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A 91-year-old Detroit man became alarmed when he was approached by a younger male in his 20s, who was acting erratically. The young male pointed an unknown object at him, outside of Rite Aid, and was seemingly trying to rob the senior. It was at this point when the 91-year-old warned the younger male that he had a concealed carry license. However, when that did not ward off the attack, he pulled the trigger.



According to WDIV, the elderly man began feeling uneasy when a man his 20s approached him in the parking lot of a Rite Aid in Eastpointe and pointed an unknown object at him.


The alleged would-be robber was said to be acting in an “erratic manner” and followed the 91-year-old man, police said.


The older man responded by firing a shot, hitting the suspect in the neck, police said.


The wounded attacker ran after being shot, but the police were able to quickly track him down.



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  • 63Marine

    He should have killed the bad boy….When he gets out of the hospital/jail, he will just try it again. Those types never learn….

    • Germansmith

      you really have not enough information to determine if the old guy did not shoot this guys with little reason.
      Nothing in the article OR the news report is showing any proof that the guy was actually trying to rob the old guy

      • Whitemanfromtown

        Shut up libtard.

      • 1loyalamerican74

        You should be more worried about Hillary’s venereal disease, the gift from Slick Willy.

      • 63Marine

        If any puke “F’s” with me, play or not, he will regret it. I carry and I WILL protect myself and any of my family and friends. You don’t know if the puke is armed or not, if he is on drugs or not. In this day and age, don’t take any chances….REGARDLESS!!! I would rather be judged by 12 than be carried by 6…..

        • Blackjack6

          I’m with you in principle, however, we all need to be a little careful what we say on social media/websites. There are cases where the libertard pukes attny has pulled up postings to show intent to commit a crime rather than self defense. By the way, Semper Fi Brother. HMM265, B 1/3

      • junkmailbin

        how about getting that craanial rectal imoaction taken care of before showing back up

      • Richard Walker

        German, the fact that the 91 year old man said that he had a concealed carry permit should have been enough to cause the perpetrator to back off. When it didn’t, the 91 year old was justifiably in fear of his life and shot in self defense. I would have done the same. Truth be known, you would have too, but then you are probably afraid of guns and would try waving the assailant away with your rainbow flag…

      • blusportie

        Like a good little Liberal, I bet you always give the benefit of the doubt to the criminal.

  • cool breeze


  • Germansmith

    “Alleged” “acting erratic” “pointed an unknown object ” It does not sound as they got all their ducks in a row.

    Was he robbing the old guy OR was asking for money and/or maybe the old guy became frightened and shoot the guy…just in case

    Got a question. Does this old guy still have a license to drive? if he can not be trusted to drive should he be trusted to carry a deadly weapon?
    I know this sound like justice to most of you, really OLD guy shoots young guy, but I do not currently know any 91 year old guy that I will trust with a gun and the judgement to not misused .

    • Liberty’s Advocate

      Those who never had to go through the permitting process, make a decision on what type of weapon to carry, pass the NICS instant background check through the FBI, purchase the weapon, research the type of ammo to use and its characteristic ballistics, take the classroom training, train on the range to gain proficiency and then carry on a regular basis can only speculate in general terms about the “judgement” of someone they don’t know based on a general prejudice about their age.

      Responsibly armed citizens owe NO EXPLANATIONS to anyone who hasn’t the common sense to recognize that only HE can adequately protect himself from armed attackers, and the courts AND police know this. In fact, the courts have held that it is a “… fundamental principle of American

  • brucefandrews

    I’m glad he prevailed, but there is absolutely no reason for an American that can legally own a hand gun to be forced to get another license to carry it concealed. The 2nd Amendment gives “ALL” Americans. that can legally own a hand gun, the right to carry that hand gun concealed!

    • 63Marine

      We are lucky in my state, Washington, that we can carry “open” without a permit. Our state has a very low amount of crime and I beleave it is because of our open carry law.
      If more states would adopt the same law, crime would be reduced.
      Semper Fi

      • Lowell

        Nah, it’s because all your guns are being sold in Chicago, which is why their crime rate is so high!!! LOL!!

    • Lowell

      The 2nd amendment makes no mention of “legality”. It simply says “the people”, (that’s all of us), and “shall not be infringed”. No caveat!!!

      • brucefandrews

        The 2nd amendment provides for anyone that can legally own a gun to carry it. Of course if a person can’t legally posses a gun they cannot legally carry it. We live in a Nation of laws and must obey those laws. as long as those laws are not against the constitution.

        • Lowell

          Where in the constitution does it say that “We the People” is anything less than ALL of us?!!! “the people” in the 2nd amendment is the same group as “We the People” in the preamble!

          • brucefandrews

            You’re not too smart are you? Anyone that commits a felony loses most of their constitutional rights. That includes their right to vote, and their right to own or possess any weapons. To include guns. No one in their right mind would want a felonious person to have a gun. The problem is many of them carry illegal guns and this is why honest American citizens have the right to carry a hand gun concealed. I hope this clarifies some things. If not keep them to yourself.

          • Lowell

            It only clarifies your ignorance of the constitution. Where does the 2nd amendment say “except for”? Your position seems to be that if congress passes a law that owning a gun makes you a felon then you would demand that they come take your guns. Do I have that right?!!

          • brucefandrews

            Stop you’re driving me crazy with your inability to read and
            comprehend. Your ignorance is amazing.

          • Lowell

            Why would you let someone drive you crazy when you know it is within walking distance?

  • dude

    good going… it’s about time we started putting thugs and thives in there place and showing them that crime really does pay… but the shot should have been in the head

  • 63Marine

    Did you hear what our dear wonderful POS president has done? He signed an order banning the pledge of allegiance in all schools. Someone needs to flush that turd….
    Semper Fi

  • satelliter

    It’s the only way to properly clean the gene pool of all the thugs, crooks and criminals that are destroying our society. Imagine a time when there are no criminals and we can all live in peace without fear. Criminals are like a disease and need to be eliminated permanently and not be allowed to spread their seed.

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