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Marijuana users will now face a controversial decision to make. Either walk away from the marijuana, or forfeit their second amendment rights.


While Pennsylvania is working out the details on their medical marijuana program, a case in the federal courts, earlier this week in California, ruled that banning a marijuana user from buying a gun is not a violation of their 2nd amendment right.

“[Marijuana] is a Schedule I drug,” said Justin McShane, a lead program attorney for U.S. Law Shield. “[It’s] controlled by the DEA federally. Just because a state allows for medicinal or even recreation use of marijuana, that doesn’t change that.”

So, if you are thinking of applying for a medical marijuana license BUT you enjoy your right to carry a gun, then you may want to reconsider.


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  • dude

    that’s easy even though I don’t no why there should be a choice but lets see …hard choice between killing myself with drugs or protecting myself and my friends and family with a gun …well it will always be protecting me and my family against the one’s that chose drugs and others who would do us harm …and I will either carry my guns legally or illegality I prefer legal but I will have and keep my gun either way…

    • satelliter

      And exactly how many marijuana users, so far, have attempted to do harm to you and your family? You need more learning than just government propagander. All those stories you’ve heard about someone high on marijuana, going berserk and slaughtering whole families really aren’t true.

  • Stargeezer

    I certainly see the connection they are trying to draw from this BUT (you knew it was coming) how long before some anti gun administration decides that if you take some other medication you forfeit your bill of rights protections?

    I suffered a spinal cord injury while serving in the Army 31 years ago that compressed nerves in my spine. I’ve been in constant pain since that day and have required a regular dose of pain killers every day in order to function. I don’t take it to get high or escape anything except pain and after 4 surgeries and 31 years I’m not likely ever find relief in some other manner. Does that now make me unsafe to handle my guns or to carry in public? I don’t think so and my weekly trip to the range still shows I can hit what I aim at.

    Next what other bullet point in the bill of rights are they going to make invalid? the 1st, the 4th, how about the 5th? No, either you are a citizen with a intact Bill Of Rights or you are a serf with no rights.

  • I still can’t believe that the Federal Government/DEA believe weed is a class one drug!! According to them that makes weed more dangerous than COCAINE, CRACK COCAINE, HEROIN, ASSORTED PAIN PILLS, ALCOHOL, OPIUM, HASHISH, AND TOBACCO!
    Bunch of ass backwards thinkers if you ask me, if these morons would just package, tax and sell weed like tobacco they would probably remove most of our national debt! People who want to smoke weed would and people who don’t wouldn’t, just like with tobacco, all kinds of drugs, and alcohol!!
    The US Government should look at Holland for a game plan on weed bars!! They seem to have a good thing going over in Holland! Of course I have never been there so I don’t know what the ins and outs are in Holland as far as a person buying and or selling weed or hash!!
    I still think it would help with the national debt!!

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