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Donald Trump, the new president of the Unite States (YAY) has been putting together his plans to start immediately, once he takes office.

One common criticism of billionaire businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump is that he far too often speaks in vague generalities and rarely offers specifics about where he stands on the issues.

However, the new PLOTUS is speaking about his plans with more detail now. This goes especially true for his stance on guns and the second amendment. We knew he was a supporter of it, but we did not know his exact plans. Trump has recently released his official policy position and it is located on his campaign website.

It says, “The Second Amendment to our Constitution is clear. The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed upon. Period.”

He then went on to explain more about the right to bear arms. Stating that it is a right that “pre-exists both the government and the Constitution, noting that government didn’t create the right, nor can it take it away.”

He also rightly denoted the Second Amendment as “America’s first freedom,” pointing out that it helps protect all of the other rights we hold dear.

In order to protect and defend that right, Trump proposed tougher enforcement of laws that are already on the books, rather than adding new gun control laws.

Citing a successful program in Richmond, Virginia, that sentenced gun criminals to mandatory minimum five-year sentences in federal prison, Trump noted that crime rates will fall dramatically when criminals are taken off the streets for lengthy periods of time.

Trump also proposed strengthening and expanding laws allowing law-abiding gun owners to defend themselves from criminals using their own guns, without fear of repercussion from the government.

Noting that many of the recent high-profile shooters had clear mental problems that should have been addressed, Trump proposed fixing our nation’s broken mental health system by increasing treatment opportunities for the non-violent mentally ill, but removing from the streets those people who pose a danger to themselves and others.

Donald Trump will get rid of the pointless/ineffective gun bans. He also proposed that should fix and upgrade the background check system that we currently have in place, instead of continuing to expand the broken system.

Furthermore, Trump proposed a national right to carry, a national concealed carry reciprocity law that would compel states to recognize the concealed carry permits of any other state, exactly as drivers licenses from anywhere are accepted by all states today.

Finally, Trump would lift the prohibition on military members carrying weapons on military bases and in recruiting centers, allowing trained military members to carry weapons to protect themselves from attacks by terrorists, criminals and the mentally unstable, as we have seen recently.

While many of us are pleasantly pleased with this outcome, many of our liberal neighbors are not. That’s alright though, because this time, we can write this down in the books as a victory for America.

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  • Just_me_and_God

    One more reason Donald J. Trump became President Elect Donald J. Trump

    • Jeff Horton

      Big Reason Clinton made her big Mistake declaring war on the NRA. and yes Democrats like their guns too for fun and defense. Because that did not only mean the NRA but every gun owner, member or not.

  • Fred8512


  • Germansmith

    Let us wait and see
    -Authoritarians have little use for people running around with guns.
    -Your average person with mental health problems do not go around with visible signs of mental illness and you rather incarcerate mentally ill people with no crimes committed than to lose your toy weapons of war… Better put innocent people away than have background checks?
    -We already have mandatory sentences for crimes committed with guns.
    -As living in an state with a “stand your ground law” most times is kind of fuzzy and confusing when somebody gets shoot and the survivor claims self defense….but heck, this is what you get when everybody is angry and carries a firearm

    • lee

      Before they can be sentenced they must be tried and proven guilty. In Chicago in 2014 (according to court records) over 6,500,people arrested had also committed a federal felony relating to guns. Only 62 were tried. this is only 1% of the possible number that could be tried. This let over 6,000 people slide on the possibility of a mandatory federal gun violation. Maybe there is a problem in the courts in Chicago. Similar numbers occur in areas where already strict gun laws exist i.e. California and New York.

      • betterboy

        The judges are afraid of the gang bangers.

        • L Cavendish

          and Sharpton…and BLM…and Jackson…Oprah…and Obama…

    • desert

      YOU should join your pathetic liberal friends in a mass exit of the country!!

    • Razorgirl53

      Contrary to what you think you know, when you purchase a firearm, you must pass a background check. Only those who have not purchased a firearm legally have not had a background check. I personally own two semi-automatic handguns. My past parking ticket did not keep me from purchasing these firearms in either background check. I was required by my state of residence to take and pass a class to obtain a concealed carry permit at which time I was fingerprinted, The class included gun safety, state and federal laws, situation guides and marksmanship. The class was taught by a member of the state highway patrol. Said fingerprints and my test target are on file with the state. Before I was issued the permit, those fingerprints were run through the national fingerprint database. I must renew my permit every four years. So, you might want to pass around amongst your liberal friends that they haven’t a clue about that background check thingy. If you don’t know what you are talking about, quit talking. “It’s better to remain silent and appear the fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.” -Mark Twain. An armed society is a polite society.

  • Paladin

    OORAH!!! Go for it…

  • tdg54


  • L Cavendish

    so…repeal of the NFA? machine guns and silencers for anyone able to pass a background check?

    that would be SO awesome…

    • Rick

      Actually you already have that right already It just involves a additional tax stamp after the background check

      • gypsy

        machine guns and silencers in NY ????

        • Bruce O’Ryan

          Anything is possible…

      • betterboy

        Why should I have to pay a massive fee to own a silencer? Makes no sense. It is just a can and does not make a gun more deadly.

      • L Cavendish

        nope…I mean you pay and get it on the spot…no 6-9 month wait…
        and NEW machine guns…not $20-50K relics from pre-1968. Brand new M4s with 3-round and/or full auto…for like $1k (or less)

  • Coffee49

    Maybe the libs will all leave the good old USA, go go go and dont return go ruin some other country

  • frankenbiker

    Trey Gowdy to replace judge  Antonin Scalia, Sheriff Clark to replace that twisted bitch Ginsberg, and our Constitution will remain safe for at least a generation, maybe two if one of Owevomit appointees decides they can’t work with President Trump.
    Gulliani for AG, and send hildebitch to be the new ambassador to Lybia.

    • desert

      NO….keep the corrupt hilldabitch away from ANYTHING that even smells like govt and power….let her clean bird crap out of cucoo clocks!!

      • betterboy

        Now homely Chelsea is running for NY state office. Can you Fkn believe that?

        • VN VET

          Yep, i can believe that, she is trying to carry on for HRC, and I am very sure that between Willey and Hillary they are teaching Chelsea, all of the in’s and out’s of what it takes to be a politician, wouldn’t you agree ? IMHO, I also believe that both Hillary and Willey are already making their plans and getting all of their backers and supporters to help back Chelsea in any election that she chooses to run in.

      • VN VET

        How about making HRC the queen of the urinal’s, it might prove to be a very interesting job for her.

    • desert

      I just read where he is thinking of Christie for AG…..BAD IDEA, that clown is an ass kisser and a RINO, he couldn’t kiss obamas ass fast enough! …..How about Ben Carson as Surgeon General, or Ambassador? Trey Gowdy would be a spectacular Attorney General imho

      • frankenbiker

        I think Carson has surgeon general locked up. I think he’s the only candidate that Trump respected. We’ll just have to eait and see, but certain cabinet members need to be chosen now so we’re anle to protect ourselves during the transition.

      • VN VET

        IMHO, I also believe that Trey Gowdy would be the very best pick for AG. If not AG, then elect him to USSC to replace A. Scalia, I believe that Sheriff Clark would also make a very good choice for AG.

    • VN VET

      I agree 100% with your selections and I also believe that those selections would also help in correcting some of those boo-boo’s made by the Congress and the Senate, That is just my opinion. But just like everything else, we will just have to wait and see.

  • Craig Cardelucci

    Finally a president with American values. I have long thought ex LE, military, and bikers would save our Republic, now we have a president on our side.

  • beachblues

    Hillary far underestimated the number of small people with guns that vote. She thought she had the election in the bag with her champagne flight home from the midnight Jon Bonjovi and Lady Ga Ga rally in Raleigh. My grandma taught me never count your chickens before they are hatched, and never count your eggs before they are laid. Hillary was coming for your guns and Donald is not. That is easily understood by the simple, uneducated hard working people that Hillary wrote off and forgot about.

    • Razorgirl53

      If she had been listening to other news sources instead of the Clinton News Network, she would have been informed about the number of guns Obama, the #1 gun salesman all eight years in office, had been selling. We Deplorables knew all those guns weren’t going to vote for her. Guess it doesn’t pay to live in a bubble. Trump popped her bubble with a pea-shooter.

      • betterboy

        You can see that even the CNN news people now believe their own lies and propaganda. One of them was talking cabout Trump’s connection to Russia. LOL Trump needs to fix the laws so the news people can not lie any longer. It the news had to tell the truth then Trump would have beaten the slu t by 95 to 5%.

    • VN VET

      @beachblues, I agree with your comments, and yes I have heard the very same old saying’s, all of my 80 years. That is the very same things that I have been saying to these different ” Monday Morning QB’s” on these different web-sites, when I say never, never, never ever underestimate your enemy, because you will lose every time.

  • jerry young

    I’m with Trump 100% but the bad thing is now I’m reading how more than a month later the electoral college gets together and re-votes and they could change their vote to give the election to hillary, they say this has never happened but there is always a chance it could, I personally think this is wrong once we cast our vote we cannot return a month later and change our mind, I say the election must stand as is!

    • betterboy

      If that happened you would see a revolution that would make the current protesters look like party people.

      • jerry young

        I’ve done some checking on this since I wrote it what I’ve found some are calling it fake some say it’s real I don’t know but anything can happen

    • desert

      Just more of the same old liberal/communist BULLSHYT! always trying to stir the pot and get people all excited

    • VN VET

      @jerry young, i completely agree 100%. I guess that I was wrong, because I have always been under the impression, that once the National Election was completed that the Electoral college were also counted at the same time and every thing was decided at the same time. This is the very first time that I have ever heard about the Electoral College voting months later, after the election was held. How come this has never been brought out before, about the Electoral college voting on the election at a much later date ? Once they have committed to a candidate, don’t they have to vote that same way also ?

      • JobRon

        VN VET: That’s the way it has always been done, as per the constitution. I guess when you were taught history this was not included. Why does this not surprise me? Look at the reception you received when you got home and how the schooling (read that as indoctrination centers) are spouting. I support your service, my brother served 2 tours, he was one of the lucky ones that came home. The leftists are really crying because they didn’t get their way. Contrast today’s demonstrations as to who demonstrated when Nobummer stole the last two elections.

        • Doc Farmer✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

          Actually, back in ’08, I decided to hold a “conservative riot”, since no regular riots cropped up after Obama was elected (they predicted riots if he won OR lost). I made a big sign that said “Conservative RIOT In Progress” on one side, and “Honk If You Like COOKIES” on the other.

          Never knew my city had such a pro-cookie contingent…

          As it WAS a riot, I made sure to turn over a couple cars. However, I owned both vehicles, which were sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-compact (Matchbox)…

          Sometimes, you just have to have a bit of fun with it.

          • JobRon

            Doc: How ‘protesters’ were arrested at this peaceful? How many cars were overturned? Were you arrested because of all the noise from honking? Sounds like you had a ball at your Conservative Riot. Thanks for the laugh

          • Doc Farmer✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

            Oddly enough, at one point I was surrounded by SEVEN cops. Mostly because one short cop wanted to make an “issue” out of it. I tried to explain that a conservative riot was an oxymoron, at which point he returned a blank stare (confirming that he was the regular kind of moron).

            Two cars, one red and one blue. Both were sedans, but the doors and hoods didn’t open (frankly, they weren’t “official” Matchbox, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea NASCAR culpa).

            It actually was fun, until the one cop started to try to throw his official holier-than-thou attitude, at which point I got tired of it and went home.

      • Jeff Horton

        Where did you take your government class. They should give the tax payers back their money.

  • Enlightened

    What about convicted felons whom have served their sentences? Not only is it a violation of the second amendment to disqualify ex-felons from posessing firearms, it is also class discrimination!!!

    • betterboy

      I don’t know about the legality, but look at the recidivism rate. Just because someone has spent time in jail does not mean they are “cured” from doing more criminal acts – it is probably just the opposite. Felons give up their rights to own a gun by committing a serious crime.

      • Enlightened

        I’m a convicted felon…unlawfully prosecuted and innocent as well. You would be amazed how many innocent people are tired and convicted, or worse coerced into signing a guilty plea by corrupt prosecutors in Tennessee, I’m sure the rest of the nation as well. Regardless of the situation when one has served their sentence it is unconstitutional to keep punishing people for their past. I’m also a computer science major with a 3.5 G.P.A. Guilty or innocent of the crimes people are co nvicted for, their past does not define who they CHOOSE to become.

        • betterboy

          I’ve watched numerous shows of people who were innocent and convicted. It is an absolute tragedy and some of the evil prosecutors knew they were innocent, etc. It is an outrage to convict someone with weak or no evidence. As it is in our corrupt society, there are immoral and corrupt actions to get the votes of various groups that have a certain issues – what would felons (who were guilty) pledge their votes to? How about special benefits for prisoners or new TV’s every 2 years, etc. Real felons would probably vote for the most corrupt party who lie and cheat and steal – that would be the dem party this time around. When they decide to give prisoners the right to vote for warden then I’ll go along with your proposal. Real criminals would probably vote anyway even if it was illegal – being illegal doesn’t stop them about other things.

    • L Cavendish

      depends on what the crime was…armed robbery? no way…never…

  • nimbii

    My only concern about a national right to carry law could be changed by succeeding presidents to control guns instead.

  • lummi

    I’ve been a shooter and gun owner for over 60 years. I received my first gun at age 10 from my grandmother, and it’s still in the family. All my brothers are shooters. I started my son shooting when he was 10, as my brothers have done with their kids. My grand kids are active competitors in their 4H shooting clubs. I have known hundreds of shooters, and to my knowledge not on has ever committed a criminal act with a gun. In spite of this, the liberals still cling to the idiotic notion that we should be penalized because of the acts of a known demographic group. It’s encouraging to know that we now will have a President who will inject some common sense into our gun laws, and hopefully a number of other areas that the current bunch has distorted beyond recognition.

  • Jeff Horton

    For those here who need a refresher there is a free online class from Hillsdale College.sign up. your mind needs refreshing once in a while. And for those immigrants make sure you under stand your rights.

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