Paris was the unfortunate victim of terrorist attacks, some months back, in which many people died. However, this is not the only terror that the women of Paris are experiencing. The sad, newer regular occurrence involves the stalking of Paris women by Muslim men.

These attacks are happening quite often in metro areas, such as the metro platforms, trains, and escalators.


Why though, in this video, does not one person come to the womens’ aid? If no one will protect these women, then they need to be able to protect themselves. The next time a refugee stalks them, they should be able to pull a gun from their purse or waistline and I guarantee that pig will not touch her again.

The need for guns is higher than ever. Not only do we need to protect ourselves and our rights, but we ought to be able to protect others as well.

In once instance, these animals attacked and beat a woman simply because she served alcohol during Ramadan. The whole thing was caught on camera, and she told Russia Today News:

“Serving alcohol doesn’t mean I’m not following my [religious] duties. I’m doing it because I am a bartender. In Tunisia, I do the same job and I never had any problems.

“I can’t believe that in France, the country of liberty, that I could be attacked like this.”

To defeat a bully, you must stand up to him. If these women could start carrying, they would not fall victim of refugee pigs anymore.

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  • Russell Smith

    Men, real men, need to stalk and hunt down these feral refugees that are attacking these women and hand out vigilante justice on them. Let them understand, and learn the fear of what it is like to be a hunted animal, and then let them learn the hard and painful lessons of what it is like when vigilante justice is handed out on them, to know that their attacker is judge, jury and executioner.

    • ADRoberts

      Sorry to burst your bubble. If a man did defend a woman, the French governement would jail them and file charges of “hate crimes’. Got it? They government is secretly enabling the predators. And the system is so rigged that they can’t get rid of these politicians who have sold their souls.
      And Obey II Chronicles 7:14

      • Russell Smith

        Sorry to burst YOUR bubble, when you administer vigilante justice, you rarely work within the confines of the law. Therefor, you pick and choose your targets and the locations where you will administer said justice. They will rarely speak about their encounters afterwards.

        • ADRoberts

          So you are FROZEN in fear of defending the innocent because someone might call it vigilante justice. That is irrational.
          According to you, you must stop and think and analyze while someone is being raped or killed.
          This is NOT about administrating justice. This is about PREVENTING crime.
          And this “they” who rarely speak of “encounters”. Who are you talking about
          News for you.
          Cowards stop and analysis and consider.
          Heros race to the rescue.
          I have personal knowledge. As I worked at a railroad yard, I hear an explosion. First I ran away. Then I turned and ran FOR the BURNING CAR, under the bridge. But the few seconds I lost cost a young girl her life. Had I raced to the car, I could have pulled her out of the back seat where she was sleeping. But the time I got there, the back seat was fulling in flame and burned skin was hanging off the arms of the mother in the front seat.
          NOW you play judge. You decide to condemn those who WILL RESCUE.
          And we shall see, when we stand before GOD and not a bunch of couch potatoes who is right.

          • Russell Smith

            No no no, not at all. I don’t live in Europe. If they did it over here I would just shoot them dead and be done with it, because if the attacked, or assaulted a female, this is grounds for use of deadly force here, so no need to pussy foot around with them.
            You seem to have a confused idea of what you will do should you be in the situation. There will come a time in the near future when you will perhaps have to make a decision because of what this government has done, and is doing with regards to refugees. My sincere advice to you will be to train up, and arm up.

          • ADRoberts

            I saw it coming. I moved from very close to the CENTER of the Dallas/Ft.Worth metroplex to the poorest county in southern Missouri.
            By God’s grace, I hope that He will call me home before I have to deal with the UN forces that the elite will bring in to control us.

          • Russell Smith

            I plan to try to be here to help defend what is left of the country, and try to restore it to what it once was. my ancestors have been here since 1624, so I figure I owe it to them to at least try to live up to their standards of commitment.

          • ADRoberts

            Check out what it says in the Bible about the plans of men.

            Then look at II Chronicles 7:14. That avails us of power that is awesome and always wins.
            And since it is unlikely that America is going to repent, look at John 14: 1-3 and focus on what really matters. ETERNITY.
            My efforts with guns and force will probably be limited to defending h innocent. For sure, the ONE WORLD ORDER are planning to overwhelm us with force from muslims, homosexuals, atheists, and UN forces who have shown themselves to be totally criminal.
            And when they come, they will do so with surgical action. Taking out one man or group here. Withdrawing and then striking another individual there.
            They don’t plan to lose.

        • ADRoberts

          My. Just looked at YOUR record. A total of 2781 likes on 11775 comments.
          Surely there is an explanation.
          I see you are a firearms instructor or employee. What a shame.

          • Russell Smith

            You got it mixed up, that’s 11775 up votes on 2781 comments
            And it is a firearms instructor.

          • ADRoberts

            My apologies. You are right. And I think that I may agree with you more than less./

          • Russell Smith

            No harm no foul.

          • ADRoberts

            The mark of a real man is to admit when they are wrong. The opposite is what is called politicians and corporate leaders.


    France needs to reverse it gun laws so citizens could protect themselves.

  • TPS12

    If you don’t protect yourself it’s now clear no one else will either.

  • Gene smiley

    This guy is taking no crap after his girfriend was fondled.

  • ADRoberts

    Frenchmen are cowards. And that has been proven by their unwillingness to restrict the immigration of these animal predators.
    Look. The Arch of Triumph was built to celebrate FRENCH victories in war. It has NEVER been used.

  • desert

    Since French Govt is made of of ignorant MORONS….Ladies, get yourselves some cans of wasp spray and hose down those vermin….right in the eyes, that will stop them!!

  • WatchDog

    Incredible that their government is allowing this to continue. Either the authorities need to get a grip on this or let the people do it.

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