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A New Jersey Range employee at the Golden State Shooting Center shot his own hand while handling, or should I say mishandling, a gun.

The man was hospitalized after the police visited the range around 4:30pm on Monday, in order to investigate the shooting.

Detective Lt. Gregory Staffordsmith wrote on the police department’s website to say, “Upon arrival emergency personnel learned that a 61-year-old employee from Neptune had accidentally shot himself in the hand while retrieving a rental gun from a storage cabinet.”

The bullet reportedly went through his left hand, and he is expected to make a full recovery.

Although it is misfortunate that this employee was hurt, I can’t help but think how incredibly irresponsible he must have been to shoot himself. Unless he was mishandling the firearm as he removed it from the storage cabinet, it is extremely unlikely that he could have shot himself.

In fact, I would say that he is lucky that he ONLY shot his own hand and did not strike another person at the range in his carelessness.

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  • Scott Goofus

    It shouldn’t pissed him off.

  • Cougar Smith

    If he were the ONLY person at the range I would say, “GOOD! Served him right for being so careless!”

  • ARCLight_Vet

    The Idiot that put it away should have made sure it was unloaded, then put in a device to keep the action open if it was a semi-auto, if a revolver, open the cylinder and left it open.

    • warpmine


  • CQ

    Good grief – people close car doors on their hands all the time, or chop off fingers with shop tools. This is absolutely nothing!

    • dude


      • RealGerman

        I think what CQ is saying is that this is ‘not news’. It will get heavy traction with anti-2A ‘news outlets’, though…who will make a massive deal about it, to try to keep the public in fear of firearms. Like this kind of thing happens all the time? If you go to the following website covering this story, you’ll see what I mean:

        I agree with a person below as well: there are almost no facts in this article. The guy shot his own hand while removing the gun from a security locker. With that extremely limited amount of information:

        1) the employee who put the rental away prior to the incident should be fired if he left a bullet in the chamber
        2) the employee who shot his hand should be fired for not assuming the gun was loaded

        A collapse of any kind of safe-handling procedures. Not much else to this story, though. Accidents happen under the best of conditions. Obviously, it’s a relief nobody else got hurt, and some firing needs to happen to make sure these clowns aren’t allowed to work at a range anymore.

      • reaper_69

        I think you have ‘no’ confused with ‘KNOW’ Apart from that I agree!

    • mossbergman

      Those cases are carelessness or stupidity ~ this goes beyond Dudes reply twice

    • patriot2

      that’s true,even DEA guys shoot themselves in the foot in classrooms.

  • The Dutchman

    WTFO? Just how stupid can it get?

  • ADRoberts

    Always be alert and aware. Not being can be fatal.

  • Shears-of-Atropos

    Not enough info. The story is not believable.

    “…had accidentally shot himself in the hand while retrieving a rental gun from a storage cabinet.”

    A rental gun on a commercial range put into a storage cabinet, loaded with a round in battery, and COCKED? Not believable.

    I’d sooner believe he shot himself in the hand while cleaning the weapon and at the same time eating a liverwurst sandwich and the pistol went off of its own volition.

    • tdg54

      Ahmen…smells too fishy (liverwurst-y,) especially at a range dealing with rental guns.

      I call bullshit too!

    • patriot2

      it may be just another story instead of embarrassing themselves in front of the cops with the truth.

      • Jim

        I used to be in law enforcement many moons ago and I’ve heard some pretty amazing stories about accidental shootings.

        • patriot2

          I’ll bet stories on all kinds of other things too!!

          • Jim

            I’ve heard and seen lots of “hard to explain” things. Much more than there is room for on this forum. LOL

    • Jim

      Yeah, on second thought, it DOES sound a bit fake. I think I’ll go make myself a liverwurst sandwich now! yummmmm!

  • Shears-of-Atropos

    Wanted: Firearm range assistant: Must have own healthcare insurance. No previous experience required. Call (xxx-xxxx)

    • patriot2

      and not all fingers needed.

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    I am trying to picture how one could accidently shoot ones hand. Did he grab the butt with one hand and the barrel with the other while having a finger on the trigger? That sounds utterly stupid and non-professional.

    • Shears-of-Atropos

      My guess is an auto, and his hands were not strong enough to rack the slide back, so he pushed the muzzle into one palm and pressed the slide, it cocked and his hand was on the trigger. Or something like that. Bad news all around.

    • patriot2

      incredibly ignorant.I can’t figure it out either.

  • mwp2634

    It doesn’t matter who stored the firearm OR the condition in which it was stored. It is incumbent upon ANYONE who handles a firearm to determine the condition of that firearm in a safe manor. They teach the operational check and safety checks at Gunsite and Thunder Ranch for sure because I have trained at both of these fine institutions. I have personally had unexpected discharges of firearms early on in my many years of handling them (2). By training, they were pointed in a safe direction when the discharge came.

    The other problem is the location: The Peoples Republic of New Jersey.

    • Jim

      You make a good point. I was raised in West Texas and have been around firearms my whole life. I didn’t know anyone who DIDN’T have a gun cabinet in their living room. It usually had a glass front and all the family’s firearms were displayed there. There wasn’t even a lock because we kids were taught from an early age that these were not toys and we’d get our butts lit up if we handled any of them without permission. In my family, firearm safety was as fundamental as the ABCs. However, not everyone was raised in Texas. Some have the ill fortune to be raised in places where guns are feared and not talked about. We were raised with the understanding that firearms were weapons and that, while they are not to be feared, they ARE to be respected. When firearm safety is not taught, you get incidents such as this one.

  • ardvietvet

    Rule #1…ALL guns are loaded until you completely check them!!!

  • mossbergman

    what kind of gun handling do they have at that range .when I worked retail sales We checked guns before handing them to a customer and again before they went back in display / next guy did the same so all were all double checked twice.I’ll assume this is now an ex employee ?

    • patriot2

      maybe he was loading a muzzle loader,like you said it is NJ!!

  • LibsRHaters

    This accident is fairly common with bullpup pump shotguns without a vertical foregrip. The shooter fires, racks out spent shell, and in the full cartridge… quickly. Trying to fire off as many rounds as possible in a short amount of time to know the weapon’s limits and improve hand/eye coordination to be a better shooter, knowing your weapon.
    I have a Kel-Tec KSG, which this accident has occurred with, not in carelessness, but really a new technology that many people aren’t rightly acquainted with. I added a muzzle brake to lengthen it a bit, and a foregrip to change how I operate the pump action to reduce the possibility that my hand slips off while racking in a new cartridge.
    Please, people… spit happens. I’m sure the senior was well acquainted with shooting, but now has a lesson to learn that’s a whole lot worse than a stray bullet. We don’t get enough details to make any judgement on what happened. He’s suffering… should be good enough lesson for him besides being judged by people that weren’t even there.

  • freebirds

    Maybe the gun gut ticked off at him because he was giving his other gun more attention. Jealousy does crazy things you know. Liberals think guns can shoot themselves without people. They are always trying to change the way a gun looks, handles, how large the magazine is, does it have a thumb grip and the list goes on. Like the style and the design make a difference. You can read quite frequently on how a gun shot someone. Seldom heard is ” an individual shot someone” . No accountability on people anymore, but always a gun problem.
    Guy on Fox news yesterday (D) talking about needing more gun restrictions and changing of style of weapons. Like getting killed by a 223 is likely able to make you more dead than getting killed by a 30-06. Because their not going after 30-06 a larger caliber gun, but the 223 because of how they look and handle. All I know is when I’m protecting myself from evil I want a comfortable gun. And a 223 A.R. is very comfortable to use. So it sounds like the (D’s) don’t seem to care for the citizenry trying to protect themselves. Their more concerned about a tool without a brain and emotion killing someone.

  • Paul Franklin

    I didn’t know anyone in nj could have weapons

  • Jim

    Say it with me: “Every firearm is to be treated as if it’s loaded. There is NO SUCH THING as an unloaded firearm.” That is Basic Firearms Safety 101. I have found that the two main causes of firearms accidents are stupidity and carelessness. I walked out of a Gander Mountain once because the idiot working the firearms counter brought out a pistol to show me and pointed it right at me! When I advised him that he was handling it in an unsafe manner he gave me attitude, saying, “I know what I’m doing”. Firearms are not toys and safety is no joke. You have to treat ALL weapons as if they’re loaded. How many people have been shot with “unloaded” weapons?

  • Vegamania

    Big surprise is to find out there are gun ranges in NJ at all. A range employee should be the 1st one to know how to handle a firearm, that he did not personally put away, or even if he did. Who the h**l pulls the trigger on a firearm without checking it out first?

  • HandsOffOurFreedoms

    First rule of handling firearms – all guns are always loaded. The rules that follow would also help prevent this kind of accidental discharge.

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