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Expected release date: 2/1/17

Do you know your second amendment right?  Many people do not know anything about guns, and therefore don’t even feel a need to have a gun in their home.

However, we never know when we will need to rise up and defend ourselves, and protect our families and our neighbors.

Do you want to wait for the police to respond to something that has already happened to your family? Or would you rather be able to protect them right then and there?

Keep and Bear, partnered with renowned filmmaker Darren Doane (Saving Christmas, Unstoppable),  has created a ground-breaking documentary. It will show you what the ordinary man could be questioning about guns and the second amendment, and explains your controversial right in-depth.


SO, will Darren and his wife come to a conclusion that a gun is necessary in their lives and in their home?

Why is this such a controversial topic?

Do we still need guns today?

Stay tuned for the Keep and Bear full documentary release.

Keep and Bear trailer FOR DOWNLOAD from Darren Doane on Vimeo.


Watch KEEP AND BEAR: THE MOVIE releasing 2/1/17!

Watch the trailer here:

  • ADRoberts

    Even Godly people can use a gun to protect the innocent. Anyone want to argue against protecting the helpless?

    • Granny

      O and his cabal want them dead, along with the rest of us who oppose his agenda.

      • ADRoberts

        Death is not the enemy. But spiritual death is. It comes from NOT obeying God.

  • Old Salt

    After building several 1911 .45 acp’s and two 9 mm’s [my Navy training from the 60’s]…I finally broke down an built two AR’s, which I thought was a Toys-R-Us, Mattel-O-Matic for many years [gimme the old M1 Garand], but I was wrong…what a great firearm and my wife will be able to take the light recoil of this new life protector.

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