“I think her bodyguards should drop all weapons and disarm….take their guns away.” –Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton finally agreed on one thing: people on no-fly lists should not be able to buy a gun.

However, that is where the agreements ended. The two candidates have completely different outlooks on firearms.

Hillary wants stricter gun laws, so Trump prompts that she starts with her bodyguards.

Watch the video below to see some of the differences:

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    If Hellary is elected and appoints another liberal justice to the supreme court our Second Amendment rights are at steak.

    • GenEarly

      Yep, cooked like a burnt steak fer sure.

    • Dick

      And once the second amendment is gone, ALL the others are soon to follow.

    • Red Steiner

      Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton thinks it’s a “great idea”
      to appoint President Barack Obama to the U.S. Supreme Court. At least,
      that’s what she told a group of Iowa voters at a town hall this week.
      She added “he is brilliant and can set forth an argument.” The
      reality is there is only one precedent for this in all of United States
      history (and a rather large one at that). If this happened, Clinton
      would be entering into some unchartered territory in the legal world.

  • MikefromNC

    Where does the Constitution allow the denial of the 2nd Amendment without due process?
    That’s the “no fly list” nonsense. Stop pretending that Trump is some sort of Constitutional conservative.
    He isn’t.

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