Ryan James Martin, a 5th year Virginia Tech student, walks around campus with an empty gun holster strapped to his hip, everyday.
Why on earth would someone do that you may ask? The answer is actually quite simple: he is protesting the ban of guns on campus. He has also decided to go on a hunger strike as well, to assist in his protest.


Martin is fasting as part of a hunger strike aimed at bringing attention to his efforts to allow students who are 21 or older — and appropriately permitted by the state — to carry concealed weapons, which would mean keeping a firearm on their person or within a backpack so that it is not readily visible.


Martin’s protest began early Monday morning and will continue until at least Friday, when Virginia Tech President Timothy Sands is scheduled to give an address on the state of the university. Martin said that he’s willing to end his fast if he’s given an audience with Sands; he wants to make the case for allowing concealed carry on campus.


Ryan believes that the school’s policy of banning guns, is a complete infringement of his 2nd amendment rights. He stated, “It just calls attention to the fact that we are unarmed and have no self defense, essentially, except for our fists.” He continued on to also say, “I come from a place where guns are everywhere — pretty much everybody has one, [and] a lot of my peers are from places where that doesn’t ring true. … If you don’t know about something, it’s going to be scary from the outset.”


As it’s been said, if you cannot stand for something then you’ll fall for anything. Would you give up food for a period of time to protest your gun rights?


Remember folks, always keep and bear.


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  • William E Weaver

    Go to a different school stupid.

    • Front Sight

      The VA Tech gun ban began in the People’s Demokratik Socialist Republik of Kalifornia. It must end before it becomes an epidemic. The low information Liberals want you to lose your self protection; however, they want to keep theirs because they are entitled. The US Constitution’s second amendment makes the defenseless equal to those who would offend.

  • TheBitterClinger1

    Work to change that silly “For the Wimps Amongst Us” policy but a hunger strike? The gun banners, the anti-automomous individuals types would just as soon we die. There is no sense appealing to their better nature as they don’t have one.

  • Samuel Clemens

    Virginia Tech still holds the world record of students murdered in a “Gun Free Killing Zone.” V.T. has become an Institute of Lower Learning. Ryan is arguing with idiots.

  • mossbergman

    A college student with a working mind. ~~ so rare today

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