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Gun safety is important. When you see an idiot with a gun you probably gasp, cringe, and slap your hand over your mouth. However, we all enjoy making fun of them.

Here is a compilation of idiots with guns. The fifth one will have you laughing if the first four don’t.

DISCLAIMER: Video contains language


  • Germansmith

    None were funny
    But maybe this is way to thin out the herd by having stupid people kill themselves or their children.

    Maybe we should also give the car keys to you preteen boy without any instructions

    • tdg54

      True that. These idiots give the rest of us a bad name. I will say, however, ole quick-draw shooting himself did make me LOL.

      • ARJAY

        They posted their stupidity on the internet!!

  • ADRoberts

    Not funny.


    None of these people should have a gun

  • catman

    None were funny. Stupidity reins with some people, especially that last one. That clown is damned lucky to be alive.

    • Chris Robinette

      I agree with you fully!!!

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