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Guns, Ammo & Blades shared the video below on their Facebook page. She practices impeccable technique, and hits her target over, and over again.

Her name was not shared with the video, but I would like to know where she trains!

I am curious about the whole shirt holding though. Is is just a habit as she pulls out her concealed carry, or perhaps a distraction technique?

Either way, she definitely knows how to conceal her firearm, and could protect herself in an emergency.

  • ADRoberts

    At times she did not even aim. Serious practice. Going to need it with the liberals declaring war along with their muslim friends.

    • R Mac

      Another of the techniques learned at FrontSight when at very close range firing from the hip and then going to full aim at secondary target.

      • ADRoberts

        Wow. That I had never thought of. But then I am 68 and live in very rural southern Missouri. If the Lord blesses me I will never have to be doing any of that. As old as I am, I would be better off using my Marlin 45-70.

        • R Mac

          Sir , as I am 67 myself, we would most likely be better off using a pump shotgun, preferably in 12 gauge and loaded with at the least #4 shot, with an 18inch barrel should the incident be within the confines of our individual homes. Otherwise I will be doing as she is with a 40 caliber semi-auto pistol. People tend to freak out when you one walks down the street and in and out of stores with a shotgun over one’s shoulder.

          • ADRoberts

            Open carry now in Missouri. If you can keep the LEOs from going nuts, all you have to do is JUST BE THERE and the criminals will hopefully think twice. Especially if you carry a very visible 30 round clip

          • Paul Smith

            He who open carries becomes the automatic first target. I like them. . .gives me that extra second or two extra time to get in the fight.

          • ADRoberts

            I fear there will be enough gung ho LEOs out there who will jump at the chance to shoot the first open carrier. Too bad. If they don’t kill him, he will likely take them out.

  • Vic Cross

    went to two day defensive handgun course at front sight in nevada, trained to hold clothing up like that with left hand to prevent accidentally shooting your hand when drawing… good technique.. once push gun toward target , then hand can come to meet gun hand in the transition…


    The lady is a shooter!



  • Bosco Nephure

    Looks like she trained with Barret Fawbush.

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