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Early this morning, a 20-year-old Ohio State senior, Tarak Andrew Underiner, was found murdered in an apartment just off campus. He was found with multiple gunshot wounds. However, it does not appear to be a random murder. No, it was an evil, calculated move.

Here’s where it gets shady though:

  1. He was a gun advocate.
  2. He supported campus carry.
  3. He testified in support of allowing concealed firearms on campus at the Ohio Statehouse.


Underiner was a brilliant student, with a double major in Spanish and marketing. He took a stance on allowing guns on campus after the brutal attack in November when a refugee attacked on the Ohio State campus.

So who killed this student with such a bright future ahead of him? If nothing else, this just solidifies his argument that students and faculty should be allowed to conceal carry to protect themselves from monsters such as these.

  • TexasBobA


  • ChinOhio

    I am in Columbus. To say he was “targeted and murdered” because of his 2A beliefs is irresponsible at this time. This is as crappy of journalism as those who would use it the other way. At this time, there is no suspect in custody, no confession, no reason. Background – I am a vet and firm believer in the 2nd Amendment, NRA and NAGR member.

    Columbus had 376, I believe, murders in 2016. This was the first so far this year. It happened in an area off campus that borders on shady, close to areas you don’t go into at night. Students have been targeted before because they are relatively easy targets, even off campus where they COULD carry.

    Could he have been targeted for his beliefs? Sure, and that may be the case. But to use the young man’s murder before any facts are known in a manner like this is completely irresponsible.

    • Teachertooinpa

      Thank you for your common sense feedback.

      • ChinOhio

        I just don’t believe in stooping to the gun grabbers level before any facts are known. Makes those of us that do support the 2A look bad and this having to jump to be the first to make a statement when a young man is dead is just sad and irresponsible journalism. All sides should be able to see that.

        • ADRoberts

          Read the comment by Robert Henry below. He NAILED you.

          • ChinOhio

            If you ignore the headline, I guess. Not really though. And he was respectful in his reply, unlike some people.

          • ADRoberts

            I guess it depends on how big an ego a person has as to what they call disrespectful. Some just don’t like being proven wrong. Is that disrespectful? LOL

        • rivahmitch

          I’d rather we not also. However, having actually experienced a real shooting war (in Vietnam) and seeing the possibility of one developing here, I believe you use any means available to defeat your enemies. If you wish to put flowers in the barrels of loaded machine guns, feel free. Personally, I prefer artillery.

          • ChinOhio

            I’m with you, once facts are known. This isn’t a war under the definition you use. And thank you for your service!

      • ChinOhio

        “This morning, police confirmed to NBC4 the motive behind the shooting was drug related. Police also say they recovered guns at the house.”

    • Robert Henry

      No offense, but I believe you should read the article again. It didn’t give a reason for his death but stated that his tragic and untimely death is another reason to allow campus carry! He might have been able to save himself. A right we should all be able to exercise wherever we are, especially on our own property, which all taxpayer supported property is. A right he believed strongly in. At least that’s how I saw it. I agree wih your premise, btw, that using the slimey tactics of our political opponents is beneath us. Anyway, Happy New Year to all. Its the first time I’ve truly been hopefull about our Country’s future for a long time!

      • ChinOhio

        Happy new year to you also! It wasn’t so much the article itself, but the headline and how they constructed the article. C’mon Jan 20th!!!

        • Robert Henry

          You are 100% correct. It’s embarrassing but I just hadn’t paid attention to the title. Anyway, I read about someone picking up bunches of fireworks for Jan 20th and think it’s a great frigging idea! I won’t be there for the inauguration so I will definitely be putring on a heck of a fireworks display/party!!
          July 4th and New Years combined! Let’s let our fellow citizens know how happy/hopefull we really are. Please pass the word in your areas. Hope this is the best year you and your’s, and our great Nation has ever had!

          • Razorgirl53

            I have an empty chair rotting in my flower bed. It’s been there since 2012. I will ceremoniously remove it on January 20. I may have a bonfire with it (if they ever remove the local burn ban). And, yes, the title of the article is misleading.

      • dude

        now that we can agree on I took your arti.wrong my self I guess

      • The Old One

        Your being happy about the future of our country in a long time comes as no surprise to any of us Americans what is going to be a welcome surprise is that with only 8 years ahead of him he’ll have enough time to undo the disaster we are now left with.

    • Ar G Peterson

      We agree with ChinOhio

    • ADRoberts

      It is a logical conclusion and the writer is entitled to his opinion. A much more likely to be true that what MSM would put out. Now leave the guy alone. Unless you want to join the liberals who are always trying to defend the death of 2A supporters. Even cheering.

    • Lowell

      You jumped to that conclusion. The article did not say that, it just articulated his beliefs — which you agreed to!!

      • ChinOhio

        No jumping if you put the reasons together with the headline they used. Just click-bait tactics, which we are unfortunately becoming way too used to. Happy new year to you!

    • It doesn’t say he was shot because of he was a campus carry advocate…
      “This is where it geys shady”. You assumed.
      That is irresponsible.

      • rivahmitch

        It would be reasonable to assume and/or speculate that had he been armed, the outcome might have been more “balanced”;-)

      • ChinOhio

        Disagree if you consider the headline and then they list 3 points with a bunch of garbage around them.

    • dude

      I too are a 110% for guns but chinohio is right don’t makeup news to get a story we get enough with the election just wait and print the facts when they come out

    • giant33

      There are to many shady areas all around our country. What’s the one thing all these shady areas have in common? Will that ever change?

  • American Me

    If a student or anyone else for that matter can qualify and receive a Concealed Carry License they should be allowed to carry on Campus and off.But they must have the training and be certified.Just like country wide reciprocity.Enough with all these different state rules.Make it like a drivers license which is good in every state,but you must follow the state laws of the state you are in.So no more driving around a state.Your rights do not end at your state borders.Contact Congress and tell them to pass The National Reciprocity Act of 2017 and Campus Carry.End Gun Free Zones.And for gods sake allow our military to carry on base.

    • freebirds

      The 2A doesn’t say anything about gun free zones. I truly don’t know how they are even legal. In fact the 2A states the words ” shall not be infringed” and I believe safe zones, gun free zones, mandatory gun training, gun education are all infringements on my 2A rights. I never needed a lick of training on guns. It’s all common sense. I’m not stating that classes and education should not be available, but I believe it should be a person’s choice.

    • The Old One

      IF anyone should be able to carry in ALL CIRCUMSTANCES it should be the military. Everywhere, with or without uniform. If they do not have the best training in firearms use I would like to know who has any better. And no, this Muslim terrorist that killed so many in that base, abu Nissan, or abu whatever, would not have been the only one carrying that day.

      Thank god Elections have consequences……………..

  • rev_dave

    Hmm. Murdered “in an apartment”, not in HIS apartment? Maybe it wasn’t just his pro-gun stance.

  • Keith Omaits

    I see where it says he was targeted and murdered but nowhere do I see where is says “Because of his belief in the 2nd amendment”. Do you? I think the point is that this incident just solidifies his belief, not that it caused it.

  • frankenbiker

    I have a tendency to ignore gun free zones, school grounds, hospitals, the post office, etc. I’ll leave my gun in the car at airports, and court buildings, only because of the scanners.

  • canislupus

    No one is accusing those who are opposed to CC as having sense. However, if the motive wasn’t robbery, or jealousy over a young woman, it isn’t an unreasonable assumption to suspect it was a political murder.

    • ChinOhio

      Not unreasonable, but in the end, it was drug-related. Drugs and guns found in the home. Sad story.


    Unless the apartment he was in (OFF CAMPUS) is cooperating with the “no carry on campus” edict, he should have been able to protect himself with a firearm!

    He was murdered OFF CAMPUS!

    So if he was a gun advocate, why didn’t he protect himself while at “home”?

    • ChinOhio

      It is now reported that it was drug-related.

  • ChinOhio

    As a follow-up, this is recently released:

    “This morning, police confirmed to NBC4 the motive behind the shooting was drug related. Police also say they recovered guns at the house.” The odds that illegally-owned guns were used are probably about 100-1, but this pretty much points away from him being targeted for his beliefs.

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