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In the clip below, you see a stand off between police and an armed civilian. The narrator informs us that the man is suicidal and is prompting the police to assist him in his suicide, hoping they will shoot him, as he taunts them with a firearm.

Watch carefully as the sniper takes an amazing shot, and eliminates the threat of him harming himself or any of the police officers.


Sometimes the most courageous thing we can do is decide when to save life rather than take it.

  • Zundfolge

    Yes, its an amazing shot but it happened Aug. 16, 1993.

    • Homer

      Yup, it`s an old video but a heck of a shot.

      Late 80`s, early 90`s cop cars should be a give away to anyone who knows something about car`s anyhow..

  • The Old One

    Nice shot, congratulations for our men in blue but do not make it a habit of being so condecendant. If the subject represented a threat, eradicate the threat with terminal prejudice. Now pray tell me who is going to pay for the cost of keeping this individual in jail, psychiatric ward or wherever in the future. Do not count on me to foot the bill.


    I find this a rather disconcerting situation and if B’Ob is behind this then it’s open season on treason…..

  • frankenbiker

    Nice but a little dated. I for one still have a lot of respect for the men and women in blue and on the front lines.

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