At East Carolina University, a professor is standing up for her gun rights. She believes there is a double standard at the university where she works.

In North Carolina, it is illegal to bring a gun onto campus. However, she wants to be able to bring her gun, and prove a point that all rights matter.

Watch as this professor explains why the school has a double standard by defending the first amendment, but not the second.



What do you think? Should professors be allowed to carry on campus? Comment below.

  • snl

    Yes. But now, she’ll probably be fired.

    • GomeznSA

      You are most likely correct, but they will wait until there is some lame complaint that she ‘offended’ someone or some such. That tactic has been used before to weed out those who won’t adhere to the party line…………

  • frankenbiker

    Carry it, carry it well concealed, and tell no one. I ignore gun free zones, I carry in my kids school, my doctors office, but so does he, and in the post office. I’ll apologize later if caught, until then, fck em.

    • bandit

      ?? I’ll Never apologize ??

      • frankenbiker

        I was referring to the old adage, its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. You believe as I do, screw em, I’ll carry whenever, and wherever I damn well please.

        • bandit

          ?? DITTO ??

        • RayJN

          You will receive no forgiveness and likely receive harsher treatment than the perp. and the antigunners will rejoice that one more person is disarmed for life.

          • frankenbiker

            But I’ll either still be alive or know that I did the best a man can do. I’ll do the time, better than to be out of time.

    • klesb

      God gave us the right as individuals to defend ourselves, our families, and our communities. Some men try to restrict that right with their laws. However, when the need to bring your gun into play occurs, all of mens’ rules are off!
      And, you better have your gun at hand!

      • frankenbiker

        Exactly, do what you can when you can, never be caught unarmed.

    • opinionated

      I too carry everyplace. But I do understand and empathize with the professor’s concern and respect for the state’s [unconstitutional] law.
      When temporarily visit the post office, go to the movies, enter restaurants with no firearms signs posted, I’m banking on probability that no one will know — and if a rare occasion should present itself that I do need my firearm for protection, well, at that point hopefully the ends will justify my actions. HOWEVER, the professor works on campus. If she were to carry concealed in defiance of the law, the probability of someone finding out and reporting her is maybe too great a risk to take. She would stand to lose her job as well as her concealed carry permit. She is going about this in the absolute best way.

      • frankenbiker

        Good point well taken.

    • realbrightguy

      I agree. The only one to know you are carrying is the bad guy you shoot.

  • bandit

    Never , Ever back down sister ‼️ ??

  • Fred8512

    Every Teacher who is not a liberal should be allowed to carry open or consealed.

    • GR Arnold

      She needs to be armed against liberal teacher nowadays as much as anything else.

  • Kenneth

    An executive order by President Trump could end concealed carry with open or concealed to be required by President Trump

  • Liberty’s Advocate

    What you are seeing with the double standards on campuses is PC run amok. Through our silence, we have allowed government and pseudo-intellectuals to trample our rights with barely a whimper from us while transforming our nation through the destruction of traditions and institutions into a political atmosphere safe for globalists to rule over us. We need more citizens and more leaders willing to stand up for our Constitution and our Rights.

    If one wishes to understand what the Constitution means, one only needs to read and understand the first two and last paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence. For most of us that shouldn’t be too difficult because it was written so as to be understood by anyone with a 3rd grade education at the time.

    The most important word in the Declaration is “unalienable”, an adjective modifying “Rights”, and it is found in the 2nd paragraph in the sentence explaining that our Rights are gifts endowed in every individual by their Creator at the moment of their individual creation. The 1st and 2nd paragraphs assert the “Natural Law” origin, or Divine Origin of our Human Rights which are “unalienable” – meaning they cannot be sold or transferred (Blacks Law Dictionary, sixth edition, page 1523, and Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856 edition) under ANY circumstances. Human (Natural) Rights exist IN US because WE exist, and therefore ALL of our Human Rights are individual Rights. This concept was NOT Jefferson’s original thought but rather has philosophical and theological roots going back thousands of years to the writings of Aristotle, Cicero and most notably St. Thomas Aquinas. The TRUE GENIUS of our founding fathers lay in their ability to design a system of government around this concept, securing our Rights and freedom for all time. Natural Law (Human) Rights are beyond the reach or jurisdiction of government because neither Man nor the governments he establishes have any power over Acts of God.

    Too many people are under the mistaken impression that “unalienable” and “inalienable” mean the same thing. They do NOT. “Inalienable” Rights cannot be sold or transferred without the CONSENT of the” person possessing said Rights. You can ‘consent’ actively or constructively, and your VOTE for your representatives is considered your consent. (Morrison v. State, Mo. App., 252 S.W.2d 97, 101) This is also a good argument FOR requiring ID’s for voters.

    The first named unalienable, Natural, Human Rights are ” … Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness … “, which is where the 2nd Amendment comes in. Everyone has the unalienable Right to control their own LIVES and destinies (Liberty to exercise your Rights and the ability to Pursue Happiness in Life), as long as they DO NOT interfere with the Rights of all others to do the same with THEIR Lives. We are born with these Rights, they cannot be taken away or given up and the only way you can FORFEIT your Natural Rights is through penalties imposed by a society for violating the Natural Rights of another. This is the justification for the death penalty for murder, kidnapping and other capital crimes. Take a life illegally – pay for it by forfeiting yours.

    Self-defense is the ability to take a life legally in order to preserve yours or other innocent life. For thousands of years of recorded Human history, self-defense is the ONLY defense against a charge of murder which, proven, results in total exoneration of the accused. This is the essence of the 2nd Amendment because you cannot have a Natural, unalienable Right to control your own Life and destiny if you do not ALSO have the Right to DEFEND your life. It was given to each of us with an ‘Act of God’.

    I believe the professor would be correct in challenging the state law based on her Constitutionally protected, Naturally existing Human Right of self-defense under the 2nd Amendment. But without a good lawyer who understands this principle and enough money to possibly take this challenge all the way to the SCOTUS, government could win by default. Electing enough right thinking people to positions of power in government at all levels is the key to preserving our freedoms at this point.

    • frankenbiker

      “Electing enough right thinking people to positions of power in government in all levels is key to preserving our freedoms”
      Some people forget this sometimes, its not just national elections, its city council board members, its school board members, its every member of government at the lowest level to the highest. One must start by being informed.
      Electing ones sheriff is about the most important election on the county level there is, and not enough folks do their research. Then they wonder why their sheriff backs down from the federal government and becomes their patsy.
      You put a lot of thought into this, and that’s great, hopefully it’ll get through to some who don’t think ALL ELECTIONS are important.

      • Liberty’s Advocate

        Thank you for recognizing these truths, and feel free to disseminate, quoting all or any part of these thoughts where appropriate. I would appreciate being credited, too.

        • frankenbiker

          Sir, if I use this on my website, I will definitely give you credit. Today I was merely replying to you personally.

  • Marine68

    Soon there will be a big surprise from the global elites that want everyone disarmed, and all the stupid sheeple will be looking to be rescued. After all the insults and attacks by them, many 2nd amendment lovers will not be coming to their rescue; definitely not me.

    • herman flippen

      The thing about “global elites” is—they can hang from a lamppost as good as the next tyrant!!!!
      The Tar and Feather Committee

  • Front Sight

    Every person who wants to carry a weapon must be fully trained in the use of their respective weapon. They must be fully trained in the Four Safety Rules: 1. Treat all weapons as they are loaded; 2. Never let your gun’s muzzle cover anything that you are not prepared to destroy; 3. Keep your finger off of the trigger until you are ready to shoot; and 4. Be absolutely sure of you target, what potentially can be in front of your target, and what is, or can, behind your target.
    If the instructor follows these rules, they will never have a “negligent discharge.”
    Unload the weapon by removing the ammunition carrier first, then eject the ammunition in the breech.
    Perform a visual and physical “safety check” of the “unloaded weapon,” because of Rule 1.
    Then, and only then, decock the weapon and secure it.

    • opinionated

      It was in the not-too-distant past that school kids were taught this in school. And there were gun and shooting clubs too.
      Maybe government schools should replace sex ed with firearm ed. Then we might have fewer “unwanted” pregnancies and fewer accidental deaths from firearms.

    • Dan Wild

      The Second Amendment does NOT state that “Every Person who wants to carry a weapon must be fully trained …”. So where do you get your Infringement information from? You sound just like another anti-Freedom shill, IMHO.

      • LibsRHaters

        Front Sight has been on the front lines of Second Amendment defense more than you can possibly know! Back off!

  • ADRoberts

    So simple. The right to carry now is limited to those 21 or over. Most college students are thereby precluded from protecting themselves. This is basically WRONG. But the idiot administrators and liberal professors who are afraid of students with guns are not concerned at all with safety. They are either puppest of the elite who want to disarm and then annihilate OR they are dumb enough to not understand that AN ARMED SOCIETY IS A POLITE SOCIETY.
    So much for the wisdom of college professors. They embrace the “theoretical” and ignore the reality. Guns make people safe and reduce crime.

  • mossbergman

    Gob Bless Her a University, professor with guts

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    There is a great misunderstanding about the term “well regulated militia” meaning that only being supplied with armament by the government while formally called to participate in a (government) militia. The forefather’s understood that all private citizens should have knowledge of firearms, use of and ownership, as they, the citizens, ARE the militia when the Republic would be encroached on by alien forces.

  • Bo

    I stand with this teacher.

  • GR Arnold

    She has full right to be armed where she works. I hope this comes out in her favor.

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