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If you have listened to any debate, or seen posts on Facebook or Twitter from Hillary Clinton, then you know she is completely against the 2nd amendment. She has even stated that she believes the supreme court is wrong on the 2nd amendment and that she will do everything she can to change that.

Her biggest reasoning? Children. Hillary Clinton’s favorite line to push on why we should not have guns is because she is an “advocate” for children and families, and guns are simply “too dangerous.” She preaches that accidental gun shot deaths are at a record high and that without them, America will be a much safer land. Never mind the 8 million babies she advocates to be aborted every year.

Here is a tweet from the NRA showing the accidental death statistics from 2014 among children. If you look closely, you will see that gun related deaths are not only the lowest, but they only make up 1.3% of the fatality total.


However, if you let Hillary, or one of her media minions tell the “facts” then they will feed you lies. Be careful where you get your information from! And always make sure you know your facts.

  • Meathead

    Hillary LIED? Wow, are we ever surprised!

    • Incredulous_one

      “Gambling at Rick’s?!?!? I’m shocked!” (Must be a DemocRAT.)

  • 2War Abn Vet

    The only “child” the Hilldog is interested in protecting is her evil self.
    “Hillary doesn’t care about anyone but Hillary.”

  • Flayer

    Somebody should make a law against suffocation. Because of the children.

    • chocopot

      I think we need to ban cars. Everyone should always walk – for the children, of course.

  • Ever since this Jezzibel and her pussy Ahab husband came onto the national scene in the early 1990’s she ALWAYS pulls out children like a GUN….The Children, The children, the children,The children, the children, the children,The children, the children….on and on and on………its all LIES

  • Art Brown Sr.

    We are still missing 12.6%. Where did those deaths come from?
    Add all the percentages up it comes to 87.4%

    • RGW

      Not all the children die in accidents… Unless of course when it comes to abortion then it’s 100% of all the children that are aborted, are dead.

      • Art Brown Sr.

        These figures were ACCIDENTAL DEATHS. Please scroll up to view the chart.

        • RGW

          How I meant to state my position in response to your math question: The reason why you don’t see the last 12.6% is because it happens in a hospital and Hitlery is not going after Doctors…Yet! Remember we are being led to a conclusion. What the NRA is showing which is really the bigger truth, and liberals hate the truth. Their mantra is; “The truth is what I say it is” so even though ACCIDENTAL DEATHS with a firearm is only 1.3% they will scream like it’s every child… Thus Guns are evil and must be eradicated and the Constitution amended. My point which you unfortunately missed, the Hildabeast has no problem protecting a Un-Constitutional law that allows women to choose… To kill unborn accidental babies by “Abortion” which as I stated equals 100% of all babies that are aborted are dead. But libranuts will chase and demand something that only rises to 1.3% as the uncontrolled evil that must be stopped. Strikingly obtuse, don’t you agree?

          • Art Brown Sr.

            I still wonder where the other 12% is attributed to
            On furthering a search for childrens deathes for 2014 I found 100 being the number associated with guns ( and was aged to 24 years old(?))
            that being accepted as the ratio 12.6% is around 1200 more deaths from some accident. WHAT accident?

    • Americans Wake Up

      They are Bill’s sex slaves

  • frankenbiker

    Yeah, like facts mean a damn thing to dementocraps. They make their own “facts”. Whenever I hear one of them spout about a 90% of anything, insurance coverage, gun crime, gun deaths etc., I know its a con job. Ignore leftist “facts”, you’ll live longer.

  • M.J. Nellett

    Almost 100% of the children aborted are dead so let’s ban abortion? Almost all the children of Socialist Democrats go brain dead by the age of 18…so let’s ban Socialist Democrats from becoming parents and save the children!! Hildebeast and all the other Social activists posing as the “people’s representatives” in our Congress need to learn what the Constitution and “INALIENABLE RIGHTS” mean. INALIENABLE means given by God NOT by government and therefore cannot be taken away by government. If the Supreme Courts attempt to take away or create new “unconstitutional rights” then they can be impeached and removed from the bench. If a president attempts to change, add, or remove constitutional rights then they can be impeached. If Congresspeople attempt to add, remove, or modify any of our CONSTITUTIONAL rights (except by the manner expressly stated by our Constitution) they can be censured or recalled from office. WE, the people, hold ultimate power in our own hands as to what our government is allowed to do for us, or against us. We just have to wake up and FORCE our government to realize that fact or face the wrath of an already pis..d off citizenry! Simply.

  • MS_Steve

    Old lying crooked Grandma talks out out of BOTH SIDES OF HER MOUTH… all day long, every day (except when she’s ‘resting’)

    • Igor

      There’s ANOTHER orifice she talks out of, as well…
      All day, every day.

      (and, no, not the one specific to Wimmin!)

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