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If you are anything like me, you have been following the 2016 presidential campaign. One question being raised on behalf of Hillary Clinton is whether or not she intends to abolish the 2nd Amendment. Donald Trump stated, at the GOP convention on Thursday, “”My opponent wants to essentially abolish the Second Amendment.” That is not the first time that accusation has been casted though. Other Republicans have said it in the past, and Trump also stated it at a campaign event in May, as well.


So is there truth to this? If, by some crazy act of injustice, Hillary becomes our next president, will we have to start hiding our guns or handing them over? It is subject of murky waters.


Clinton advocates expanding gun control measures — including expanded background checks, a no-fly, no-buy ban for people on terrorist or no-fly lists, repealing a law that protects gun sellers and manufacturers from legal liabiliyand a reinstatement of the assault weapons ban, but she has not said that she wants to take away guns. suggests that the claim may be based on a 2015 speech in which Clinton said that “the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment, and I am going to make that case every chance I get.”


However, she also tweeted, “Nobody’s attacking the Second Amendment. We can protect American’ rights – and also protect families from gun violence.”


That sounds fair, right? Except for the massive elephant in the room: that you cannot trust a word from the mouth of that woman. She lied to the FBI about emails containing top secret information that she sent over a private server. What makes you think she would tell Americans the truth about her plans for our right to bear arms? She is speaking out her behind right now, spitting any kind of sweet venom that might attract a vote. Before voting, ask yourself if this is really a woman you would want to run our country.

In the words of George Mason in 1788, “To disarm the people….is the most effectual way to enslave them.”



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  • Valor

    There are several factors involved here. First is the fact gun control laws are and never have been about public safety. They are and always have been about the safety of those like Hillary and Obama who wish to rule the masses. The second thing is if any constitutionally protected liberty can be modified or eliminated by the legislative process the Bill of Rights becomes a useless piece of paper as all such liberties can be so modified or eliminated. There is only one constitutionally legal way to alter or do away with the 2nd Amendment. A Constitutional Amendment! I have not seen any push in that direction. Obviously politicians on both sides of the issue either have no understanding of the Founding Documents they took an oath to uphold, or complete contempt for them.

    • REM1875

      Actually the Bill of Rights is a little more complicated than that, being part of the original Constitution, The were added so the that the original could be accepted.
      So an attack on the Bill of Rights is actually an attack on the entire document.

      • chocopot

        “So an attack on the Bill of Rights is actually an attack on the entire document.”

        Correct. And the self-anointed elite like Hillary and her friends have every intention of eliminating the entire thing. But first they have to disarm everyone. Creating and maintaining a dictatorship, which is what Hillary and her friends have every intention of doing, will be very difficult with 100 million armed citizens on the loose. Thus, the incessant attempts to whittle away The Second Amendment one little bit at a time.

        • Michael E Heis

          I would love to know which law college taught you that you can’t change the bill of rights. It was added by Madison to get the remaining few states that would not agree to a central federal government, to sign on. Revisionism doesn’t change facts.

          • chocopot

            Changing the Bill of Rights can certainly be done, since there are provisions in the Constitution for doing it. But a dictator like Obozo or Hillary doing it by proclamation is not legal and is not the way it is to be done. So where did you go to school that you do not seem to understand this, smartass?

  • REM1875

    As sHrillary people say “What second Amendment?”

  • MuslimLuvChrist

    this admin is totally corrupt, kill the crooked one and the muslim traitor

  • REM1875

    Fact Check has been proven, like snoopes to be somewhat (to put it mildly) tilted towards the left and is not a reliable source unless you consider it re- lie- able- to hear a lie and tell it over as in re- lie.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Psst! Don’t tell anybody, but the Hilldog lies.

    • Matthew V. Brown

      Yes, she lies like a Persian rug. However, Persian rugs are more aesthetically pleasing.

      • Foxyjosh

        They can be cleaned too.

  • chocopot

    Is the Pope Catholic? Does a bear s–t in the woods? Is the author of this article seriously asking that question?

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    Crooked Hillary will certainly infringe our Constitutional rights as free people. It’s the ONLY reason she has for wanting more power. Her goal for achieving the leadership of this country isn’t simply an ego trip. The woman has plans. She’s an anti-American ideologue who wants to control our freedoms and change the makeup of the Supreme Court, thereby changing the meaning of Constitutional rights. She is a very dangerous woman who’s communist ideology will hurt every one of us!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Does a cat have whiskers?

  • Loving America

    Obama has put Us Americans under “MANY” Illegal written Laws without any okay from Congress…SO he will use Hillary to do the same and she will do it to Us Too! She will do everything she wants too just like Obama has done without any remorse! She has no feelings for the People of America period because she is in her “Flame and Glory Mode For Herself!” at Our Expense In Everyway! She should NOT be Elected in
    Novemeber..she is a Killer and Tyrant Traitor! VOTE TRUMP!

  • Wulfer

    Hillary said she won;t take our guns.
    We all know where Hillary stands when it comes to honesty and integrity.
    Need i say more?

  • Wulfer

    If you want to reduce crime, you need to target those people doing the shooting and the killing. The two groups at the top of that list are blacks and Muslims, so target them!

  • Craig Apelbaum

    All Hillary Rotten Clinton knows how to do is lie, with a capital L.

  • junkmailbin

    due to the intense dislike of her, of course she wants the public disarmed. That way, they cannot start an armed rebellion to have her tried and executed



  • rg

    Of course she does and if she says she won’t she’s lying, if you believe she won’t you’re a fool.

  • Foxyjosh

    Oh no, she is way past the planning stage and is currently working on implementation of a gun ban. (with exemptions for her armed security detail, of course)

    • chocopot

      And for the self-anointed elite like herself, of course.

  • frankenbiker

    Um, HELL YES SHE will!!!!

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