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Everyone knows that Americans love their gun. ESPECIALLY if you are a conservative. We love them so much that we have doubled the average of guns owned a decade ago!

That number is about 8.1 guns per household.

How could we possibly know that, you ask? A recent study conducted by Harvard/Northwestern University shows that an estimated 319 million American citizens own a total of 265 million guns.

Although from 1994 to 2016 the number of Americans who own guns decreased from 25% to 22% — and has in fact been declining over the past 20 years — FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System data show that gun sales set new records for the past 18 straight months through November.

This basically just translates into there being higher gun sales but fewer households with guns. This means that there could have only been an increase in guns owned by gun owners.

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  • Capn Jack

    Who in their right mind would tell a telephone survey how many guns they owned?

    • ARJAY

      NOT me!!

  • GomeznSA

    That “study” has already been shown to be very flawed, both in methodology and in the overt attempt to prove the ‘conclusion’ that they wanted to reach. Oh and never mind that it has NOT received critical peer review nor been formally published.
    Exactly what constitutes an ‘average’ gun owner anyway? Level of intelligence (I know, the hoplophobes will claim that anyone who owns any gun(s) is by their definition low on that scale); owns exactly 8.1 guns; is of ‘average’ height/weight. There are simply too many variable to ‘categorize’ any gun owner as average, from professional requirements to collectors who own them for historical purposes. BTW, their numbers are really skewed, IIRC the latest figures show that American Citizens have purchased something on the order of 160 MILLION firearms in the past 8 years alone, thanks barry (greatest gun salesman ever).

  • tdg54

    So if I have 8.1 guns, and you take away 5, how many guns do I have left? 28! I lied about the 8.1 part. 😉

  • Loyd Patterson

    And we aren’t afraid to use them either. Any low life sob that robes and breaking and entering a home deserves to be shot. This matter of lawless people that think that they can do as they please, need to think again. Where and how did they formally come up with the amount of firearms that people have?

    • JB Andrews

      It is all part of the liberal democrat mind set. The “squatter” was a victim and is entitled to his “rights” !! Forget about the rights of the homeowner. This has happened several times in California and Washington State. Hopefully with the defeats of the Democrats, this kind of stuff should start to go away !!!

  • Wordell

    There is a 13 shot FATiH .380 (Beretta 84 Cheetah clone) with Underwood +P hollow points on me as a CCW licensed person. The barrel will be replaced soon as the 5000 rounds I have put through it (Fiocchi ball ammo for the range) has done what gas pressure, chemicals, heat, pressure, and wear will do to a barrel. The wife is CCW certified also….she carries and is very accurate with her Taurus .380. She has replaced the barrel on her .380….due to her continual practice with the weapon under the guidance of an NRA certified shooting instructor we know… and pay well to get us both proficient and “non-rusty”. We were assaulted at our home in the 1980’s and only through the grace of God and a

    In the house?……. An HK 91 (.308), Like new 1943 Inland built 1911 .45 ACP, ( A high school graduation gift from my “surrogate Grandfather”, who was a Major General in the USAAF (Pacific…basically burned Japan to the ground with his boss Curtis LeMay) ) in WW2. Colt AR 15, Savage 320 Tactical 12 gauge, and a Mossberg 702 .22 with 5 ea. 25 round magazines.

    There soon will be a Marlin 45-70 Gov…….and a bolt action scoped “distance” weapon of undisclosed caliber. Those weapon(s) are being researched and the names Armalite and Barrett keep coming up. I’d like a smaller caliber also and “hot & accurate” out to 1500 yards.

  • SilveradoMan

    I know I own more than I need but less than I want. Or I should say not all of the ones I would like to own!

  • Oldshooter

    Oh come on! “How do we know this?” the author asks (that less people are buying guns, but a few are buying record numbers of guns). Then he says we know because an ultra-liberal study by authors from 2 anti-gun sources “ESTIMATED” that it is. Say, WHat?! In fact we know nothing of the kind, and the estimate is patently absurd. It requires a tiny (2 percent) of uber-rich gun collectors to suddenly begin buying up hundreds of thousands of duplicates of guns they already own for some unknown reason, rather than thousands of new gun owners buying their first gun because of fears that the liberal Democrats would gain control of the Congress and ban many guns (as they have in NJ, CT, CA, etc.).

    • patriot2

      most gun owners won.t admit to own any,this is a bs story by the anti-gun idiots.


    I suspect there are a lot more guns per owner that 8.1. I know more than one person that has something like 20 firearms and only two or three of them was purchased by them. The rest were inherited or given to them by someone they know. Some people seem to attract guns and are lucky enough to get them given to them. Me? I’ll never tell someone on the phone or the Internet anything like how many guns I have. Those that do haven’t thought about it much. One think is certain. There is such a thing as, “ENOUGH GUNS”. There is no such thing as, “TOO MANY GUNS”.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Some stranger contacts you and asks if you own a firearm; how would you respond?

    • patriot2

      how about “go get f–ked & I woundn’t tell you that much if I didn’t like you?”that’s more information than they deserve.

    • ARJAY

      That’s why I ALWAYS let the answering machine answer the calls. Then I don’t have to deal with any of this garbage!!

  • L Cavendish

    not everyone is truthful when polled…or Hillary would have easily won the WH

  • AmericanIcon

    The allegation the number of firearm owners is declining is open to question (at best). More likely the ‘average’ gun owner, if asked by some stranger (especially by phone) ‘how many guns do you own’ will either lie, hang up, or reply with some variation of ‘none of your business’. And if the actual number of firearm owners is supposedly declining, how, precisely, does one explain the rash of first-time purchasers – especially those of the female persuasion?

  • Phillip_in_TX

    Hmm. What does .1 of a gun look like!? 🔫

    • David in MA

      In a communist/liberal/democrats mind, BIG and DANGEROUS.

    • patriot2

      depending on how many parts one has it could mean a few springs,pins,grips & a trigger.lets see,how many parts does an “assault pistol” have??

  • ShooterTutor

    OK, someone on the phone asks me if I own guns. If I tell them yes. I could be setting myself up for confiscation or a robbery. If I say no I could be setting myself up for a home invasion or robbery. I guess I just don’t see the upside of any answer to a survey. I don’t think I’m alone in that. So yes, that would explain their numbers. Personally I would hang up on the survey.

    • frankspeak

      the only conclusion that can be that a lot of americans own a lot of guns!….

  • lummi

    If you actually know how many guns you have, you obviously don’t have enough! But 8 is a reasonable start. Like I told a couple of liberal co-workers, if I didn’t buy guns, I’d probably just waste the money on food and health care.

  • Igor

    What about the gun buyback programs??


    (Do I need to put in the /SARC OFF tag?? C’mon…)

  • frankenbiker

    I won’t say exactly how many I own, but its more than the 8.1 they say here. The more the merrier. Personally, I’ve got all the firearms I need, but I’m always buying ammo in bulk.

  • frankspeak

    surveys like this will always be flawed because of the [justifiable] unwillingness of people to reveal this information….

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