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In Georgia, a Waffle House employee was fired, after two years of employment, when the location she works a almost robbed, and she fired her gun.

Three men came in and ate, staying seated in their booth for nearly an hour, before attempting to rob the store.

According to WSBTV, “Deputies said the robbers gave a note to a waitress that threatened to shoot everyone unless she gave them money.” Another waitress, Heather Stanley, went out to her car, retrieved her handgun, and “fire one shot into the air” as the would-be robbers ran to their cars.

The employee said her motherly instincts kicked in, and she ran out to grab her 9mm out of her car. She fire a shot towards the woods, as a warning shot to let the robbers know not to come back, because this Waffle House was protected.

The next day, she was let go from her job.

She said, “I didn’t know if they had guns. I didn’t know if they were going to their vehicle to get another one and could come back and try to get to the safe, so my instinct was to go to my car and get the gun.” Stanley added, “For trying to protect their Waffle House and trying to protect their money and to get their money back, they let me go.”

She definitely should not have lost her job for trying to protect their store. After being a faithful employee, they should be giving her a reward!

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  • 3CatLady

    Another company to boycott for being stupid and not considering their workers or customers. Only thing the article didn’t say was whether she was trained but I didn’t think the writers would ask..

    • desert

      You have to be trained to fire a shot into the woods to scare off the bad guys? You watch too much liberal B.S. news!!!

      • 3CatLady

        Actually, I don’t even like nor listen to the libetard news media.

    • scott

      you need common sense training imbecile

      • peregrine

        Scott, you need some common courtesy. Is it really necessary to call a poster a name when you are disagreeing with them?

        • scott

          hey as-hole.respect is earned,not owed you stupid immature liberal scumbag.f–k off and grow up as-wipe,your the problem in this country.

          • tdg54

            Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m assuming we’re all gun people here, and that usually means most here are not the problem in this country.

          • Igor

            You’re not wrong, laddie.

          • tdg54

            Thank you, broother.

          • scott

            you are wrong as-hole.just as being in america doesnt make you american .your an imbecile to i see.moron.owning a car doesnt make you a race car driver either.

          • tdg54

            Yikes! Ya gotta ease up on the caffeine, or maybe have yer Dr. up yer dosage there, Scotty boy. Maybe try making it a NY resolution to try and be civil with your fellow man. Dang, son, you certainly need to lighten up. Give it a try…you’ll thank me later.

        • 3CatLady

          Thank you, peregrine. I don’t post and call people names nor try to be rude when I find something with which I do not agree. I usually keep quiet as everyone is entitled to their opinion.

          • peregrine

            Glad to help. I didn’t realize how angry or crazed this person was until he replied to me and others. People like that are just better left alone, imo. Also, I like your name and cats.

  • Dave Speicher

    She should become store manager and WH should allow all managers to carry concealed…

  • desert

    Well, there is another business to BOYCOTT!!!

  • tdg54

    Firing “into the woods” isn’t a good move, but she’s all heart for trying SOMETHING, and while its Waffle Houses’ loss, that doesn’t help her employment situation. Call Waffle House HQ, customer care @ 1-877-992-3353 and protest the firing. Let them know WE know what went down and we will direct our meal choices elsewhere, if she isn’t rehired.

    • dude

      last time I eat there

      • tdg54

        Call them and let em know…

    • GR Arnold

      I’ll never go back there that’s for sure.

      • tdg54

        Call em…tell them.

  • Hopefully she’ll be hired at a much better place to work than that crap hole (not hard to do)! She’s got guts – I’d hire her.

  • scott

    and thats why you never fire a warning shot,you shoot to kill.

    • ShooterTutor

      I agree about the warning shot. But after the comma we have major problems.

      Actually those words will cost you a few $100k dollars to defend against and that might not be good enough. We shoot to stop. It’s not the person we’re shooting to stop, but the act that the person is doing. But deadly force is employed to do so, so death might result from the persons act and our deadly force that we employed to stop it.

      Whenever deadly force is employed there is the presumption of the possibility of murder, so words used are extremely important. They will be used against you and it makes the job of your lawyer much harder (think $) if he can erase those words at all.

      Really, “you shoot to kill”? Very expensive words to even think about. So expensive that it might get one 20 years to life for using them.

      • Farmer

        Excellent point and one that was drilled into me as a Fed LEO. While on the subject of bankrolling your defense: all those cute signs in the yard …. such as …”We Don’t Dial 911″, “Trespassers will be shot; survivors will be shot again” …. first thing up in front of the jury. Same with Facebook rants and overly aggressive comments on blogs like this one. Keep opinions factual and non-threatening – it makes the trial go a lot easier!

        • DG

          Farmer and Shooter tutor– EXCELLENT responses — you can only shoot when you feel that yours or someone else’s life is in danger of death or serious injury and deadly force is to be used up to the point of stopping the threat

  • lummi

    When you see a business with the “no guns” symbol posted, keep in mind that if everyone inside is obeying the edict, it’s not a safe place to be if the bad guy WITH a gun pays a visit, because those signs don’t deter them. Personally, I choose to ignore them. I’ve carried concealed for many years, and have yet to have anyone ask me if I have a gun on my person. The whole idea of “concealed carry” is so that people won’t know.

    • tdg54

      Totally agree: That’s why it’s called Concealed Carry. Signs mean exactly zero to me.

  • Valor

    She deserves to work for a better company. I don’t patronize Waffle House anyway, nor Auto Zone Auto Parts either. They fired an employee for preventing a robbery with his firearm.

  • R G

    When she fired, the threat was not imminent. The threat was leaving of its own accord.
    The threat was much more imminent when they used the note to threaten everyone inside.
    I believe that she will at least get a warning from police, but hopefully, she gets additional firearm safety training.
    I believe that she fired illegally in public, made the thugs aware that she has a firearm in her car and the employer surely doesn’t want them coming back, stealing and using it.

    I’m sure that the employer fears retaliation by the thugs too if that woman continues to work there, if they know who fired.
    If the thugs did actually grab a firearm from their cars and she saw that, she would be lawfully justified in firing.
    There are probably more details, but I am just going by what I read here.

    • Lowell

      They said they had a gun, and that’s all she needed to know!

    • SgtFriday

      Sorry, your analysis is off.

      First, there is no discussion of WHY and WHEN the robbers took off running.
      Did they go before she came back in with her pistol? Did they run because they saw her with it and knew their plan was down the toilet? We can’t tell from the article.

      The threat was imminent until they were gone. Their threat to shoot everyone present included her, along with every other patron and employee there. As long as they were present, the threat was imminent.

      According to the news report, this was the third Waffle House robbery in that county since September.

      The store owner, Waffle House, has liability if one of their employees hurts someone in much the same way as they would if patrons came down with mass food poisoning. They want to keep their insurance rates low so they ban employees from carrying or using firearms (or other weapons) at the stores. Its a way of keeping profit margins viable.

      The basic is this…….we (waffle house) don’t care if you die, we want our profits even if it kills you.

      A big part of the problem is STUPID jurors who have made large dollar awards to bad people who did bad things and got hurt (shot but not killed during a robbery and similar stuff) and who then sued over the injury. Jurors were sympathetic to the injured bad guy and decided to dive into the deep pockets of the company that was the target of the crime because, after all, its a “corporation”, not a real person and they can afford it.

      This causes insurance rates to go up and up and up. Common sense dictates that if some dumb twit tries to commit a crime and gets hurt during the commission, its his own darn fault.

      Similar thing happens when someone walks down your sidewalk and trips over a crack in the cement. He sues you and wins lotsa money from you. your liability policy pays most, if not all of it.

      I say the homeowner should counter-sue the person who trips for falure to maintain a proper lookout for his own safety, thus causing the homeowner much distress and suffering, and the parents of the person who tripped for failure to teach the dummy to walk properly.

  • patanzalone

    She should have let them rob the place. I would have given her a raise. She has the right to protect herself. If it was NY she would have been put in jail. The criminals would have sued her and won. There is no stand your ground or carry at all in NY. No constitution in NY. Liberals communist run the state.

  • zrevtom

    all she has to do is tell them she is a GAY, a MUSLIM or a Democrat and they will have to
    take her back or be sued. The PC rules are still in effect until the 20th when common sense
    comes back to be the Law of the Land.

  • Farmer

    don’t fire warning shots!

    • dude

      I agree with farmer don’t fire warning shots that can get you killed and don’t try too just wound them…shot center mass and more than once just in case the first one doesn’t do the job a lot of time it don’t

      • Alan Correa

        get a bigger gun 🙂

      • ARJAY

        IF you shoot them in the back, you can’t use self defense in a court of law. They are NOT a threat when they are RUNNING AWAY FROM YOU.

    • GR Arnold

      I firmly agree but unfortunately not all folks are trained the same.

      • Farmer

        I’m preaching to the choir …. training, training and then some more. In the military we (Coast Guard) trained on marksmanship … but more importantly on “shoot/don’t shoot” scenarios. It was constant and wore me out … but it worked. Warning shots …. never heard it mentioned.

    • Harley157

      I agree that is not the best move, but many people are not aware of the laws. You have to go to law school to really know what you can and can’t do these days. She let her instincts drive her decision. Much like protecting your children, you do what you have to do at the time and the hell with the law.

      • Farmer

        You make good points. A good friend of mine down here in the South was rushed by two pitbulls while checking on his rental properties. He drew and fired into the ground and put the dogs to flight. He was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, spent the night in jail and paid $800 for a lawyer. Not the same as taking on two potentially armed robbers, but I wish to make the point that cops aren’t judges – their job is to get you before one if you’ve crossed the line.

  • mossbergman

    Guess i won’t eat at the Waffle house

  • GR Arnold

    IMHO, employers should be banned from taking any adverse action(s) against employees that exercise their Contitutional rights in a matter of self-defense. This shold be absolutely prohibited. No employer can provide absolute safety and security for their employees nowadays therefore employees should not be prohibited nor penalized for making up the difference(s).

  • Peter P

    You don’t fire a gun into the air, that’s a criminal offense… you fire it at the perpetrators because you feel threatened with imminent harm. Now, you can point it at them and hold them for the police and shoot if needed, but you never fire a warning shot. She needs better training

  • Donald Ort

    According to the latest interpretation of the Constitution by our liberal friends(?) , she should be jaiIed forever!!!! I think she should be REWARDED FOR HER PUTSPA!!!! But schooled about gun proticol.

    • Igor

      Pronounced like Hoot-spa.

      • Donald Ort

        Thanks for the correction; I don’t use the word very often! Plus, I hit the first “P” by mistake!!!

        • Igor

          Notaproblem, Don, just clarifying for the Public Education crowd…

  • frankenbiker

    What a crock. Here you have an employee willing to put her own life in danger to protect patrons, fellow employees, and the stores cash, then she gets fired. I’m calling Waffle House and let them know I’ll not be going back unless they rehire this woman.

  • mwp2634

    Welcome to lefty America where Soros and the Ford Foundation fund organizations like SPLC and other “legal services” organizations who sue businesses and law abiding citizens in civil court for defending themselves and others.

  • mwp2634

    BTW, YOU are criminally AND civilly liable for everything that bullet does when it leaves the muzzle including ricochets. Murder is illegal; shoot to “stop” the threat. IF they die, that’s the breaks…

  • Dryden01

    My policy when getting robbed is to Blam Blam Blam and then yell “stop or I’ll shoot!”

    • Igor

      Halt, halt, halt!!!

      (Sorry, Sarge, I think I did it out of sequence. My bad.)

    • Dewey Kelley

      You stopped a little short, mine holds 15 and spares.

  • Igor

    She’s wasted on Waffle House. Quick, somebody, hire this uber-responsible grrrrl!!

  • Front Sight

    She got fired because she missed. If she had 1 or 2 dead robbers, she would have been a star and protected. I know the character of the LEO’s in Georgia. They appreciate marksmanship!

  • ADRoberts

    Looks like it is time to BOYCOTT Waffle House. They never learn. And make sure you notify them that you are boycotting them.

  • Dan

    I am buying a waffle maker.

  • marla1

    What a stupid F’ing America has become since the DEMORATS have been in control and also the RHINOS like Graham, Mccain, Paul Ryan and old turkey neck!!!! Now the African half breed bastard said he is staying to help the demorats recoup!! If the bastard had any brains he would hurry out of this country as fast as possible !! After the 20th. he is just another evil black and his guards won’t give up their lives for for the muslim!!!

  • ColoradoCommish

    Show of Hands…. Who’s in favor?……
    If a property owner, business, or manager posts a “no guns”, or “This is a gun-free zone” sign, at their establishment, they can, and should, be held responsible for damages to legal gun carriers as a result of the ban.
    I’m IN.

  • giant33

    To many businesses in our once great nation turned to pussies.

  • Cadfael

    Cross Waffle House off the menu, … Hello IHOP! At least if that’s what you got a hankering for. By the way, the CEO of Waffle House is in dire need of a section 8 evaluation!

  • TPM

    The article fails to mention if her restaurant has a “no guns” or “do not resist a robbery” policy.
    If her actions prompted the 3 bad guys to pull guns and start shooting patrons, then what?

  • BoydSharp

    Dear bad guys: Warning shot? I am nearly as blind as a bat. I have a gun with whatever capacity of rounds. I’ll say 12. I need all I can get. So I have 12 chances to stop you from harming the family. And you want me to waste one as a warning shot? One less chance to open you a new airway? Do me a favor. Hold your breath while you wait for the warning shot. Then after you pass out from lack of air I can step over to your body and fire a warning shot. Say what officer? He was shot 8 times while laying passed out on the ground? See I told you I couldn’t shoot straight.

  • 357 magnum

    chances are that this is a nation wide corporate policy so the only way to get them to change is to do 3 things.
    1. everyone reading this send a or email letter to corporate and tell them you are boycotting their businesses nationwide until they change their policy.
    2. someone with internet experience in online petitions start one up.
    3. get out the word on social media and news media and everyone actually boycott the Waffle Houses in your area.


    There is something desperately wrong with the law if this is what you get for protecting the lives of others…..Keep your knife sharp and your powder dry, don’t feel sorry for the perp..

  • C6vet

    Ammunition is way too expensive to Fire a Warning Shot! Drop him where he stands, if he is still alive when he hits the floor shoot him again and again and again! Make SURE you hit what your aiming at and make sure it stays DOWN! I believe that is called Gun Control….


    The robbery was OVER, they had LEFT THE BUILDING. Stupid to fire into the air. NOBODY was in danger after they left the building!

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