In 2000, the Sig P229 EPLS (Electronic Personal Lock System) sprouted but never quite bloomed. Ian, from Forgotten Weapons (a popular YouTube channel), explains why in the video down below. He thoroughly describes the design, which simply was not practical.

The pistol used a completely redesigned frame to accommodate a digital keypad (powered by a battery) that locked the gun and kept it so until the proper PIN was added. Well, the instructions were in German (the estimated 15-20 guns produced were made by J.P.Sauer), the gun would lock out if the wrong PIN was entered three times in a row, and even taking the battery out of a locked gun wouldn’t allow it to be used.


While this is a neat idea, it’s not convenient and therefore defeats the purpose of carrying a gun. It should be quick to access and practical for use.


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  • tdg54

    But….but..but. It’s the answer to all the gun violence. We want it to work, so it must, and even if it doesn’t, we’ll still be safer. Never mind the fact you’re dead if some thug comes at you with a knife – remember the 21 foot rule – and you have to draw and “pin in” yer fookin numbers… sheesh.

  • ADRoberts

    Just plain dumb. I carry with a empty chamber and have been told it will get me killed. You simply do not , OFTEN have the time to do anything but pull and shoot. And NO ONE wants to be trying to enter a code, UNDER STRESS, so you can defend yourself.
    A BAD IDEA from the start.

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