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Matt Leonard,  21-year Navy vet and also the current President and CEO of the Lewiston Auburn Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce in Lewiston, ME, has resigned of his position. The reasoning? There was a big fall out after the chamber decided to raffle off a gun…an AR-15 to be exact.

On November 8, or Election Day, an email was sent out by the chamber. It announced a gun raffle, but then the next day, the raffle was suddenly cancelled.

This happened because the board of directors had not fully vetted the details of the raffle. However, the email was sent anyway.

Leonard explained what happened to Lewiston-Auburn Sun-Journal in an interview:

Certainly, there was no intent to release that on Election Day or election week. Part of my roles and responsibility here is to have an understanding of the political environment, have a pulse. I certainly am cognizant of the fact that that was the absolute worst time to send that. It wasn’t intentional. Unfortunately, it went out, and it really struck a nerve with many of our members and members of the community.

Chamber member Joseph Cimino said Leonard approached him weeks ago to discuss the raffle and noted that other organizations have held similar events for fundraising efforts. Cimino is president of Top Gun of Maine, a shooting range and firearms store.

“They came in, they took photographs, we discussed the cost of building, what additions we would do, what we would do if somebody would want to take one of our courses if in fact they bought a firearm,” Cimino told WGME.

Chamber staff spent a month putting together the raffle and making sure it was legal. The purpose of the raffle was to raise money for the Chamber while promoting Top Gun of Maine.

After several board members expressed their concern and cancelled their chamber memberships over the news of the raffle, Leonard sent out a press release offering an apology and his resignation.

The Lewiston Auburn Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce has built a strong reputation of serving our community and has been a pillar in our community for decades. While this one incident does not reflect well on that reputation and history – that stain is my fault. I hope that you see that the board and our membership have taken stern and immediate actions demonstrating their continued commitment to serving our members and community in a manner that reflects best on us all.

My error in judgment, failure in leadership, and violation of trust bestowed by the board is inexcusable.

Although still pending stronger actions from the board of directors, I have submitted my immediate resignation to the board and will do everything in my power to execute their wishes in the days ahead.

What do you think? Would you have resigned too?

  • Front Sight

    The People’s Demokratik Republik of Kalifornia is rubbing off on the SNOWFLAKES in Maine, one of the pristine hunting regions of the United States. I understand that Obama is resettling large numbers of Muslim Migrants in the state. I hope the SNOWFLAKES are too busy covering their faces to protect themselves from the shrapnel produced by an IED.

    • TheBitterClinger1

      They are spreading like a plague all over the west; moochers, whiners and winners from the North-east are screwing up the rest of Free America.

    • patriot2

      also the acid they toss in other peoples faces.

  • teekay51

    I don’t get it, it is Idaho, part of the land of the free and the home of the brave. How did a sailor get that job?

    • LeSellers

      Eh, it’s in Maine, not Idaho.

      Mr.Magoo O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

    • ADRoberts

      Idaho? No. Idaho has men. This is Maine, Full of yankee liberals and wimps.

    • Dan Wild

      Lewiston, Maine (New England, USA)

      • GenEarly

        please correct: New England, USSA

  • Meathead

    And if you had been raffling off a truck, would this have taken place? Maine is suppose to be a rugged state. So much for that reputation,

    • 48TENN

      In my opinion, they lost that reputation when the State supported Obama in the ’08 election. I haven’t purchased anything from Bean, since.

    • GenEarly

      Maine has joined the former “Live Free or Die” state of NH as they All become Greater Massachusetts-New York.
      May they rot in their own Offal Prog NWO

  • Germansmith

    They should have raffle an RPG, that way even bad shots can kill the forest creatures.
    Besides, we know now that liberals are providing body armor for deers so an AR-15 is no longer enough.

    • brucefandrews

      That depends entirely on how good you can shoot and what round you are using.

    • rivahmitch

      So, leave the deer alone and shoot the libs.

    • patriot2

      I might support them if they raffled your troll *ss off.

  • HandsOffOurFreedoms

    The rest of the board should resign. Cupcake snowflakes have no backbone.

  • rivahmitch

    I certainly would have resigned AFTER they cancelled the raffle and forced the president out.

    • 48TENN

      Yes, and then I would have told them all to kiss my azz.

  • brucefandrews

    Muslims the enemy of all the “FREE” world. It’s too bad that most of the people not living under control of islam are so stupid about what they are and what they are all about. This is how these sons of SATAN move in and take control. All one would need to do to see this is full action is to look at Dear born Michigan. We all must realize we are in a ‘SHOOTING WAR” with the muslims and “WE ARE LOSING BADLY”!

  • herman flippen

    We are turning into a country of sissies!!!! This country had better cowboy up,we have some Islamic wars to take care of!!! The survival of the Western world is at stake!!!

  • notalib

    Poor sensitive babies! We should probably send some binkies to the Chamber to help them ease their troubled mind over this terrible decision the President and the Navy vet made. I mean, trying to raise money for a good cause but raffling an A/R to do it is totally insensitive. I’d hate to be a part of that group!

  • myfordtruck

    This so stupid it don’t rate a response read the story he was not told he could do the raffle

    • As I read, “Chamber staff spent a month putting together the raffle and making sure it was legal.” I wonder what you read.

      • GenEarly

        My”Mexican”FordTruck is a gubmint skoll edumencated stoodent he “don’t” rate a response cause he flunked reading is fun.

      • myfordtruck

        That’s not what I am talking about I know it was legal but he did not get full approval from board members that was his problem

  • rev_dave

    He threw himself on his sword. Who was he protecting?

  • ADRoberts

    Let them resign. That way they will give up their ability to say ANYTHING. Now they have canceled, and by such actions they have allowed the liberal gun grabbers to win.
    Why do we have so many cowards who claim to be men.

  • Teachertooinpa

    He can come to my part of PA… we love our gun raffles and make a lot of money for good causes. But enough of the apologies and coddling. They sound like the millennials in their safe spaces hugging puppies after the election.

  • otoman

    SOOOO why aren’t the Chamber members (businesses) who are pro second amendment cancelling their Chamber of Commerce membership? Show the anti gun woosies who’s boss. CANCEL NOW!

  • reaper_69

    Resign?? Hell NO! The only thing the guy did wrong was to cave to PC pussies! He had nothing to apologize for, and it is disappointing that he didn’t have the guts to tell them to kiss his ass!

  • rangerchuck

    Tickets on the Lolita Express would have been a better fit than an AR

  • practicedcynic

    It is happening in New England, land of totally loonie leftists.

  • Gib Ercanbrack

    Linguini spined Charlie Sierras.

  • Farmer

    Sounds like parts of Maine are going down the progressive tubes.

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