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Craig Noggle, a 66-year-old veteran, shot his neighbor, David Givens, on Monday.

Givens came and knocked on Noggle’s door before running off. However, he returned again and at this point, Noggle realized that something was off about his neighbor. Givens then began forcing his way into the home.

Noggle yelled out, “You try to come in through this door, I’m gonna shoot you.” He continued telling reporters, “He said, ‘yeah, where’s the gun?’ and I pick it up. I said ‘This is the gun and you’re gonna get shot.”

Still, Givens thought he could get the upper hand, forced his way inside anyway and a struggle ensued.

Noggle said, “I thought, ‘I’m a old guy. I got to face up to this. I’m just not going to be able, I don’t know if I can take this guy.

Noggle was hit several times before he was finally able to position himself and shoot Givens in the ankle. Givens then promptly left Noggle’s home and officers found him at his own home just a few doors down.

Givens was treated for a gunshot wound and, since it was not considered life threatening, was then placed in jail. He is now being held at the Summit County Jail, with charges of assult and aggravated burglary.


But Noggle said this wasn’t the first time he – or others in the neighborhood – have had issues with Givens either. In fact, Noggle said he previously confronted Givens after he caught him peeping into his neighbors’ windows.

I think Noggle handled the situation well. I am glad he had his gun handy in order to protect himself. What would you have done in this situation?

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  • Graywolf12

    Now he can sue, draw SS disability for life, and become more of a pain in the sit down. 3 shots, one to right lung, one to left lung, and one to heart, freeze in fear for 3-5 min and then call 911.

    • American Me

      Why waste ammo?One in the forehead,threat neutralized .

  • The Dutchman

    He would have been dead long before any struggle had it been me! Dead people don’t sue anyone!

    • John1943

      No, but their families might. ?

  • usmcb10

    I am a lot like this man, too fat to run, too old to fight but I still know how to use a gun. What’s mine is mine and I will protect it and myself. I’m 69 years old a veteran of two tours in Vietnam I have no desire to hurt anyone. I enjoy target shooting with my grandchildren and I’ve been teaching them how to shoot since before they were in the first grade. I started them out with Nerf guns to teach them safety, then air soft and finally a 22, now my 11-year-old grandson shoots a 44 Magnum, or 38 or 357 or 9 mm, AR 15, 35 Cal, 7 mm he loves to shoot and he is an excellent shot so is his sister. I don’t blame anyone for protecting themselves and their families. But if Hillary gets elected protecting ourselves will become even more difficult and costly. With Obama bringing in all of these so-called refugees and Hillary wanting to take our guns the future for our country does not look good. Sam Colt said it best God created all men but Sam Colt made all men equal. I feel like my carry weapon is like the old commercial about the credit card don’t leave home without it.

    • ADRoberts

      True gun safety for children. Teach them how to handle and shoot and NOT leave them ignorant, curious and unaware of what a gun is.
      Just like so many other false ideas of gun controllers, it is about KNOWLEDGE.

  • Dissolute

    That is how to define “gun control”

    It’s a sad commentary in which the home owner felt compelled to risk his own safety while warning the miscreant.

    Shoot first, center mass and let God sort it out.

  • MoBetter2

    SCMTNT – Shoot Center Mass To Neutralize Threat. Once he crossed the threshold uninvited, he immediately became an imminent threat that should have been permanently and immediately neutralized! At 70 I’m too old to fistfight and too slow to run, but have been shooting for 50 years, and know all about shot placement, ballistics, penetration and wound trauma. All intruders leave the same way – on a gurney covered with a bloody sheet!

    • John1943

      I am in the same boat, MoBetter, but a few years older. Just requalified for my (unconstitutional) ccw. I do not have to put my gun on when I leave home, it is already on my hip except when I am in bed or the shower. Home invasions happen more than house fires, but no one would think of suspending their insurance because “it won’t happen today!”

      • ADRoberts

        I had to stop wearing a belt because of back problems. Going to have to find a way. No other way to carry a Glock 21 than on a belt.
        And my usual carry, a North Amrican 22 mag revolver just isn’t enough.

        • John1943

          That is tough. I wore a G22 for many years, but now mainly carry a 5″ 1911. If I need deep concealment, I have a Springfield XD-S 9mm and a small shoulder bag for, say, doctor visits. My wife carries either a S&W Shield 9mm or a 4″ 1911, despite fairly advanced scoliosis.

          Would a shoulder holster work for you? Otherwise, ankle holsters? Neither are ideal, but maybe you could then carry a small 9 or a .380 instead of a 22 Mag? I have a .380 which sometimes goes in my pocket in a pocket holster, and is pretty light so it does not pull hard on my back.

          • ADRoberts

            Not wanting to ever need a gun. But if I have to have one, I will prefer the 45. Just my opinion with a lack of much experience.
            Best would be for God to call me home. But I would have to leave loved ones to face their monsters.

          • John1943

            I love my .45 and, after many years of my wife saying 9mm was all she needed, she now carries a 1911 too some of the time. However, 1911’s are perhaps an acquired taste and may be more suited to people with existing skills. I would suggest starting with a 9mm for beginners, partly because 1911’s should be carried hammer back, and you do need confidence and practice to do that. There are other .45’s, but they tend to be heavy, bulky double stack guns.

            And, in fairness, there is not a lot wrong with 9mm, the ammo costs less, some of the guns are easier to conceal and you may get more rounds in the gun. Many people think they are just as effective as the .45, but that is a discussion that could take all night.

          • ADRoberts

            Game changer? The new SRX ammo. I may have the wrong name for it.

          • John1943

            I would be happy with any premium defense round in either caliber. I prefer shooting 1911’s. My usual .45 choice is Winchester Ranger-T +P. Two rounds in center mass should slow them down enough for a head shot, if they still want to fight. There may be better, there is definitely worse. YMMV.

  • Paladin

    Never shoot to wound!!! too many moving parts…

  • Red Steiner

    I wish he had aimed higher. If he had we would have had one less Clinton supporter.

  • ADRoberts

    Way to late. He should have never gotten close to the old man. Distance and shoot to kill.
    The article did not say if this was Utah or Colorado. It also did not give a motive. Much more to the story than we were given.

    • Oleo Ranch

      Never tell a cop, a judge, an attorney, or a jury that you “shot to kill”. You shoot to STOP the aggression. The best way to STOP the aggressor is to shoot at the vital parts, chest and head. If he dies, so be it.

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