In the wee hours of the morning on July 17, two intruders found more than they bargained for when they broke into the house of a 77-year old woman. The two burglars invaded the home of a Missouri woman with ill-intent. However, instead of the riches they were seeking, they only found themselves staring down the barrel of a shotgun.


Police say that the elderly woman heard a noise in her spare bedroom and decided to investigate it herself, but not before grabbing her shotgun.


“She grabs the shotgun and goes back to where she hears a noise and finds two individuals inside one of her spare bedrooms,” explained Detective Sergeant James Kauzler with Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department. When the suspects saw the gun, they jumped out of the bathroom window they used to get into the house, police say.


The Missouri woman has not let this incident cause her to be afraid, but rather used it to raise more awareness. She is not the only senior living in the neighborhood, and most definitely not the only one that owns guns. Her 87-year old neighbor, Doris Jackson, stated, “How about a nine millimeter? I wouldn’t have a shotgun but I have some more besides that. I’ve got some guns you know.”


While the sheriff’s department is urging citizens to immediately call 911 if they hear an intruder, they are also acknowledging the fact that people also have the right to protect themselves. Which in most cases, is the fastest and safest thing to do. We do not always have time to wait for help to arrive. Sometimes, it is a matter of life or death.

There have not been any arrests made yet, but the intruders did leave behind some evidence. Some tools, along with a cellphone belonging to a 28-year old man, were left when they fled the scene. The man has been named a person of interest.

This just goes to show, that you are never too old to exercise your 2nd amendment. Keep your guns close, folks.


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  • Mort Leith

    In a libT ard-NA Z1 State like New D0RK City etc,,,
    this innocent law-abiding person would be in jail for defending her life…

    • Valor

      Not for defending her life as she didn’t fire the weapon. But she would be charged with a firearms crime.

    • Fred8512

      Mort, I like the new name of New Dork City; it made me laugh.

    • NY is a S**THOLE……..another LIBERAL manufacturered banana republic on US soil. Guilanit cleane up the city and made it great. It takes a Marxists like DeBlasio to ruin it….Liberals would take a 1 million in real estate and turn it into $25 in cash in no time…PERPETUAL LOSERS

  • Janet Julien




      • Janet Julien

        She used just enough force without having to escalate it further, If she had needed to, I’m sure that she would have done so

        • cmi

          These hoodlum SOB’s now will probably try to burn her out for interfering with their burglary!! If they come back, I hope she blows their no good head off!!!!!!!!

          • Janet Julien

            They wouldn’t have learned their lesson the first time so yeah I agree with you

      • crusader2010

        Naw, do you know how much work it is and the cost to repair Bathroom fixtures and drywall.

  • REM1875

    9mm THEN 911.
    Grab the gun before ya call.
    A phone is not an adequate weapon no matter how hard you hit them with it,

  • REM1875

    Get the muzzle on that shotgun repaired.

    • Blackjack6

      I think she did that to focus the pattern to avoid damage to walls and fixtures. LOL.

      • REM1875

        The old famous imp cylinder- owner improved- kinda modified cylinder- modified by her.

  • ingerson

    hopefully a good gunsmith sees this and repairs the end of the barrels for her – way to go in self protection – defend first then call 911

  • Sharon Jeanguenat

    A lot of elderly people don’t have any riches, & it’s ridiculous that people will steal, & take, what little we DO have.

  • 2T3onefive

    Well done granny, well done! God bless you and protect you. Keep that powder dry!

  • Ross Blankert

    Everyone can qualify with a shotgun. It is hard to miss. If you use buck shot, even if they get away, they will be picking it out of their butt for weeks. Handguns are easier to hide but then shotguns make a statement.

  • DAY8293A

    They would have been found lying on the floor if they came in my house,, not going out the window…

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