If a parent or guardian is dropping off or picking up their student in Georgia, they they can carry on campus. However, anything more than those few moments could result in big trouble.


Georgia’s Supreme Court voted against the campus carry right. Which is strange because, of all states, you’d think our Supreme Court would have a higher tolerance for guns.


The problem comes in from 2014, when a pair of bills passed by the Legislature are conflicted.


House Bill 826 allowed licensed gun owners to bring their weapons onto school property. House Bill 60 said the only time guns are allowed on school property is when someone is dropping off or picking up a student; otherwise guns on school property were specifically prohibited.


Gov. Nathan Deal signed HB 826 on April 22, 2014. The next day he signed HB 60, which specifically prohibited guns inside school safety zones except when picking up or dropping off.


John Monroe, gun rights attorney, stated, “It wasn’t really unexpected….There’s not fundamentally a difference in theories between school carry and campus carry… People have an emotional knee-jerk reaction to the idea of campus carry in any context. It’s just an emotional reaction.”


The case ended up in court after the Code Revision Commission, which cleans up and revises the Georgia Code after each legislative session, determined that HB 60 was the law because the governor signed it last. GeorgiaCarry.0rg and two fathers in Gwinnett and Fulton Counties sued.

Phillip Evans said in his case he wanted to bring a gun when he attended functions at Centerville Elementary School in Snellville.

James Johnson filed a similar suit, saying he wanted to bring his 9 mm Smith and Wesson when he went to his children’s activities at New Prospect Elementary School in Alpharetta. “As a parent, it’s my responsibility to look out for my family,” Johnson said at the time.


Johnson and Evans said they were confused as to when a licensed gun owner could bring a gun to their children’s schools. They are concerned they could be charged with misdemeanors if they bring firearms to school events.


According to the justices, it all comes down to timing. The two laws cannot stand together, therefore the court had to rule against it.


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  • Bo

    It’s time for the Ga. legislature to get their act together and observe the definition of the word INFRINGE.

  • GR Arnold

    This is really stupid but now if there is rape or other violence on campuses there it will be blamed on those that voted this down. Actually I’m very surprised at Georgia.

    • GenEarly

      Governor Deal is a Closet ProgreSSive Putz. The GA. Legislature has a gutless majority, and a determined minority that guts bills and sets up these conflicting laws. The Repubs are mostly ChamberPots, raising taxes and ignoring anyone but their Big Donors.

  • frankenbiker

    Don’t believe in gun free zones. God gave me the right to protect myself with whatever means necessary. The government will never take that right away. They may think they can, but the douchebag coming for my gun better have a good life insurance policy.

  • ADRoberts

    Hog wash. This is just the typical “gun free zone” garbage that gets people killed. As to college campuses, most students are not 21 and could not legally carry anyway. Strange since they can join the army and FIGHT with guns 24/7.
    No, this is just more influence by the ONE WORLD ORDER who are desperate to disarm us.
    Take note. Find out who made this ruling. Move them out of office.

  • rjet43

    got to get those demonrats out of your courts!!!

  • Bluelinetrain

    The right and mood of this nation is to allow guns everywhere. Sure Georgia will fall into line with a little push from our new President Trump.

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