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Watch this video shared by The Comical Conserative:


In the clip above, you can plainly hear the liberal say that this gun can disperse “thirty magazine clip in half a second.” THIRTY MAGAZINE CLIP IN HALF A SECOND.

First of all, what is a thirty magazine clip? Second of all, where the heck can you find a gun that disperses bullets like that? They certainly have not been manufactured in our dimension yet.

Silly liberals, guns are for real Americans.

  • M J

    Once again – you can’t fix THIS kind of stupid!

    • rivahmitch

      Actually, you can but it’s illegal.

      • The Old One

        Let’s try to make it legal, I’m with you.

  • The Dutchman

    Just another liberal moron!

    • IronPhoenix

      Liberal moron? Redundant much? 🙂

  • Front Sight

    30 rounds in .5 seconds. 60 rounds a second. 3600 rounds a minute :-D. What is the barrel made of, Hastaloy?
    15 rounds is enough to fry bacon. Unless the barrel is liquid cooled, it will, probably, melt in less than a minute. I believe the automatic sear will certainly melt.
    Where does one buy a “Magazine-Clip?” What weapon system fires a “Magazine-Clip?”
    Wait. This guy has to be from The People’s Demokratik Socialist Republik of Kalifornia, where he is celebrating, early, the Marijuana bill (the drug is still Federally Controlled)

    • Chris Robinette

      Let’s see. 3600 rounds/min? Vulcan minigun. 2000-6000 rounds per minute. but it has 3 to 6 rotating barrels and the one pictured has only “1” barrel. Nope, he’s a dumb ass.

      • patriot2

        of course it’s possible,you forgot he has a thirty magazine clip which makes all the difference.kind of like chrome plated muffler bearings!!

        • Chris Robinette

          Oh darn!!, How did I miss that?


      The gun in this ‘conversation’ is indeed special. The barrel is likely made of Progressaloy or Liberloy. These materials, invented by Al Gore of Internet fame, have been proven to cause some guns to actually hunt people down and kill them without a human operator. Good post, FRONT SIGHT. You expertly pointed out all of the holes in this idiot’s stupid statement.

    • mathis1689

      These idiots are just going through withdrawal because their idol Komrade Hitlery Rottenheart Klinton got her useless butt spanked by the American voters.

  • Gregg the voice of reason

    One word “MORON”

  • IronPhoenix

    The article author didn’t do his homework – such a gun exists. The anti-air point defense weapons commonly mounted on Navy warships – CIWS (Close In Weapon System – pronounced “see-whiz”) have a rate of fire of 4500 rounds per minute. This equates to 75 rounds per second, or 37.5 per half-second.

    • Valor

      That is NOT a hand held weapon!

      • The Old One

        Not even a shoulder held one at that.

    • Earlybird

      And you sir are an idiot! That is irrelevant to what the jack azz was holding in his hand.

    • The Old One

      If I am not mistaken, but then I never am unless under the influence, which I have never been under, YOUR “see-whiz”, is not a single barreled weapon nor does it fire 30 cal bullet (whatever a 30 cal. is or might be

      • John1943

        I don’t care, I want one (or more) – and the bank balance to keep it fed.

        • The Old One

          When you find yours at an affordable price please order two more for me. They should be cheaper by the dozen and I am sure if you keep it up, we might secure the first dozen in less than 24 hours.

    • Lowell

      Since it is mounted on a naval vessel wouldn’t that be a “sea-whiz”?

  • bill

    I think it was a Colorado congressional state rep that said that “soon they’ll run out of clips as they shoot them”…Another clueless twit.

    • desert

      that’s because liberal dumocraps are too stupid to know how to reload “magazines” LOL

  • bill

    To be exact: DeGette said:
    “I will tell you these are ammunition, they’re bullets, so the people who have those know they’re going to shoot them, so if you ban them in the future, the number of these high capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won’t be any more available.”

  • bandit

    How in the hell do these people get into office ! ? Answer : dumbed down voters . 🖕🏽

    • bill

      As in Guam will tip over?… A preponderance of the idiots are lefties.

      • bandit

        Copy that .

      • Chris Robinette

        Hey bill!!! don’t forget the American flag on mars!!! LOL

        • bill

          I was dredging my cranium for that example!

  • Loyd Patterson

    Just like a child, he doesn’t know what in the hell he is trying to get stupid people to believe.If you had a firearm like he was trying to convence people to belive, the damn thing would melt

    • The Old One

      Not if the gun was made in LaLa land by libtards, but their brains would, or whatever it is they have between their ears.

      • patriot2

        between their ears? a vacuum.

  • Ironhorse

    You may call a magazine a clip amongst friends, just don’t call it such in public.

  • BoydSharp

    Watch the video, What will really get you warm and fuzzy is the LEO standing there listening to this drivel. And not taking the big scary black object away from the snowflake.

  • Lowell

    The scariest thing I noticed was that the LEO standing never changed his expression, nor did he step up to correct the idiot with the rifle. Is the LEO a gun novice as well?

    • L Cavendish

      sometimes people will not listen to logic and reason…

  • Spunky

    Why I am not surprised about another lib lie – must be a prerequisite to be a lib. again, more proof of brain damage.

  • L Cavendish

    maybe if Trump axes the NFA…and we can buy ANY gun…like a mini gun…

    M16/M4 is rated for full auto at 750-900rpm…still would be a few seconds for a 30 round magazine…as demonstarted on Mythbusters…BTW

  • Joel WS

    It’s always a laugh when a lib-tard shoots off his mouth, but I still worry about the collateral damage they cause for everyone around them. There really should be a background check and a waiting period before they are allowed to speak. (Enough time for all to clear the room at least.)

  • mossbergman

    and they are concerned about FAKE NEWS SITES WTF?

  • mossbergman

    And that cop stands behind allowing the lies

  • scott

    same as all the commercials claiming ar 15,s fire 450 rounds a minute and are only used by murderers.

    • John1943

      My mother-in-law heard me and my wife’s son discussing an AR15 and said “There’s no reason anybody needs to shoot two hundred twenty three rounds a second.” Must have learned that from her other daughter who told my wife (after seeing a published photo of Sarah Palin with a “military style” rifle.) “Nobody needs a machine gun to shoot moose.”

  • desert

    I can’t believe that police officer could hold a straight face, while this MORON, spread his lying bullshyt all over the stage! What a freaking idiot! Not only doesn’t know anything, he doesn’t even SUSPECT anything!!

  • James Maxwell

    Lots of gun owners in Calimexico. remember there are more Mexican drug cartel employees there than
    real citizens and all of the drug cartel employees must know how to spray bullet when they are bothered.
    After all they have to protect their product from Law enforcement and other gangs who might want to
    dispute their territory .

  • Warren Cohen

    sounds like a mini-gun — where can I get one

  • Jim

    Hey give me 1 of those and I will clean out a LOT of liberals…

  • Curtis_15

    What scares me more is the guy in the Police Uniform, standing behind him, never acted like he knew the difference.
    Had I been “THAT GUY”, I would have slapped the gun out of his hands and walked off in disgust.

    Either he was asleep or on drugs! Or maybe just as stupid as the speaker.

  • Larry

    Just one more dumbarse leftist spewing out Barbra Streisand (BS).

  • notalib

    This is a typical California politicians. He is out to teach people what to be afraid of. Yes, he is trying to explain a product which he knows absolutely nothing about and will never learn anything about that product. Yes, I live in this looned out state and this politician is a major loon in the Democrat party of total loons.

  • ADRoberts

    He looks like an illegal. Maybe since he can’t speak English and has zero knowledge of guns, he really is. Mexican? Arab? For sure, he is not an AMERICAN.

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