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On Saturday, local gun activists rallied at the Capitol building, flooding the front steps.  The rally was peaceful, and led by the Gun Right Coalition. They are upset, because the death toll would have been substantially lower if the Cascade Mall did not ban guns.




Christina Sheppard, one of the present gun-right activists, stated, “If people were allowed to carry and they were trained, absolutely they could have possibly lowered the casualty rate.”


And she is right. Just like how a Somoli terrorist was taken down when he began stabbing people at a mall, when a former police officer and current firearm trainer, saved the day. He was able to do so with the gun on his hip.


“It’s not going to happen,” said Rick Halle with the Gun Rights Coalition. “It just isn’t going to happen. We have 300 million-plus guns in the United States. You can’t take them away.”


Halle continued on to say, “”With the one that happened in Burlington when it comes right down to it, if we’re attacked in a mall, it doesn’t really matter where it is, 99.9 percent of the time the police are not there immediately to respond. We’re in the best position to respond when something happens, if something happens to us. It doesn’t mean we’re out here to start a gunfight, but it means we’re out there to be able to protect ourselves and be able to deter it in the first place.”


Tragedies like these can be prevented, or at least stopped by simply allowing these public places to have guns.


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    Disarm the LAW ABIDING CITIZEN and the death toll goes up from the actions of the LAWLESS CRIMINAL WITH A WEAPON!!!!!!!!!!!

  • drdos1943

    We conceal carry all the time, and we abide by federal and state laws; but if a business or a mall has a “no gun” policy, we just do not shop there. However, if it is absolutely necessary to enter that premise, we just ignore their policy. I will never put myself or my family in danger. If discovered, which would be our fault, the most they can do is ask us to leave, which we will immediately do. If we refuse to leave, then we can be charged with illegal tresspass.

  • warpmine

    The general non gun toting population will continue to ne put at risk because of their own stupidity desiring to be unarmed targets for would be murderers/terrorists.

    One would figure that terrible lessons could be learned from all this but then 1/2 the population still believe DemonRats are looking out for their well being. Stuck on on unending stupid they are.

    Note: The debate last night was akin to watching two of the three stooges slap each other around.

    • Deplorable Robert

      Yep. She did want she could and Trump fell into her web. He also had some nasal problems.

  • Germansmith

    And the shootings in the mall in Washington state would not have happens if the person in question was denied access to a gun based on his diagnosed mental problems.

    Police can not protect us all the time (actually it seems that you have a higher risk of being shot by them if you are carrying), but we need to strengthen background checks so people with mental problems, violent crimes convictions and suspicious of terrorism or straw purchases can not legally buy a weapon.

    Before we issue a drivers license we demand the driver shows responsibility and skill in handling a vehicle . We should request the same for any CWL issue. I have a CWL and the requirements in Florida are a joke.

    • Michael E Heis

      The day driving becomes a Constitutional amendment you will be correct, otherwise you are no more than a poorly disguised liberal

  • Front Sight

    I have a CCW and I have carried for years. Contrary to the anti-second amendment crowd, I haven’t shot, or killed, anyone. I am not a LEO; therefore, I have no obligation to defend a member of the anti-second amendment crowd when, not if, they get attacked.

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