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Gun control fanatics have one three things in common: they care nothing for the constitutional rights of others, they repeat anti-gun rhetoric without knowing the facts and most of the logic they use is totally illogical.

What is the main argument they use to push banning certain types of guns? Supposedly, firearms like assault weapons kill too many people when in fact the account for a very small percentage of gun deaths or gun violence. They argue they have no useful purpose in the hands of the public, but that was proved bogus when a 19-year-old used an AR-15 to defend himself against three armed home intruders.

They also argue that if we have more gun control laws and universal background checks, guns will be kept out of the hands of those that shouldn’t own them. That would lower gun violence and mass shootings.

However, the facts prove that gun control laws and universal background checks fail to accomplish the claims anti-gun idiots make.

A recent case of man who held his family hostage also demonstrates how worthless and illogical the anti-gun arguments are.


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