Here’s the view points of all four candidates (Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein, Gary Johnson) on gun control.


Gun Control

Donald Trump:

-Says law-abiding citizens should be able to own firearms

-He supports fixing the background check system

-Wants to extend the conceal carry to all 50 states


Hillary Clinton:

-Wants to reinstate a ban on assault weapons

-Wants to expand background checks

-Wants to prevent mentally ill and violent criminals from owning guns


Jill Stein:

-Wants to create a ban on assault rifles

-Will establish more requirements of background checks when buying a gun


Gary Johnson:

-Opposes a limit on guns that people can own when it comes to types and size


Which candidate do you agree with the most?


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  • mathis1689

    You forgot to include Darrell Castle and the Constitution Party. Their platform is far and away the best one out there.

    • Mort Leith

      So you’re voting for Hit lery then…

      • mathis1689

        Did I say that? All I said was that the Constitution Party and Darrell Castle should be included. The man is running for President and as such deserves to be examined as to who and what he is and what his party stands for.

        • IronPhoenix

          Ordinarily, I’d agree with you. However, the stakes are just far too high. No independent stands a chance, and voting for them is a de facto vote for HiLIARy. Be certain the Demonrats are rallying behind their treasonous goddess. To keep that bitch out of the White house, conservatives MUST unite. No division acceptable!

          • mathis1689

            I agree with you. The Socialists aka the Republicans and the Communists aka the Democrats have the system so rigged that it would take a direct miracle from God for an independent to win. My concern was simply that the Constitution Party and it’s platform have a fair hearing. For now it’s a matter of keeping Komrade Hitlery Rottenheart Klinton out of the Oval Office by whatever means are necessary and hope for better days in the future.

  • myfordtruck

    the only one that stands a chance is Trump

  • LibsRHaters

    Since Hitlery will say publicly whatever to get elected and behind closed doors a total and complete ban on all guns, then the one, as myfordtruck has said, that I can support is the one that supports gunowner rights and most likely to get elected has my vote, TRUMP 2016!

  • Combatvet52

    Is Hitlerey going to disarm her body guards………..BS

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