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Professors at the University of Texas must now allow students to carry firearms into the classroom, or they will face discipline. While many of the teachers feel this is a dangerous new law, it is clearly a HUGE step for gun advocates and campus-carry rights.

The pointy-headed professors may once have had their run of the expansive Austin campus. But Republicans in the Legislature showed them who’s boss: “You want boys in the girls’ bathroom? We can top that. We’ll give you loaded guns in your classroom.”

Of course, the liberal professors are fighting back, but to no avail are they getting far. One professor, Jennifer Glass, stated that she, “has specific concerns about her safety, and the safety of her students.” A few others were speaking out too:

Professor Mia Carter pointed out, some university students have “mental health issues.” They are psychologically unstable and stressed out, and inviting them to carry a concealed weapon is probably not a great idea. “She has been threatened,” the complaint states, “and so have other students.”

Well, Professor Carter, students with mental health issues cannot legally carry. I am sure that along with these new regulations, there will be some type of check-up to assure that not just anyone is waltzing onto campus with a loaded pistol.

However, in the event that one of these nut jobs DOES get ahold of a firearm, and brings it to campus, then do you want to face them alone? OR would you rather have a licensed gun owner in the room to protect you? I assure you, the first option is typically not a forgiving scenario.

The gun movement and its attendant politicians are in charge here, and if the pointy heads don’t want to submit to gun culture in their workplace, they’ll have to leave either their profession or the state. Meanwhile, state professors will probably want to ratchet down debate in class and institute a strict regime of political correctness, Texas-style. Gun culture has a low tolerance for hurt feelings.

Let’s hope the rest of the country can take lessons from Texas. C’mon America, allow students to be educated and protected at the same time.


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  • Doug

    But the psychologically unstable and stressed out students are able to use any bathroom they want.

    • Front Sight

      Ergo: Demokrats

  • WillVMI68

    An armed classroom is a polite classroom.

    • Germansmith

      That is why the saloons in the old west were such a polite places (sarcasm in case you miss it) and that is why the first step to pacify a western town was to prohibit guns while in town.

      It seem we are going backwards and that is well as long as the weapon manufacturers show higher sales and profits and cranky fearful people get to carry their “security gun” to give them comfort and bravery.
      Humanity has not change in 100 years, if anything, is far less polite now

      Gun, teenagers and alcohol (as it seems the highest concentration of bars is around campuses) is a bad mix and a terrible idea

      • Michael E Heis

        Spoken by a true moron that only knows the “old west” from tv and holly weird. Maybe idiot you should do some research into the true west and compare it with say Chitown.

        • ADRoberts

          This is a gun grabber with no sense. He will look at Chicago and only see what HE wants to see.
          Now if he had a brain, he would see that EVERY TIME guns are made legal for GOOD citizens, crime and murder and gun deaths go DOWN.
          Don’t bother this “German” with the facts. His mind is made up.

      • ADRoberts

        Ah. The immigrant from Germany who believes the garbage that Hollywood puts out.
        Now BRIGHT BOY, get this. Those who legally own and carry guns, KNOW that when they are drinking, it is not legal to pack. And as has been shown by the RECORDS of those who have CCLs, they are much safer than even Law Enforcement officers.
        Now I suspect I KNOW where you spend your time. And since it is in a place where people are NOT as civil as they were 100 years from now, I am sure it is not a church or even among Christians.
        Then you show more stupidity. Teenagers are NOT ALLOWED to have guns. And those people in college who DO have guns are the older students who do obey the rules.
        You want to generalize? Do so with accuracy and not out of the TOP of your head and your BAD assumptions.

  • GomeznSA

    Not sure who wrote that last italicized paragraph but they are totally WRONG. The proper terminology should have been more along the lines of responsible free Citizens are in charge. The recently revealed data that licensed Citizens are 1/7 LESS likely to commit any sort of crime than the police is very telling. Those that have jumped thru all of the bureaucratic hoops and wickets to acquire that license are probably the most tolerant and least likely to get their ‘feelings’ hurt.

  • Alan

    Their idiotic gun free zone signs will not stop an unstable student from bringing in a gun, but a responsibly armed student can minimize carnage caused by the wacko.

  • Germansmith

    I am going to save this article and republish it the first time some idiotic young hot head pull a gun in class in Texas and kill a few innocent kids.

    You guys are IDIOTS (with capital letters). I hope soon somebody use the 2nd amendment to deprive the life of somebody close to you….because Karma can be a female dog

    • Michael E Heis

      I don’t worry since those close to me all carry, hope your wish comes true for you though since you can’t protect yours, moron.

    • Merlin

      Never let a crisis go to waste, huh? You’re just waiting for something bad to happen. Sick.

      • GomeznSA

        Merlin, that is just how the hoplophobes roll, probably not anything we can do about it. I wonder if he has a clue (probably not) as to how often his hoped for scenario has happened in the schools that do allow licensed carry. The only incident I can readily recall was a ‘professor’ (who was anti-gun) brought a handgun to a staff meeting and shot several of her co-workers……………….

        • ADRoberts

          How about you do something SMART. Google “guns save lives” and see what you get. IF you want to claim to be objective, you will and will find out that a great many MORE lives are saved than are lost to criminals with guns
          NOW admit it. Gun laws DON’T stop criminals. They do stop good citizens from defending themselves.

          • GomeznSA

            Whoa there ADR – were you directing that comment at me? If so YOU are way off base. And that’s all I have to say about that.

          • ADRoberts

            It appears you area correct. I seem to have found the WRONG place to may my remark. It did not apply to you. But it is still true.

    • ADRoberts

      So you admit that you can’t defend your position now. And YOU fail to understand that CCLs must be 21. And the very TEENAGERS you are so concerned about are NOT going to have gun legally anyway.
      My guess is that you are an OLD, socialist, liberal who does not believe you can trust anyone. Good luck with that. And we will be ready for you when you try to FALSELY use this article when one of your Democrats or muslims next does start shooting.

  • Liberty’s Advocate

    What the Liberal PC-types have always failed to understand (and regardless of anything I say will continue to miss the point) is the 2nd Amendment applies to everyone equally. So do the Natural Law Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as expressed in the Declaration. The fact that these Rights are gifts from the Creator given to individuals at the instant of their individual creation makes the gift an Act of God, is the Natural Law premise upon which our Rights are based and our government was designed, and over which neither Man nor the governments he establishes have any jurisdiction or power. That is why they were described as UNALIENABLE.

    The LEFT WANTS that power, so the Justices deciding Roe v Wade failed to address the question of when Life begins. You cannot have an unalienable, exclusive, Natural Law Right to control your own Life and destiny unless you also have a Right to DEFEND that Life and other innocent life (loved ones, any innocent person being attacked and in jeopardy of losing their life). It is obvious to any person with more than two brain cells they can rub together that the Right of self-defense cannot be separated from the Right to control your own Life and destiny, and that is exactly what the 2nd Amendment is about. They are inseparable.

  • ADRoberts

    Can anyone else see the lack of wisdom in these air heads. They KNOW that the criiminals and mentally ill WILL get guns and will invade. They surely know that. So what kind of imagination do they have to think that GOOD people who go to the trouble to get a CCL would risk their lives and their freedom by doing something to one of their BIGOTED prejudical professors who I assure you will hurt a student for NOT bowing to their ideology. No, it is about power. And these professors ae surely afraid that IF they abuse a student wrongly they could RIGHTLY get an “AIRING OUT”.

  • ADRoberts

    Idiot professors should be fired. They refuse to see the massive numbers of people who have been saved by “a good guy with a gun”. But then, they are the ones who cannot make a living in the real world. They are the ones who are sure that they are the ONLY ones who are right. They are the ones who demand THEIR rights over everyone elses.
    When will we remove them from having a say?

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