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The Left’s effort to undermine the 2nd Amendment is picking up steam and that should worry gun rights advocates everywhere.

The legislation pretends to be targeted at tools (like bump stocks) that can turn a semi-automatic weapon into something that acts like an automatic, but the differences are only semantic. Any legislation that curtails the use of obviously legal firearms will eventually cause more problems (for law abiding Americans) than it solves. Many different organizations, and people, have already discussed the fact that bump stocks can be rigged using any number of legal devices and in fact we’ve shown that you don’t need any device to recreate the effect of a bump stock.

Now the political left (along with some Republicans) seem ready to be about their nefarious work of disarming us.

The bill now has 175 co-sponsors which means that less than 20 Democrats have yet to sign on to the bill (this point should be instructive for any voter who still believes that there are some Democrats who support the 2nd Amendment – there’s not).


Introduced on Oct. 4 by Rhode Island Democrat U.S. Rep. David Cicilline as H.R.3947, the prohibition on devices meant to up the rate of fire on guns without transforming them into machine guns by Friday had the support of 175 of the 194 Dems in the chamber. However, there have been no defections from across the aisle to join the legislation, with a dozen of House Republicans instead moving to sign on to a similar bipartisan ban, H.R. 3999.

Cicilline holds that the restrictions he is backing take aim at devices that no one needs.

“No person should possess a device that turns a semi-automatic rifle into the equivalent of a machine gun,” said Cicilline. “The sole purpose of these devices is to fire as many bullets as possible as quickly as possible.”

Cicilline’s measure would ban the devices as well as “trigger cranks” and any device, attachment, or accessory that accelerates the rate of fire of a semi-automatic rifle but falls short of the legal definition of a machine gun.

Again, none of this has anything to do with true safety or security. The bills being debated won’t actually do anything to stop a criminal from committing a violent act. One Wisconsin gun rights supporter proved that even Republican lawmakers are failing to grasp what is really going on here.

From Ammoland:

A correspondent in Wisconsin has informed me that normally dependable Second Amendment supporters, such as Wisconsin Representative Sean Duffy, are caught up in the emotional frenzy. From Wisconsin:

At the end of the townhall meeting as Duffy said he needed to bolt, I was given the floor to ask my question. I said, as a knee-jerk reaction to the tragedy of the Los Vegas shooting, we will be seeing an attempt to ban bumpstocks and other accessories. Representative Duffy stopped me right then and said, “I will vote to ban bumpstocks. Automatic weapons have been banned for a long time, nobody should have access to automatic weapons.” I replied, That I didn’t think he understood the issue, and that it is the laws physics that they are trying to ban. I told him the effect of a number stock could be attained through, many ways that could not all be banned, a piece of stick, a belt loop and many other ways. I stated that the bill is very ambiguous and up for radical interpretation. Congressman Duffy agreed that it is ambiguous,  but again stated he will vote to ban the bumpstocks.  That ended the discussion.

The broad overreach to criminalize as many firearms and firearm accessories as possible needs to be exposed. The San Francisco 49ers are said to have donated $500,000 in an effort to ban bump stocks, silencers, and armor piercing ammunition. Notice that “armor piercing ammunition and silencers had nothing to do with the atrocity in Las Vegas.

It’s not about bump stocks. It’s about undermining the 2nd Amendment and disarming law abiding citizens.

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