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A great letter to the editor appeared in a recent edition of The Columbian. In the letter the writer says that we have much bigger fish to fry as a people, and that by focusing on gun control our culture is missing the big picture. We are majoring on the minors and missing opportunities to really improve our society.

From the Columbian:

As opined in the Sept. 20 editorial (“In Our View — What About Guns?”), there are countless reasons for multiple school shootings — culture, media, parenting, teenage angst and immaturity; but the “elephant in the room” (i.e., national obsession with guns) appears to be your salient issue. The implication is that more gun control, buoyed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention research, would be instrumental in solving deadly violence in schools and elsewhere.

Violence, insanity, revenge and hatred are all, unfortunately, part of the human condition. They have been around for millennia and will remain long after us. As deadly as rifles can be, more murders are committed with knives, hammers, clubs, hands and fists. Thousands more people die in automobile accidents and 10 times as many succumb to hospital infections and medical malpractice. Yet there is never any discussion about knife control, marital arts control, car prohibitions or medical limitations despite those deaths.

The real moral failing in our society is the disproportionate and emotional conversation of a very small minority of premature deaths caused by guns in comparison to the widespread carnage from other causes deemed acceptable.

We see the left and the media focusing on the wrong thing in the debate over suppressors as well. The left seems to think that more suppressors in the market will lead to spike in crime, the problem is that this thought process runs counter to the facts.

From the Trace:

There are now more that 1.3 million of them registered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, up from about 360,000 just five years ago.  There’s also evidence to suggest that as silencers have gained a foothold with gun owners, some are winding up in the black market…

One state that has provided particularly extensive records on stolen guns is Florida. There, at least 94 silencers were reported stolen from 2010 to 2016, our data shows.

The Doral Police Department, near Miami, recorded three stolen silencers. In May 2012, thieves snatched two of the devices at once, both designed for .45 pistols. In January 2015, a SilencerCo 9mm silencer was reported stolen.

Tampa reported three stolen silencers. Two were taken on the same night in June 2010, a Gemtech .45 and an AA Arms rifle silencer. The third was for an AR-style rifle, reported stolen in October 2012.

As stores stock more silencers, they get snatched from shelves and display cases, too. Nationwide, 52 silencers were reported stolen by licensed dealers in 2016, according to the ATF. Two hundred more were reported lost.

It’s not surprising that as the number of silencers in civilian hands has jumped, criminals are also getting their hands on the devices.

But as the folks at the Truth about Guns point out… law enforcement hasn’t ever found suppressors to be a big criminal problem.

With 1.3 million suppressors in the wild, with 94 silencers reported stolen (over six years) in Florida, with violent crimes up nationally by 4.1 percent and homicides up by 8.6 percent, where are examples of criminals using silencers?

“As for silencers seldom being used [by criminals],” The Trace’s cousins at bloomberg.comopine, “that’s because federal law prevents criminals from buying them.”

Hello? Criminals don’t obey laws.

If a bad guy wanted to use a suppressed firearm to commit a crime, he’d do so, regardless of federal regulations. Criminals don’t use suppressed firearms because suppressors make guns harder to conceal for no apparent benefit; they know that Hollywood’s depiction of super-silent suppressed firearms is pure fantasy.

This isn’t Hollywood. Suppressors don’t work the way the Left and the media think they do. Suppressors are useful to protect the hearing of regular shooters, they aren’t useful in committing violent crimes. Once again, the left and the media are lying to America.

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