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This Canadian couple came to America, visiting their friends, and decided to shoot some guns. (Yeah, Merica’) They wanted to get a taste of just how powerful and exhilarating it is to hold a firearm and pull the trigger.


Oh, and guess what? They were actually quite amazing at it! Look at their paper targets in the video and you can see that almost every hit was a bullet through the focused area.


Here is the video:



  • Huffer

    Looks like these two smiling Canadian’s will never be in the headlines running rampant with firearms. They seemed to have had fun and learned that guns are very powerful tools that can be used for entertainment or destruction purposes.
    Appears they also learned a new respect for these devices today.
    You go Canada!!!

  • Rattlerjake

    No wonder all of the draft dodgers ran to Canada, they fit right in with the rest of the pusssssssiiiiieeeeessssss!

    • Michael E Heis

      The rest stayed in their mommies basement behind a keyboard like you?

      • Rattlerjake

        I have more time under canopy in combat gear than you have on this planet dirtbag! It’s “keyboard heroes” like you that rely on internet anonymity to belch your crybaby trash, you wouldn’t open your mouth face to face!

        • Michael E Heis

          I doubt it loud mouth. People that act like you are “bench racers” and posers, nothing lose. Btw was that canopy made by Sunsetter lol?

  • CQ

    Every child ought to be required to shoot at least a 9mm, but preferably a 45 ACP, as soon as they are able to hold a pistol steady. It would also be good for them to fire a 22 into some 2 x 4s or bigger and see the damage a “little” bullet can do. Discuss with them the real meaning of foot-pounds of energy.

    If kids learn early how powerful a bullet is, that should teach them (if they are of normal intelligence) to respect the power and realize that guns are not to be played with.

    • Poodleguy

      I took my first two thru the NRA gun safety course when they were 10 & 11. They were 18 months apart & I took them thru together & Pop went thru it with them.

  • ADRoberts

    Gun safety? Knowledge. A child WILL be curious and WILL pick up a gun if they are not trained in safety and use of guns. And the gun control freaks can’t show stats that don’t prove that most “accidental” shootings involving children are NOT with kids who have not been trained.

    • David in Dallas

      Although I think I got the gist of your comment, there are so many negatives that they were hard to keep straight (I think maybe one too many, also)

      • ADRoberts

        You are right. I will correct.

        • SoulSurvivor

          Wow !! THANK YOU !!!

          I so very rarely hear those words, it’s really nice to hear someone humble themselves and admit error anymore… I see people viciously turn on each other, and Never Back Down.. when what you did was correct, and displays a person that truly seeks peace and Truth !!

          THANK YOU… moments like that are like little Treasures to me

          • ADRoberts

            I am not perfect. But my human hero is Nathanael. And I will ALWAYS do what is right once I see my error. Thanks to those who did correct me.
            God bless you.

  • ADRoberts

    WIMPS. Not able to defend themselves in ANY way whatsoever.

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