First they came for the church. They came full force and pushed their agenda until the courts decided that their idea of marriage would be legal. Then they raised hell until the churches were forced to marry them. Now, they could be coming for the gun rights that Americans legally possess, due to the 2nd amendment.
A new movement has been started in New York, called “Gays Against Guns.”

For many of the organizers behind recent demonstrations, the shooting at the Orlando nightclub Pulse catalyzed their interest in gun control and their determination to make change. Kevin Herzog started the group Gays against Guns (GAG) in New York City in the wake of the Orlando massacre, and since then, chapters have sprung up in across the country.

While our hearts stood with Orlando and the tragic shooting, we cannot stand with them when they come against our God, and country, given right to protect ourselves. If anything, you would think that this would raise more awareness in the LGBT community. It should encourage them to get a license to carry and protect themselves. Instead they created a group to protest the one thing that could save them if they are caught in the sights of someone looking to do harm.

It is also significant that 2016 is an election year. Abe Gurko, founder of the LA chapter of Gays Against Guns, called this an advantage and sees an opportunity to exert pressure locally.

“The election in November is not only about the president,” he said, stressing the need to look down ballot nationally as well. “What we’re up against is people in the House and the Senate who refuse to vote on sensible gun laws.”

What they’re against is not big bad men in the House and Senate who are refusing to compassionate. They are refusing to be spineless, because we have a much bigger problem on hand. We have an issue with terrorism. Guns did not attack the Pulse club in Orlando. A terrorist did. They are targeting the wrong things, like sheep being led to the slaughter. It should be “Gays against Terrorism” not “Gays against Guns.”

Activists insist that the primary obstacle to achieving gun reform is not the Second Amendment — but the role of money in American politics.

“No one is saying we want to take all the guns, what we are saying is that there should be sensible, logical regulation around firearms and what guns we allow civilians to have,” explained Preston. The real issue, she added, is the “shiny price tag dangling from our elected officials’ neck.”

The issue with that logic, is that giving up a little bit of your rights means that eventually, you’ll have to give it all up. They don’t see that the liberals are only using the “Gays Against Guns” movement to push their agenda. At this point in time, these LGBT activists are simply pawns on the table of a much bigger board.


In the words of our forefather, Benjamin Franklin, “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither liberty nor Safety.”


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  • Marine68

    How about Guns against Queers?

    • ARJAY

      Already been done, ORLANDO!!!!

      You’d THINK that would be a wake up call for “those people”!

  • Art The Fart

    These people are stupid! When the radical Muslims, that Obama is importing by the tens of thousands, decide to these send homosexuals to heaven, they will darn well wish that they still had their guns!

    • GenEarly

      LGBT is just another Brown Shirt group of the ProgreSSive Nazi/Marxist DemocRat Party, along with BLM and Islamists. These groups have leaders all bought and paid for, along with ground agitators and terrorists as needed. The apparent discordant groups blend together in a unified purpose of destroying Christianity, Constitutionality, Family Values, and main street businesses.
      There are Domestic and Foreign concerns that also are set to blend into one big ClusterFck while the sheeples of the USSA go baaa baaa. It will be much worse than baaaad.

      • Germansmith

        do not forget to take your medicine
        You are falling of the deep end

        • GenEarly

          and “why” would you care, Comrade? I certainly do not give a damn about you.
          Go pester someone that is interested in you playing in your diaper.

        • GenEarly

          Thank yew, for your Prog-nosis, Comrade Smif. I’ll put it where it belongs, in the outhouse with the other crap.

      • Juanito Ibañez

        “LGBT is just another Brown Shirt group of the ProgreSSive Nazi/Marxist DemocRat Party”

        You paint with too broad a brush, Jubal.

        Look up “Log Cabin Republicans” (

        • GenEarly

          I stand corrected, Juanita. Loggers inside the Cabin are ProgreSSive ChamberPot Repubs like Ms. Grhamnesty from SC.
          A man who wants to bugger another man is a Pervert, plain and simple. That this devolution of morals always accompanies the collapse of empires and countries is a historical fact. Enjoy yourself, I could also care less if the Moosies throw you from a tall building. CYA, LOL!

          • Juanito Ibañez

            “I stand corrected, Juanita.”

            I caught your half-assed attempt at ad hominem there, Jubal.

            Interesting identity you have assumed here, “GenEarly”:

            Confederal Army General Jubal Anderson Early (November 3, 1816 – March 2, 1894)

            Jubal A. Early was a Confederate general in the American Civil War whose defeats during the Shenandoah Valley campaigns led to the final collapse of the South.

            Jubal A. Early was born on November 3, 1816, in Franklin County, Virginia. A prominent lawyer, he opposed secession in the pre-Civil War years before adopting the Southern cause. Early enjoyed major successes as a Confederate commander before enduring crushing defeats near the end of the war. Pardoned by U.S. President Andrew Johnson in 1868, Early died on March 2, 1894, in Lynchburg, Virginia.


            BTW, Jubal; while I am not gay myself, I do not feel it’s for me to make judgement on those who are – that’s reserved to a higher power than you or I.

          • GenEarly

            The “Higher Power” has made the Judgement. Jesus may have amended it with love the sinner, but not the sin. I just look at the signs of collapsing countries and empires. You are perfectly free to remain oblivious. Maybe you should get a yob with Ash Carter at the Pantygone instituting the new Trannie Army.
            Thank you but I was already aware of the General’s Bio.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    I would think after Orlando, homo’s might think about packing a “rod” to protect themselves.

    • rick0857

      They already DO PACK RODS, just not in the manner you speak of. They are either the packers or the pack-ees.

    • OldTaxman

      My shotgun with 00 shot in it will be more than they with their little handguns will want to go up against.

      • Michael E Heis

        Oh you must have one of those holly wierd shotguns that can maintain a tight pattern with 00 at 50+ feet, ROFLMAO. I can guarantee I and any other decent shot can drop you with a pistol way beyond your effective range

  • Ken Thomas

    They’re welcome to try and get mine but I don’t think they have the “balls”.

    • brucefandrews

      Is that pun intended? if so it is good.

  • mathis1689

    If the fairies want to come get my weapons they’re welcome to them-one bullet at a time. And considering the amount of ammo I have at my disposal,I think that I’ll make a pretty serious dent in the fruit population.

  • Richard Day

    After Florida you would think they would fight for their gun rights. But once a fool always a FOOL!

  • Phil

    I will be Happy to show any of them how they work and how LETHAL they can be!

  • John Cunningham

    The LGBT or the Abortion Rights people Black Lives Matter doesn’t matter which they, are all in it together. It is about white People and how to marginalise them. Guns are just one of the stories. Back in the 80’s the American Communist Party met and put together a list of their goals. If anyone can find that video, you will see they have fulfilled all their goals. Now maybe many are not Communist persay but, if you are a Liberal or Socialist, then eventually if they get their way Communism is next. The only thing stopping Socialist Europe from Communism is the good old USA. For how long? well, that is up to us and how we vote.

  • Russell Smith

    Well, good luck with that, the LGBT community rushed to sign up for gun training and to purchase guns shortly after The Pulse nightclub shooting because ISIS targeted them. They are not tolerated in Islamic teachings so they are a prime target. To target gun rights would be to foolishly “cut their own throats” But liberals are like that sometimes though, so perhaps some of them would be so foolish as to do it. But they would be wise to remember, that calling 911 only brings someone to clean up the mess, not to save you when seconds count. People need to be ready to defend themselves and their loved ones in today’s world, because there IS real evil out there.

    • brucefandrews

      They should not be tolerated by any
      responsible nation. They are perverts for crying out loud! They should be

      • Russell Smith

        I target people that target my rights. Gay, straight, conservative, or liberal if you do that you are equally stupid in my book, other than that it it not my job to judge people.

  • Manny Phone

    Acronym : GAG. You can take that so many ways.

  • Gman

    Just a bunch of gerbil killers.

  • Jim Young

    These clowns need to protest against the flow refugees comming in from Syria, as everyone knows moslems do not tolerate gays and they’ll be the first ones they go after.

  • Rosco1776

    Ban dildos! Criminals don’t pat attention to laws, silly goose’s!

  • Germansmith

    I do not know of any church that was “forced” to marry gays. Some denominations of Protestants and maybe some catholic priest defying Rome may do , but there is NO LAW forcing religious institutions to marry gays.

    People of any kind may have their own opinions and have the right to express them. This is call “freedom of speech”
    If those opinions are held and supported by the majority, it is put to a vote . This is called “Democracy”
    Outdated and unfair laws are overturned regularly…yes, even items in our original Constitution.

    So if they do not like guns, Gays are entitled to their opinion and march in support.
    KKK have marches and violence, Neo-Nazis also have marches and so on
    I do not see this web site making any fuzz about them

    • Quidam

      You’re free to go back to whatever libtard site you came from……

    • Dave

      I have my opinions on right & wrong but I do not really care if someone has sex with a goat if they do it in private but I am sick of them trying to convince me they are right. I don’t march down the street carrying a sign saying queers are going to hell & I don’t want to see them marching down the street promoting their agenda. I know they have a right to do so but I do not think they should. I have a right to walk down the street with a rifle over my shoulder & a pistol on my hip but I don’t do it because it would upset a few people. Probably damn few in my town, but a few.

  • James

    Instead of taking MY Rights,why don’t THEY avail themselves of THEIR God given,Constitutionally protected Right to carry guns and DEFEND THEMSELVES? Really-How stupid does a person have to be to actually believe that giving up their Rights will make them SAFER?

    • Mr_Tenpin

      Wish I could say this was mine but, it isn’t. It’s just too accurate to not re-post:

      “Making good people helpless will not make bad people harmless.”

      Think about it.

    • Hard to kill Infidel

      They must think that a feather boa is defense enough.

  • Quidam

    3% of the population is gay and 97% are tired of hearing about it…

    • Alan

      Damn straight, really sick of their BS. Where do 3% rule 97% ?

  • SamJS

    According to the CDC 67% of all newly diagnosed cases of HIV involve Gay Males. 2013, again according to the CDC 12,963 deaths from all causes among people with HIV, and of those 6955 were attributed directly to HIV. That same year according to the CDC as well, 11,208 deaths attributed to gun homicides. Maybe they should concentrate on stopping risky sexual behavior and saving lives they are directly responsible for first!

  • Unkledon

    Fortunately there is the LGBT group known as the pink pistols. They figured the correct response is to learn how to be a competent shooter.

  • Dave

    This group seems to like sucking on things. I have a number of things they can suck on, ranging in size from 17 to 50 cal & 10 to 28 ga. I figure we should try to accommodate everyone.

  • Porphyry

    “Then they raised hell until the churches were forced to marry them.”

    In Sweden maybe. Not yet in this country, though government now essentially claims to own citizens’ conscience. To hell with such a regime.

    And gays should think really carefully about favoring their own disarmament.


    Can ANY of you think of ANY “common sense” gun laws?!?!

    I can think of only one, the 2nd Amendment, that states …[S]hall NOT BE INFRINGED”!!

  • MuslimLuvChrist

    they should target hitlery for
    supporting muslim sharia law that kills gays,

    they should target what happened to the wife of the murderer that killed 49 in Orlando,

    they should target hitlery for
    supporting groups that kill cops and
    supporting groups that kill Americans,

    hitlery even had the terrorist that
    influenced his child to kill 49 in Orlando
    sitting in her VIP section right behind her!

    I guess they don’t care when hitlery will get the terrorist vote!!!

  • cool breeze


  • Centurion

    What ever happened to majority rule? Since when does less than 2% of the population get to tell the other 98% what to do and when to do it? Time to lock and load and start pushing back.

    • Since when does the majority get to remove rights from the minority? Not in a republic. You’re confusing a republic with fascism. Prop 8 was a fascist act, which backfired on you. Heterosexuals aren’t too smart.
      By the way, the gay population isn’t less then 8 percent.

  • 1loyalamerican74

    Next they will try to have guns prohibited in LGBT restrooms.

    Be careful to trust some 3 million good Americans who will carry, until you try to take them away.

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