In North Carolina, on Tuesday, Trump suggested that maybe supporters of the Second Amendment could do something in order to stop Clinton from inflicting stricter gun control. Now Clinton, is firing back.

“Yesterday we witnessed the latest in a long line of casual comments from Donald Trump that cross the line,” Clinton said. “His casual cruelty to a Gold Star family, his casual suggestion that more countries should have nuclear weapons and now his casual inciting of violence. Every single one of these incidents shows us that Donald Trump simply does not have the temperament to be President and Commander in Chief of the United States.”

Oh please, give it a rest Hillary. You’re stating that he does not have the temperament to be president because he is not politically correct, but I think you forget: he is not the one with the blood of Americans on his hands.

Clinton’s campaign manager and her running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, responded quickly to Trump’s comments but Clinton herself had, until now, ignored questions from reporters about them. Clinton said in Des Moines that Trump’s habit of making “casual comments” is a “critical difference” between her and her rival.

She may actually have a point there, because Trump doesn’t take the time to come up with a crafty lie. He simply states the truth as he goes.

Honestly, I think we can all take heed to Trump’s second amendment statement. He called for 2nd amendment supporters (that’s us) to do something that would prevent Clinton from becoming the president and implementing stricter gun laws. While some people (liberals) arguably state that he is calling for gun owner to kill Hillary (how ironic, the killer gets killed), I do not believe that was his intentions. He is simply calling for any, and every, gun right advocate to do their American duty, and vote. Go out and make your voice heard. Stand up for your rights, for our rights.


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  • MuslimLuvChrist

    Trump said that the 2nd amendment people will defend the 2nd amendment, like the NRA,

    meanwhile, there is no coverage of hitlery
    supporting groups that kill cops or
    supporting groups that kill Americans,

    she even had the terrorist that
    influenced his child to kill 50 in Orlando
    sitting in her VIP section right behind her!

    I guess she will get the terrorist vote!!!

    • Is that true? I missed that one somehow- did they mention it in the lamestream media? The LGBTQ community should be made aware of that since Billary is the obvious choice to further their agenda. Ironically, the champion of their cause will also be importing hundreds of thousands of unvetted Middle-Eastern immigrants/refugees any one of which could be the next mass killers of gays. PEOPLE use your brain, Billary’s policies on immigration will make us all unsafe, regardless of lifestyle. Mr.Trump is sincerely concerned about all American’s safety. On the other hand, the Demoncraps are only interested in gaining the 11+ illegal alien, and potential terrorist votes. If you have half a brain the choice is simple.

    • fixitcr63

      Yes, she probably will. I think the Democrats have a classification for that. It ‘s called Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! And they can vote as many times as they want, so they give them up to ten extra ballots to take into the booth with them. I’d like to propose that we send someone with a firearm to each voting precinct, to make sure that the folks that try to vote after they’ve died, are actually dead before they vote. That way they could only vote in this election.

  • ITSa341

    Neither of them are fit for the office of President of the USA. #NeverTrump #NeverHillary

    • fixitcr63

      That depends on your point of view…………… and from my prospective Trump has a much better chance of implementing the changes he’s outlined recently. Most of the world class economists that have seen his plan for the economy say it will create jobs, put people back to work, bring back a lot of the money that ‘s currently parked overseas in the big banks, and that will help fuel the better paying jobs the folks need. Hillary?, she’s said many times, she’s going to put the coal mines out of business, (in effect she’s going to kill an entire industry and make us use a fuel source, that while abundant is much more expensive than the coal was). So, she’s going to cause a gigantic rise in the cost of energy for nearly every phase of life, for making the electricity to light our homes and factories, to make the machines in those factories turn, and now with advent of electric cars, if she has her way, the electricity to run them will probably cost us more than the gas. Then to cap everything off, she wants to raise our taxes, that’s right, she wants to raise taxes on mostly the middle class, whom she keeps telling about all the wonderful things she’s going to do for them. So, apparently, if you’re in the middle class you can look forward to lots of wonderful things, which you’re going to pay for yourself, with your tax increase. I truthfully don’t understand how anyone could vote for someone like her, that lies right to our faces, and then when we catch her in a lie, she lies again to try to cover up the first lie. And so on, and so on.
      Years ago I worked for a guy who lied just like she does. He’d lie about anything, (I really don’t think he even knew he was lying half the time). He’d been doing it for so long that it was just second nature, which is what I think is going on with her. He would lie about some little insignificant thing, then later if asked about that insignificant thing he’d just lied about, he’d have to come up with another lie to cover for the first lie. After two or three layers of lies, it would get to be almost funny to watch him try to come up with another, bigger lie to cover all the previous stuff and make sense of it.

      • ITSa341

        Can you show any reputable sources for your claims? Every economist I have seen said Trumps economic plans lack so much on specifics that it is impossible to give any honest opinions of if or how well they would work or even if they would create or cost jobs.
        We have no reason to trust anything Trump says as he has been on both sides of almost every important issue. He has been a Liberal NY Demorat for decades and has only claimed to be a Republican for a little over a year beginning just before his run for president as a Republican. Even since his announcement to run as a Republican and throughout his presidential race he has not given any reason to trust his new “conservative” values.
        I agree Hillary is in no way even an option for an informed voter.

  • tarheel61

    Trump was right, as a rule I ( we ) will not be under anyone’s thumb more than we already are. Obama has it set up to control food water fuel medicine. No thanks I take my chances with like minded men and women.

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