A Georgia man has been jailed on charges of stolen property and carrying an unlicensed firearm, after walking into a movie theater with a stolen gun. The 21-year old, William Gossett from Covington, stole a gun in Ohio and then made his way to western Pennsylvania. There he took the gun, along with bullets, to the Cinemark Theater in Center Township. He entered in military battledress (camouflage trousers and jacket) with a large bag in which he carried the stolen gun and bullets.


Police say they stopped Gossett after seeing him walking in the theater carrying a large bag and wearing long-sleeved military fatigues despite temperatures in the 90s.


Police say Gossett has a felony record in Georgia and can’t possess the handgun, which police didn’t describe.


He doesn’t have an attorney listed in court records.


So what’s next for the young felon? And more importantly, what were his motives? It is a scary world when we cannot even go watch a movie with our family without the dangers of being attacked. This is just one more reason why gun-free zones need done away with; so legal gun-owners can carry everywhere. If we cannot protect ourselves in an area that we are most vulnerable, then we are walking blindly to the slaughter.


The Colorado shooting in 2012, in which 12 people were murdered and 58 were wounded, was also in a Cinemark theater. According to www.foxnews.com, It also happened to be the only movie theater in the area that banned guns. I do not believe this is a coincidence. Instead of creating more gun-free areas, as the liberals would have it, we need to be able to legally carry at all times. This will not only help ward off crazy people with malicious intent, but will also allow us to protect ourselves when one does show up. We need to take heed and learn from these past incidents because those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.



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  • snl

    you mean he had a gun in a gunfree zone? how can that be?

    • Smart Old Fart

      Now that is not playing by the rules, no fair!

    • Germansmith

      well. if he would have been in an open carry State, he would have gotten away with his intentions because nobody had the right to stop him
      Maybe he should have gone to Ohio

      • USMC 64-68

        Your post gave me the impression that you never studied logic.

        • GRANDPA47

          Thank you for your service sir. (Air Force ’67 -’71)

          • USMC 64-68

            Thank you also Gramps. They didn’t say that back in our day.

      • cmi

        WRONG!!!! He was a FELON,…..dumb-azz!!! He had NO business with a gun,……PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheBitterClinger1

    Movie theaters create crime – they need reasonable regulations.

    • Huffer

      Are you kidding? They do have regulations. NO GUNS! Now for your second suggestion…….
      #1 Hire NSA style security and stop & frisk every movie goer like at the airports? Show up two hours early for each show!

      #2 Welcome all legally carried firearms into the establishment.

      Which one works the best, plus, costs nothing!?

      • Germansmith

        If you are sitting in a theater watching a movie and somebody already with intentions to kill and the initiative starts shooting you are NOT going to have much of the chance even if you are carrying.
        I am a combat veteran with a CWL and pistol combat training

        The idea that all citizens carry guns at all times like the Old West is the most STUPID one I have ever heard, BUT the gun manufacturers love it.
        I know lots of people and I would not trust 70% of them carrying a weapon and the training in Florida to get the CWL is not nearly enough for safe handling of a firearm.
        Even some police lack the appropriate training and that is one of the reasons we have so many accidental shootings (like the one of the therapist with the autistic man)

        Cost Nothing? well, life is cheap in our great country

        • Huffer

          I agree on every count you mention…except “not having a chance to respond with fire”. I’d much rather have a the option of that chance than to lie on the floor a take one in the back by some scumbag.

          For my CCW in Michigan, we were trained by a very knowledgeable police officer with three hours on the range with personal instruction. I also shoot at home.
          I’ve talked with other CCW holder’s, who I would say fall in line with your take on Florida training, and I don’t even want to be at a range with them.

          Yet still, with the perception of concealed carrier’s in the crowd, I believe it is somewhat of a chance the perp will opt for easier pickings.

        • USMC 64-68

          The truth that you purposefully omitted: you might not have much of a chance if you’re in that theater, but if you’re carrying you do have a chance – and the means to defend life.

          And the truth that you distorted to support your own argument is that “all citizens carry guns at all times like the Old West” is false – no one claims that. That no one is requiring all citizens to be armed didn’t stop you from using it to construct your straw man to prove your own point.

        • GenEarly

          You sound a bit snarky and elitist too. Perhaps with All your training you prefer to join the Ready for Hilarity FIB? A Patriot Vet would be training his fellow civilian patriots, just my opinion.

  • BoydSharp

    He attended government public schools. He thought the sign meant they were handing out free guns. Redistributing the firepower.


    Could it be that he carried a GUN into a so called “gun free zone” because he is a C R I M I N A L ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Wow, who would have thunk THAT?!?!?!


    So no one said, Hey man, what’s in the bag?

  • That is why l do NOT go out much. But when l do, it will never be to a gun free zone.. Unless Hillary and Obama go along with no body guards. or guns — l could die laughing then as l watch bullets kill them

  • Alan

    I’m shocked ! You mean a felon not only stole a gun, but ignored the fact that as a felon he couldn’t possess a gun. After all of the above he entered a gun free zone, amazing ! I’m beginning to think he may not care about the law or the theaters gun free dictate.

  • Germansmith

    Two comments

    -Where did he stole the gun from? An armory, a gun shop OR a careless individual that had no gun safe

    – 2nd…If he targeted a movie in an open carry state, nobody could have had the legal right to stop him and now a few more people would have been planning funerals.

    • MrApple

      Two answers
      -Are you victim blaming? He was felon in possession of stolen goods and your concern is did the person who he stole from have everything “properly” secured?
      -What part of him being a felon, a prohibited person when it comes to firearms, is confusing to you? And if he was Open Carrying in GA then he legally had to have Georgia Weapons License and all the paperwork, vetting, and background checks that go along with it. But, as we all know, criminals aren’t very fond of following the law, the felon in this story is no exception.

  • randy jackson

    shoot the bastard


    This sort of thing will continue if Hillary is eclected president;
    Go see Hillary’s America and you can also watch Clinton Cash here
    Pass this on to everyon in your address book.

  • Wulfer

    So lets pass another law to make it illegal for him to have the gun…
    Oh, I guess it was already illegal for him to have the gun! That should have prevented this, right?
    Silly liberals or should I say ignorant fools?

  • mikey2046

    How was he allowed to enter the theater without his bag being searched for contraband refreshments? The refreshment stand with its overpriced popcorn and sodas is the lifeblood of theater operations.

  • Front Sight

    I wonder if Gov. Brown, of the People’s Demokratik Socialist Republik of Kalifornia, know about this? I though just passing a law would MAKE the criminals disarm. Who’d a thunk?

  • billyrb1

    Just maybe knowing he wasn’t in a gun free zone he might have thought he could have been killed instead of killing some one else? Or, if he’d planned on massive killing of people, he would have thought he would be killed before achieving his goal? Lot of different scenarios could be conjectured on if he knew he wasn’t entering a gun free zone where he would be able to kill people before someone killed him first.

  • 63Marine

    This gun free zone crap is just that….CRAP!!! I carry a compact .38 Special automatic concealed at all times. “F” with me and you will die….I don’t put up with chit!!!
    Semper Fi

  • REM1875

    Probably be released on reduced bail by mid week, thanks to a liberal judge.

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