has a warning that Michigan resident are armed. . The county I live in has the highest per capita CPL holders. You come to Michigan and you’re a criminal and you try to rob someone there’s a high likelyhood you’ll rob you’ll be shot. When I was a firearms instructor I had men and women in their eighties getting their conceal carry permits. The news did a story on a women that was in her nineties getting a permit. She could shoot real good, she died though.

  • L Cavendish

    awesome job, young man

  • Sandy

    In a Hillary Presidency we’ll be debating charges on the homeowner since he didn’t shoot to wound. And how the Aussie model would have saved these young men from death. And how all European thought is superior to American.

    –And all this due to the complete and utter failure of American media to present the truth….

  • Voldman

    If BO had a son or two…….

  • ADRoberts

    Able to hit what he aimed at. But even if he had not, these cowards would probably have run like rabbits. Now the next shoe to fall. The perps relatives claiming that they were good boys and suing for wrongful death. LOL

    • CQ

      Seems like it would be hard to prove wrongful death in this case.

      • ADRoberts

        That does not stop the criminal’s families from trying. And in doing so, put a financial burden on the victim of their crime. That is the liberal way. Ask Sarah Palin.

    • sgmma

      They always are…everyone loved them, always had a smile, never met a person that didn’t like him; all from obituarys in local paper. I would do the same thing as the 73 yr. old man. What cowards these two were.

      • ADRoberts

        Even those who claim to be Christians will lie about the dead? WHY?

        • sgmma

          Those who profess the loudest to be Christians are not. Thou shall not kill…

          • 2T3onefive

            “Thou shall not kill”… What it means to say is Thou shall not murder, after all, should I or anyone allow any criminal thug to come and take my life or that of an inocent? Do not confuse yourself, after all, the right for self defense shall not be denied, and anyone who threats my life or that of my family I will most definitely put him on ice!

          • Indygirl


  • CQ

    It’s good to get rid of the vermin before can do any more damage.

    • Dan Buchanan

      Hopefully he took them out before they could multiply……

  • joseph kosior

    This is why we must never allow the government to take away or severely limit our right to own a gun. The hildabeast, assuming they can cheat enough to get her in, will do just that. Don’t believe her when she says she won’t. Just one more lie.

  • LibtardsRTerrorists

    Why is it when the perps are black, it’s always either said straight out or implied that they were “kids” somehow?? Article says “two teens”. One was 18 – legal to vote. The other was 20!! Not a freaking “teen”!……..Article SHOULD say “TWO BLACK MEN DIED WHILE ATTEMPTING TO ROB 73 YEAR OLD WHITE MALE SENIOR CITIZEN”!!…….This PC nonsense just dumbs down the people plus reduces actual information that NEWS is supposed to deliver to begin with!

    • Dan Buchanan

      The article was written that way on purpose. All news stories are slanted that way. The entire MSM has been lost to PC.

      • LibtardsRTerrorists

        Yep, U nailed it!

        • Dan Buchanan

          You and I think alike.

  • LibtardsRTerrorists

    Oh & GOOD SHOOTING, Ol’ Boy!!

  • Igor

    Wave a gun at me, I will return fire. Whether you shoot or not is not *my* problem.

  • Cougar Smith

    Love a happy ending! lol

  • Jerry

    2 more dead Obama voters. I bet their families sue the man that defended himself. They will say their animals had rights too!

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