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Willie Franklin Smith III sounds like a respectable name, such as one you would meet in an art gallery, smelling of mahogany. That’s the thing about names and looks, they can be disgustingly deceiving.

Stith WAS a serial felon, who met his match recently when he broke into a woman’s home and tied her up in Wilmington, NC.

While his gruesome plans for her can go without being spoken, she did not intend to share those plans with the monster staring her down.

Police say a woman shot and killed a man who broke into her home Monday night and tied her up.

Willie Franklin Stith, III, 35, was killed in the reported home invasion in the 5000 block of Hunt Club Road, off New Centre Drive, according to Wilmington Police Department spokeswoman Linda Rawley. In a news release, Rawley wrote that a woman got home from work around 11 p.m. Monday when Stith forced her inside, beat her and bound her.

The woman was able to free herself and retrieved her gun, shooting Stith once. Rawley wrote that police found Stith near the front door of the home. No charges have been filed in the incident.


Stith had a lengthy criminal record, and was actually featured in a story, in 2008, which shed light on local authorities who were “using federal sentencing guidelines to keep armed offenders off the streets.” During this time, Stith was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. However, he only served 39 months.

This time, he messed with the wrong person….a woman who is well aware of her 2nd amendment rights, and those very rights saved her life.

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  • John Wirts

    It is time for FEDERAL LAWS CONCERNING OWNING AND CARRYING FIREARMS! The states and SSOCIALIST JUDGES have been violating the Constitution and its amendments to suit themselves! Chicago The MURDER CAPITOL OF THE U.S., has the strictest gun control and the Highest murder rate in the U.S.

    • TPM

      I’d love to see the federal government insist that our 2nd amendment rights be recognized on a nationwide basis. Sadly, our Constitution gives great power to the individual states. Therein lies the difficulty of enforcing our 2nd Amendment rights in every state. Not sure that there’s any easy answer to this. Just live in a state not ruled by LibTard dictators.

      • Mort Leith

        And ARREST all of the politicians who make ILLEGAL laws that contradict our Constitution.

      • ARJAY

        We have no 2nd Amendment “RIGHTS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        The 2nd Amendment GRANTS US NO “RIGHTS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        The 2nd Amendment LIMITS THE GUBBERMINT so they CAN NOT “INFRINGE” on our RIGHT to self defense against ALL enemies, FOREIGN, DOMESTIC, CIVILIAN, GUBBERMINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • John Wirts

        Well if we demand strict interpretation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and disallow the loose interpretation that guts our Constitution! Plus all laws passed by Congress ought to fully apply to all people, politicians, uber rich, media, and media. Eliminate the Secret Service and Capitol Police. let them appear unarmed TOOO!

  • Cougar Smith

    I love a story with a happy ending!

  • Mort Leith

    Of course there’s no charges…
    Only in Slave libT ard States like New D0RK City Hillbilly-land, New JERKsey, and ALL of the States NE of N Carolina where they keep voting for politicians who take their rights away form them,,
    are honest people CHARGED for defending their lives.,..

    • Dan Knowlton

      You forgot about crappyfornia!

    • The Old One

      Obviously there are no charges. What there should have been is a parade in the neighborhood of the criminal to celebrate his termination and send a strong message to others who might contemplate similar conduct.

    • Front Sight

      You forgot the People’s Demokratik Republik of Kalifornicate

  • tdg54

    Love gun stories with happy endings.

    • 2War Abn Vet

      You beat me to it!

      • tdg54

        Not to worry, 2War Abn Vet, you’ll get me next time. 🙂
        Thank you for your service.

    • ADRoberts

      We were not told what he did to her before she got to her gun. It is never a happy ending. And what do you want to bet about the race of the perp and the race of the victim?

      • Igor

        While I wouldn’t bet on the race of the perp, here’s hoping the lady doesn’t have nightmares about the incident. I could care less about the goblin, he got what he needed – an injection of lead at 800 fps plus. That usually cures the Common Criminal, especially applied to the head or heart or spine (C1 thru C7).

        • ADRoberts

          You actually think she will not be haunted. I still have dreams about running trains (did for 30 years) And there was no trauma.

      • R Mac

        Yes we were!
        “Stith forced her inside, beat her and bound her.”
        Read it. Race has no issue here, the “intruder” got what he had long deserved … swift and accurate justice.

        • ADRoberts

          I can read. Apparently you can’t It also implied that we do not know all that she endured. And RACE is always an issue when a person of ONE race attacks a person of another race.
          Hate only has to find excuses.

          • ARJAY

            Quote from the article: “Stith forced her inside, beat her and bound her.”

            You need to check on your reading comprehension, WE WERE TOLD WHAT HE DID! At least in part. Or do you need a blow-by-blow account of EVERY LITTLE SORDID FACT of what he did to her?!

            I guess you would rather have had her killed before she could have defended herself, eh?

          • ADRoberts

            Quote all you want. I have 5 decades of experience reading “journalists”. And they did NOT say all that happened to her. Want to repeat your “quote” I still reject your contention.
            Now why would you object to my OPINION that there was more? Why would you be upset that I did not believe what a “reporter” said as being the WHOLE truth. LOL
            I have experience. As a fire inspector in a major southern city, I was called upon to occasionally investigate accidental fires. Later I would see a report about that very same fire in the paper. The ONLY way knew it was the same fire was they got the ADDRESS correct. Everything else was MADE UP. LOL

          • ADRoberts

            Now I will quote from the article. “While his gruesome plans for her can go without being spoken…..” Yes, it did NOT say if he was able to carry out any of those plans, DOES IT.

          • ARJAY

            But YOU need to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          • ADRoberts

            I DON’T need to know any such thing. Most of what you read is false. It is NOT what you believe is true that matters. It is WHO you believe. And since most of the time YOU don’t even know who you are reading (me either) then it really does not matter MUCH.
            So what is SMH? Some insult? Or maybe an insider joke?

          • ARJAY

            You keep crying that the report didn’t give YOU all of the DETAILS about WHAT HE DID TO HER!! So it CERTAINLY sounds like you HAVE TO KNOW EVERYTHING!! Do you know her personally? Are you her attorney? Are you going to try her and convict her on the internet for defending herself against her ATTACKER?


            Nobody ELSE seems to NEED to know ALL the details in this case.

            What MORE do you NEED to know? He ASSAULTED her, in HER home, she DEFENDED herself.


            End of story (as far as the REST of us are concerned.)

            Not an insult! [S]haking [M]y [H]ead

          • ADRoberts

            Tempest in a Tea Pot. Why do you care? It must be a big deal to you. LOL

          • ARJAY

            Still can’t answer any of my questions.

          • ADRoberts

            I can. I may have. But your bigotry would never admit it. Done with you.
            YOU LOST and refuse to admit it.
            Now answer my questionb. Why are you sooooo determined to make a deal of it? Vested interest interest? No just a desire to dominate.
            YOU LOST

          • ARJAY


            GOTCHA!! Flustered yet, adr?????

            Questionb? What’s questiona?

          • ADRoberts

            Not flustered at all. Just wondering how you can continue to pretend you have anything to say. And that terrible “upvote” record you have just keeps getting worse with each comment that NO ONE will vote for. LOL

          • ARJAY

            Can’t control yourself I see. You said you were done with me! I guess you aren’t.

            You are pointing 1 finger at me and 3 back at yourself.


            You are such a foolish “man”!

            Just having a little fun aggravating you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Sense you never answered my question about why YOU NEEDED TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THE ASSAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • ARJAY

            Due to YOUR NEED to know more details of the attack/assault MAYBE, just MAYBE this additional information will be useful to you?? Maybe????? A video/picture would NOT copy over, but she had some BRUISING on several areas of her face. I don’t know if you will take my word for it or not, probably not, though! Maybe this link will work, maybe not.


            Lessons from a Home Invasion

            The following video is a talking-head interview — raw and uncut — with a
            woman who survived an attack by an armed home invader.

            Career Criminal Willie F. Stith III had apparently heard, mistakenly, that
            her boyfriend had a lot of money in the apartment. He meant to take it, even if he had to beat her, tie her up, and threaten to kill her.

            [Kay Dickinson] was coming home from work when she noticed a man with a bag of garbage at the end of the hallway for her apartment.

            Dickinson said she went to unlock her door and the man attacked.

            “He grabbed me and pushed me into the apartment,” Dickinson recalled. “We had a tussle and he choked me and gagged me, and I dropped everything right there in the kitchen.”

            Dickinson said the man, later identified as 35-year-old Willie Franklin Stith III, knew her name and her boyfriend’s.

            “He kept saying, ‘give me the money, give me the money,’” Dickinson said, explaining she didn’t keep any in the house.

            Stith then lead [sic] Dickinson down the hall to the bedroom where he tied her hands behind her back with a belt and wrapped the cord of a cell phone charger around her mouth.

            “As soon as he took me to the bedroom, I looked over and the gun was sitting there – and I was like, there’s a reason the gun was sitting there,” Dickinson said. “I was just hoping he wouldn’t see it because if he saw it he might take it and I knew that was my only chance.”

            Dickinson was able to wiggle loose from the belt. She jumped on the bed, grabbed the gun and pulled the trigger.

            Stith ran towards the front door and then collapsed. She called 911 and took the gun out of his hand.

            “I didn’t know if he was alive or dead,” she said.

            So, did Stith get his gun at your Local Gun Store? To our amazement, he did not. As it happens, he is, er, was, a many-times-over Prohibited Person:

            According to the Department of Public Safety website, Stith has multiple convictions, including larceny and burglary. Stith also served multiple prison sentences, the most recent a 10-month stint for second-degree burglary that ended in August 2005.

            They somewhat understated his record. County jail stuff doesn’t show up on this database, apparently, but he’s been in State of NC trouble since 1998 and has by our count thirteen felony convictions. He also didn’t
            get out until 2006, it says here. The only reason this isn’t a murder is
            because Ms Dickinson, like Han Solo, shot first.

            We’re not going to give this the full John Correia analysis here, but there
            are some things our gal did right:

            She elevated her awareness when something (hulking black guy with a garbage bag) was out of place in her world;

            She didn’t become hysterical, not while under attack, not while gunfighting the invader, not while on the phone to 911, not when the cops came.

            She freed herself from restraints. Very Important. Do not let them restrain
            you. Do not let them transport you. If they do restrain you, free yourself
            as soon as you can. Time and distance are mortal enemies.

            She kept thinking, and kept looking for an opportunity.

            When she saw her opportunity, she took it without hesitation.

            She shot the guy without a command or warning. When he’s armed, that’s just tipping him off and asking to get shot. “If you’re going to shoot, don’t talk. Shoot.”

            She hit with her shot.

            There’s a couple of things she might have done better:

            The pistol on the Bible would have been of no use to her, if Stith hadn’t taken her to her gun. Better to carry it holstered (yeah, most people don’t).

            The hallway is exactly the sort of “transitional space” that John Correia talks about. It feels like home but it’s not as safe as home. People are
            complacent here; criminals exploit this. If some guy in the hall tingles
            your spidey sense, back out and wait for him to leave. If he doesn’t, call
            the cops. Wilmington, NC’s finest would have cheerfully put the habeas
            grabbus on Stith for his unlicensed, prohibited pistol. He’d be headed back to prison, but alive.

            And that’s about it, really. Overall, a very good job of self-hostage-rescue.

            Now, bear in mind that we’ve only heard one side of this story, and perhaps other things will emerge. But this looks like a clean shoot from the information at hand, and it would be hard to argue that society has lost a beacon of luminosity and pinnacle of humanitarian virtue, with the
            abrupt end of Willie Stith III’s life.

            This entry was posted in Weapons Education, Weapons Usage and Employment on January 4, 2017 by Hognose.

            Is this any help for YOU?!?!?!?!?!

          • ADRoberts

            You are a liar and a fomenter,. Who said I needed to know? Only you.
            I am about ready to ruin your fun and block you. Not a big deal since you are obviously a troll. In fact, DONE. And by the way. I did not read your massive work. No one else did either.
            Now I have taken care of your OBSESSION.

          • ARJAY

            He doesn’t even know what HE posted!!

          • ADRoberts

            What real question did you pose. Just a lot of smeary and snarky remarks, just for the fun of your sorry entertainment. Keep laughing. You will account to God for every IDLE word.

          • ARJAY

            I simply asked you why you needed to know what all he did to her?

            You can’t answer a simple question!!!!!

            Why don’t you answer THAT first question?

      • ARJAY

        Quote from the article: “Stith forced her inside, beat her and bound her.”

        Another quote from this article: “Stith had a lengthy criminal record, and was actually featured in a story, in 2008, which shed light on local authorities who were “using federal sentencing guidelines to keep armed offenders off the streets.” During this time,
        Stith was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. However, he only served 39 months.”

        He broke into her home, isn’t THAT enough? Or do YOU NEED a blow by blow account of EXACTLY what he did to her?!?! He then tied her up! Isn’t THAT also enough?

        First name Willie, that’s a great clue that he is most likely black (lives matter bull$h!t – RIGHT!)!

        Sorry, ADR, it was INDEED a happy ending. The THUG with the L-E-N-G-T-H-Y record will NOT be harming anyone else. Just think, if he had stayed in prison for his ENTIRE sentence, he would STILL be alive, in prison!!

        • ADRoberts

          Amazing. Somehow it is a big deal that I don’t repeat everything you say and believe. Can you say, “control freak”?

  • mwp2634

    Now, imagine every victim with a Glock…

  • HistoricalConstitutionalRoger

    Now, they need to go back and get the judge who let him out early!!!!! and charge him with accomplice to attempted Rape and Murder! and let him serve the rest of the 10 years! plus rape and accomplice charges….. now that would make a judge think twice about letting someone off early!

  • USMC 64-68

    The democrats in the judicial system are what the problem is with “gun crimes.” This turd was out on the streets having served a fraction of his 10 year sentence, and surprising to no one except the leftist idiots (bleeding heart liberals) who believe they know best, he’s out to continue his crime spree and victimize more people.

    The commiecrats want more gun laws (to punish law abiding citizens) – how about enforcing the gun laws that are already on the books to punish the criminals and protect innocent citizens.

  • Igor

    Looks like SHE had to take out the trash, instead of the Public Servants.
    Are you listening, judges? DA’s?


    Great shooting!!

    ONE shot, one kill!

    No waste of ammo!


    Proof again that CAPITAL PUNISHMENT does work!!!!

    Anybody that is sentenced to DEATH and THEN EXECUTED will NEVER harm ANYONE else!!!!

    Just put them in prison for a short time then release them only GUARANTEES that they WILL COMMIT more crimes!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • John

    The thing that really irks me is the fact that the armed citizen once again foiled a heinous crime and was indeed used in SELF DEFENSE! These stories NEVER find their way into the mainstream news because it doesn’t fit their liberal agenda! WE as citizens need to DEMAND a higher standard from the propagandizing liberal leaning mainstream media!

  • John

    I love a happy ending…..

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