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This election, you will be voting for more than just the president. Along with other government officials, you may be voting on higher wages, taxes, death penalty, schooling, health care, and guns are among some of the included issues.


Depending on the state you live in, you may have to cast a vote on gun restrictions and regulations.


If you live in California, you will have to vote on law that would require people to pass a background check in order to buy ammunition. They would have to get authorization from the Department of Justice.


Ammunition would have to be bought from licensed dealers. The initiative would also ban large-capacity magazines for firearms, extending previously passed restrictions on their ownership.


If you live in Maine, you will be voting on a tighter gun purchase regulation, and to extend the requirements on background checks to cover the sales of private guns as well.


If you live in Nevada, you will also be voting on tighter gun purchase regulations, and background checks for private buyers as well.


If you live in Washington, you will be voting on a proposal to allow courts to orders of extreme risk protection, which basically prevents people from purchasing a firearm if they are a harm to themselves or other people.


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  • frankenbiker

    Its fcking crazy, insane, and lunacy to believe that “just one more” gun law will end gun violence. Criminals by definition don’t follow the laws. Yet liberals push this agenda, whittling down law abiding citizens rights, mleaving us unprotected, and vulnerable to the same armed criminals.

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    I want a mandatory RECALL for elected officials who swear to uphold the Constitution and then ignore that oath of office. THAT would take care of nearly all problems. Get those damned GLOBALISTS out of office.

  • GR Arnold

    What is on my mind … ??? ANSWER: Something that unfortunately and wrongfully is not on the ballot; repeal the full-auto ban of 1986. We need ot overturn this illegal law and get all of our rights back.

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