Did you know that Florida gun owners can legally conceal carry in times of a weather crisis?  That’s right. As a revamp of a bill in 2014, which was shot down during the last minutes of political maneuvering, the bill was passed with a smooth 29-10 vote in Senate and 86-26 vote in the House, last year.

“As Hurricane Season approaches it’s critical that our rights are protected during natural disasters,” advised Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-Petersburg, in a statement. “With the signing of SB 290, all lawful gun owners will be permitted to carry a concealed weapon if they are complying with a mandatory evacuation during a state of emergency. I’m proud to have sponsored this bipartisan bill ensuring that we have the right to protect our families during these sometimes chaotic times.”

This would include the upcoming hurricane Matthew that is about to hit the coast of Florida, twice.

This bill created an exception to the prohibition, in Florida, which did not allow concealed carry of a weapon without also having a permit. The newer law actually allows these adults to conceal carry during a 48-hour window after an evacuation has been announced.

“This bill is a no-brainer, particularly in Florida with our hurricane exposure,” Marion Hammer, president of the Unified Sportsmen of Florida and past president of the National Rifle Association, told Guns.com Thursday. “When you’re ordered to evacuate — to take your kids, your dog and valuables and flee — the last thing you should leave behind is your gun.”

Some people get confused as to how a person can own guns but not have a concealed carry permit. You can legally carry a gun in your home and in your vehicle since it is an extension of your home. However, without a permit, you cannot carry it in a concealed manner.

So, make sure you practice your gun rights and protect yourself during these monstrous storms. Hooligans use chaos to loot and destruct, so there may be a need to defend yourself.

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  • Valor

    Great idea!!

    • Rattlerjake

      Wrong! This is just another bullshit law that
      was created to make people “THINK” that the government is thinking of
      their welfare. The problem is that this law is unnecessary because it
      is merely counteracting the illegal law that requires a conceal carry
      permit! The second amendment is the only gun law that we need.

      • I agree Rattler, but for most part, lawyers need to have laws to keep themselves and fellows employed. And as we know, its the lawyers writing the laws. Here is another simple interpretation of constitutional rights that seems too obvious for the “learned”; the Bill of Rights states we shall not be deprived of life or liberty, yet by an unlawful decree the Supreme Court has violated that provision for the unborn person. Despite becoming alive the moment the first cell divides the child is at the mercy of its parent host(apparently the Supreme Court doesn’t believe the Father is a right bearer at conception, or deciding to murder him/her before birth- but certainly is when his child needs health care, food, clothing and shelter). Life is life, and it should be protected from government intrusion. Period.

        • Rattlerjake

          You’re right. All of these laws are “malum prohibitum” – they prevent us from doing something that isn’t a crime other than because the law makes it a crime. These laws are unconstitutional because they violate our right to liberty. These laws are created for nothing more than government control of the population.

          • A Municipality I worked in had a City Code that up until revision in the 50’s had an ordinance prohibiting “negro minstrels” from performing on the sidewalks.
            Through power grabs the federal government has in essence voided the 10th Amendment by continuously usurping power away from the States, and the people. Somehow over the past 230 years the Preamble to the Constitution that begins with, “We the people…” has become the ubiquitous, “We the Federal government…”. Incrementally, we have become a nation of sheeple dependent on the federal teat, and in subjection to federal abuses and decrees.
            “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite.” James Madison(primary author of the Constitution), The Federalist No. 45.
            We are so far gone from our Framers intentions I don’t believe there is one iota of hope returning to original intent, short of a revolution.

          • tdg54

            Late to table, so, sorry for that. I agree with your “…short of revolution.” comment, but long gone are those days. Pockets, perhaps, but they’ll be squashed by superior tech and forces across the country. Now…if you got a spontaneous uprising of 100 million or so…

        • 1Pummalo1

          Geez you are confusing the liberal simpletons on this site with logic a 5 year old would understand

  • warpmine

    Not to fond of the Gov but certainly a great thing for those in the need.

    • GenEarly

      BLM “hurricanes” are not included in this law. So if there is ANY other declared emergency by a local, county, or state government the concealed carry permits are null & void in Floriduh.

      • Bill Hartman

        Not null and void, just nicely redundant.

        • GenEarly

          As a former 24 year resident of Fl. it has been a breath of freedom relocating to GA. on gun laws. No revocation is allowed in GA. state law for any declared emergencies, open and concealed carry is legal, and police cannot use open carry as a pretext or probable cause to see your weapons permit. Also no 3 day wait for gun purchases without a permit.
          While not a statewide phenomenon, sheriff’s deputies are polite where I live up in the “hill country’.

  • Add to this that looters will be shot on sight and we may keep the peace the way we used to and have a one per 100,000 murder rate per year instead of the 10 to 300 we have now.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      “Looters Will Be Shot On Sight. Survivors Will Be Shot Again!”

  • frankenbiker

    I get so tired of governments giving us permission to do what is a God given right to begin with.

  • joseph kosior

    The problem I see with any law or decree is that once we agree that it makes sense, it grows into something we wouldn’t agree to. When we allow the government a foot in the door they ultimately break the door down. I’ve seen it happen before, like in seatbelt laws. They weren’t going to be able to stop anyone if they were not wearing a seatbelt. Now it’s “click it or ticket”. They literally set up spot checks just to catch people not wearing a belt. Most of us are all for wearing a seatbelt and think it’s a smart idea but why did we give the government the right to charge us if we decided not to wear one? Gun laws are the same thing. We would all say that the mentally disturbed or mentally challenged should not be able to own a gun but when it’s the government that decides who is mentally challenged then it becomes total gun control. If a person was charged with losing his or her temper at any given time, that could be enough for the government to declare that person mentally challenged. This is why it must always be “NO” when it comes to any regulation concerning guns.

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