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In Sarasota, Florida, a homeowner practiced his second amendment right when he returned home with his family and found a man, Glenn Oliver, in the house.

The quiet neighborhood rang with gunshots after Oliver threatened the family with a baseball bat.

The neighbor, Pam Zeck stated, “I just can’t imagine how scared and freaked out they must have been. There have been minor break-ins and things like that since I’ve lived here, but never anything like this.”

Just one more reason to have a firearm in your home. The homeowner also has a concealed carry permit as well.

“It was terrifying for this family. There’s a small child there as well,” said sheriff’s office spokesperson Kaitlyn Perez.

Deputies said Oliver broke in through a window and may have been living there for days.

“It’s possible, since we had such a cold weekend, that he was looking for a warm place to stay. We talked to his family members. He wasn’t always staying at home. He was traveling around,” said Perez.

Deputies said Oliver had just been released from prison. He had served a 10-year sentence for robbery with a firearm and carjacking. He was out on probation from the Miami-Dade area.

“He is a felony offender. He has an extensive criminal history. Unfortunately he was at the wrong place at the wrong time,” Perez offered.

Apparently for Oliver, he chose the wrong house and the wrong family to target.


The homeowner was right in this situation though. He felt threatened in his own home by an intruder. He simply shot in self defense.

The homeowner does not face any charges at this time.

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  • rev_dave

    Wrong place wrong time, my foot! Oliver was in the wrong place, but it was his behavior, not the time, that got him killed. And that was something he could have controlled.

  • tdg54

    “Unfortunately,…”!? I’d say fortunately, very fortunately. One less bad guy stealing oxygen from trout.


    Another thug not to worry about any more.

  • rivahmitch

    Pretty sad commentary by the “police spokesman”. Wrong place… Uh HUH. However, it was the Pos own action which put it where it didn’t belong and , thankfully, the homeowner has solved the persistent behavior problem better than the so-called “legal system” did.

  • PPTA

    Just another reason to carry legally.

    • ARJAY

      We have the 2nd Amendment that states the gubbermint can’t INFRINGE on our God given right to protect ourselves from ALL enemies, foreign, domestic, civilian, and gubbermint!!

      So, based on the 2nd Amendment, ANY time, ANY place, ANYBODY, we are AUTHORIZED to carry, OPEN or CONCEALED!!!!


      WITHOUT any kind of gubbermint issued “permit”!


  • markypolo

    Liberals and Democrats believe they can steal anybody’s property. Should have killed the SOB! Why shoot someone just to leave them alive? Now the scum will get lawyer and claim he thought the home was HIS.

    • tdg54

      Mmmm, the way I read this, the scum is dead.

      • ed in Alabama

        Unfortunately, I think the piece of crap survived. Ammo is getting expensive and that is why we need to make certain that the first shot counts! But, GOD bless that man and his family…..they are safe.

        • tdg54


          And agreed: Make certain that first shot counts, aka: train, train, train.

      • patriot2

        I don’t think they said he was dead but he needed to be.

      • ARJAY


        I read the article incorrectly, too. Said he SHOT the intruder, not KILLED him.

        Also it states that he HAS a long record and not HAD a record.

      • markypolo

        I didn’t “read” it that way. But, after a search, I see he was indeed killed. Thank goodness.
        Thanks for your input to set the story right.

  • wildeagleone

    Unfortunately Big Brave SOBs that rule this nation are secure in their security forces and don’t give a damn if the public is unarmed and attacked by the damn criminals the people in power are afraid to go after ..


    Even a few Liberals will understand the need for self-defense when an intruder breaks into your home. It’s hard to understand why they think breaking into our country uninvited is OK. Restraint is fine when it works. I’m not all hot to shoot someone if I don’t have to…but threatening me or anyone in my own home is guaranteed to invoke an armed response. Once Mr. Smith and Wesson comes out, it’s time for the intruder to hit the floor and wait for the police, or die. No one should take what I said lightly. Pulling the trigger on a fellow human being is NOT easy. Some simply can’t do it. Some will develop PTSD if they do. If you carry, get your mind right to be sure you WILL use that hardware, or get rid of it.

    • Igor

      Okay, people, time for review!

      Rules for guns
      1) Always assume it’s loaded
      2) keep your booger flicker off the bang switch until you plan to use it
      3) be sure of your target. Positively identify it.
      4) be mindful of what’s BEHIND what you are shooting at.

      …and finally (drum roll please)…

      5) Never point the gun at anything unless you plan to shoot it.

      I guess nobody told Oliver to never bring a bat to a gunfight. Some people just learn the hard way.

      • ARJAY

        Guess he knew that for a few SHORT minutes, between the time he was shot and the time his “brain” stopped working!!

    • Liberty’s Advocate

      Perfect! The operative, important part of this story is the homeowner had a CCW Permit and was carrying, because even if you own a gun and come home to find a stranger in your home … who THEN THREATENS YOU … where is your gun if you’re not carrying? I’ve had Permits to Carry Weapons concealed or openly for 48 years and my EDC is Mr. Sig Sauer P320.

    • ARJAY

      Great points!!

      If you are not mentally prepared to “PULL THAT TRIGGER” do NOT bother to carry!!

    • 2ND Rat

      Perfect. Can’t drive that point home enough. If your going to carry, you had better have an honest look inside yourself to determine whether you can shoot someone or not (before the time comes). If you pull the gun, use it. If your not ready to shoot someone, don’t draw the weapon, don’t even carry.

    • ed in Alabama

      The hell with the pussies……it is a matter of DO OR DIE, I am a doer!

  • Igor

    Looks to me like stoopid just got fixed…


    As usual, a gun rights, 2nd Amendment supporting organization refers to our 2nd Amendment “RIGHTS”!

    I again point out that the 2nd Amendment GRANTS US NO “RIGHTS”!!

    The 2nd Amendment grants NO “RIGHTS” to ANYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The 2nd Amendment PROHIBITS the gubbermint from INFRINGING on our ALREADY God given RIGHTS!!

    What we have are our 2nd Amendment “PROTECTIONS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Scouse

      Sounds like he was quite possibly suffering from a mental disorder? Broke into a house to get in out of the cold. Armed with a baseball bat?
      Missing the 3 meals and a cot of prison? Well he got his wish.

    • tdg54

      True that, but you better have a boatload of money to try and defend yourself in court.

  • Hass

    If Oliver is black, expect riots over this. If he was any other race…. Crickets.

  • Sonny

    And so it is! You don’t pull on Supermans cape, you don’t spit in the wind, you don’t fool around with the old Lone Ranger……and you don’t mess around with Jim!

  • 4570

    “……he was looking for a warm place….”
    Well he sure as chyt found it, didn’t he?

  • Mike with the Silver Star

    Squatters have become an increasingly bizarre problem,.especially here in Illinois. Squatters move in and control property that is not theirs and the police or courts do nothing about it. Time to get out the 9mm and let it do the talking….

    • Askjrsk

      About time

  • frankenbiker

    You don’t hesitate, you don’t ask questions, you don’t tell the SOB to freeze. You cap his ass, diall 911 then your attorney. Give no statement until you consult your lawyer, cops understand. This man saved the lives of his family, and I hope he sleeps well knowing that fact.

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