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A new bill would call for universal background checks on gun sales.

“I know how lucky I was to survive, it doesn’t always turn out that way,” said Pamela Simmons, a domestic and gun violence survivor at Tuesday’s press conference.

Parents, lawmakers, and advocates packed the Vermont Statehouse in support of universal background checks on gun purchases.

“Right now gun sales are treated differently depending on where the gun is purchased,” said Ann Braden, President of Gun Sense Vermont.

This bill would expand background checks to private firearm sales. It would make exceptions for law enforcement, active military and immediate family.

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  • Ken Thomas

    Remember that the idiots in Vermont elected Bernie Sanders so what do you expect?

    • James Andrews

      It’s unenforceable law, and would do nothing to stop private sales. That’s what the idiot anti-gun rights crowd refuses to see; reality. IT is about impossible to enforce, so even if it passes, many will simply ignore it. Regardless, anyone wanting to sell a used firearm should be careful about who they sell to, and they must not sell to any felons. That is already illegal. I would rather take a loss and trade in an older hand gun to an FFL dealer, than to sell one to someone I didn’t know well. They must be most careful about the handguns.

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