As you may know, Germany has some of the strictest gun laws in Europe. While this may have worked for them in the past, the times are changing. With more and more immigration, the country is being infiltrated by criminals and murderers. This is due to their very relaxed border control. More recently, Germany has been hit by at least 2 Islamic terrorist attacks, and 2 others that were said to not be affiliated with ISIS.


The country is now calling for better ways to protect themselves. Many of them believe that by rearming the civilians, the streets will be a safer place.


“The leader of the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has spoken out in favor of people arming themselves with guns and self-defense devices following a series of violent attacks last month.

“The anti-immigrant AfD has won growing popular support in Germany due in part to Europe’s migrant crisis, which has seen more than 1 million refugees arrive over the past year, and it now has seats in eight of Germany’s 16 state assemblies.

“After two Islamist attacks and a shooting rampage by a mentally unstable teenager last month, Germans are on edge and the AfD is expected to make a strong showing in votes next month in Berlin and Mecklenburg-Vorpommen.”

These violent outbursts, and the unfortunate amount of time it takes police to arrive on scene, are exactly why many of the German citizens feel like they need a change. While many of you would think they’d have done this much sooner, our stance on guns differs from the Europeans. However, as stated above, the times are changing, and Germany has decided to fight back.


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  • Dan

    God bless the citizens of Germany and may they gain their rights to self-defense!

    • GR Arnold

      RIGHT ON !!!

  • JL Waddell

    I join with Germany on arming there citzines, I will never give up my weapons, the world as it is, I cannot afford to give them up, I have to protect my family, my country USA, is not safe for me or my family, it’s left up to me to protect them as law enforcement cannot able to, as Charlton Heston stated out of my cold dead hands, Mr President.

  • James

    Hopefully the rest of the”FREE” world sees the writing on the wall and follows suit.


    It’s about time they used their heads and arm themselves

  • generalJed

    Let’s hope that they forge ahead with their own version of the Second Amendment. If Illinois can pass concealed carry, and pro-gun laws have been passed in most states, anything can happen in Germany. As a German-American, I approve!

  • Samuel Clemens

    This is not s criticism of the police, but they arrive just in time to do a body count or to become part of the body count.

    • ARJAY

      That’s what libTURDS don’t seem to understand. It’s NOT the LEO’s JOB to PREVENT crime, but to take the crime REPORT AFTER the crime is committed!

      It is RARE when the LEO is in the right place at the right time, but it DOES happen!

  • Front Sight

    When seconds count (the average firefight lasts just 2.5 seconds), the police are merely minutes away.

    • David S. McQueen

      Yes, when seconds count . . . but lose the hyperbolic “average firefight”. Nobody has any meaningful stats on how long a firefight lasts. It’s exaggeration like that which diminishes, not enhances, the message. BOTTOM LINE: the individual, not the police, is the “first responder” in ANY emergency.

      • JeromefromLayton

        And that’s not by choice but circumstance. Why bring a telephone to a gun fight?

        • ARJAY

          So you can call 911 and hope they make it before you get MURDERED!

    • DixieAngel_76

      Hours is more like, especially in heavily populated cities.

  • JeromefromLayton

    Machiavelli observed that the Germans had guns and were free. The Swiss had a lot of guns and were really free. Good advice.

  • ADRoberts

    The question is whether the citizens will be allowed a say or if the elite Bilderbergs will maintain control of the politicians and government leaders. I think the Bilderbergs will win.

    There is nothing like wealth, power, and control to stiffle the will of the people.

  • Jim

    When are the great German people going to get rid of merkle? She is totally messing up Germany and Europe pushing all this open borders BS and forcing Germany to open doors for so called “refugees”
    C’mon Germany EXPEL merkle and then “clean house” big time to save YOUR country..

  • Alan

    What, “common sense gun laws” didn’t work against barbarians ?

  • Mike_Travis

    The German people have been tricked by liberals since WWII into believing theya re all guilty of what Hitler did. Time for them to remember their Warrior heritage and start killing muslime animals!

  • luvzforplay

    After all those people have been through , I can’t understand why they banned guns in the first place , every person should have the right to defend themselves . After a gun in the hand is so much better then a cop on the phone telling they should be there in time to stop rigor mortis from making it too hard to move you ..

  • Lowell

    Watch for Obama to issue a fatwa against the export of firearms to Germany!!

  • bpf53

    They still have a long way to go to rid their land of these islamic animals

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