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Lowell, Michigan – The police officers are doing some warm, kind hearted actions this holiday season.

As they pull over motorists, instead of issuing a ticket, they are delivering some Christmas cheer.

Instead of doling out traffic ticket after traffic ticket,
the officers surprised them with the things that were on their Christmas lists – either things for themselves or their little ones.

Watch the clip below:


During this time of turmoil and chaos in our country, when police officers have become a target, it is nice to see them still spreading love and cheer.

To add to the holiday spirit, not a single one of the drivers pulled over actually got a ticket. What a fun thing to see people getting blessed unexpectedly!

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  • jaxtom

    May GOD protect the angels in blue. Thank you for being there.

  • mathis1689

    Very cool indeed!

  • Dissolute

    Good people doing great things. God bless America. 💘


    Huh, kill ’em one day, love ’em the next day-
    Sheeple are so ignorant! It’s the same POS making nice, hopefully
    not to get shot- Unreal~

    • Earlybird

      You sir are an idiot!

      • BIGOTIST

        You are a ckskr!!! 🙂

  • jeffrey melton

    Yea, cops are pigs right? Cops are people, some good some bad.

    • MrsCleaver

      That is very true. My son in law is a police officer. He is a good one. He agrees 100% with your statement.

      • jeffrey melton

        Please thank your son in law for his service.

        • MrsCleaver

          I did, and he said to tell you thank you very much. Very nice of you Mr Melton.

        • Earlybird

          Amen to that, thank him for me as well.

    • Mister Vice

      MOST are good…only a couple are rotten eggs! God bless the men and women that stand between US and whatever evil is lurking out there in our world.

      • James Maxwell

        There are way less “bad” cops than crooked politicos destroy our nation. They are
        held to a higher standard than many in our society and we expect more from them
        than we do from the rabble rousers who ferment unrest and terror across our land

    • James Maxwell

      Remember Pride, Integrity and Guts they are on duty ever day dealing with a large variety
      of our population, Honest Citizens, Criminal and Foreign Invaders from across the world
      and a hateful media the belittle them constantly when they enforce the laws to keep our
      society civilized and safe from harm.

    • desert

      P.I.G. stands for PRIDE , INTEGRITY, GUTS…..remember that all you gutless wonders that wouldn’t do the job if your life depended on it……and it very well could one day!!

      • jeffrey melton

        I was asking a provocative question. It was meant to make people question how they felt about cops. The statement I made was that cops are like the general population, some cops are good people and some are bad. I have met both and I would back them up if needed.

  • Harley157

    God bless our troops and law enforcement officers

  • myfordtruck

    Great going

  • Like Rush said today, there was a shooting at Ohio State and NO ONE called Black LIES Matter or Barry for help. And did you notice?? A good guy with a gun ended it!! Yay GUN!!!

    • Bandit

      The only draw back on this was that the only shots fired were from the police, the criminal in the case had only a knife and his car, those were the only weapons he had…

      • desert

        Drawback? you wouldn’t think it a drawback you A.H. if the clown was coming after YOU with a knife!!

        • Bandit

          Been there done that, that is what the fist is for, as well as your legs. If you know how to defend yourself you stand a chance.

        • Earlybird

          Or the car! Some people!

        • Bandit

          Many of the kids that were there had backpacks, a very good way the defend your self. Think about it, every one of those kids had the means to defend themselvs but chose NOT too, why for a very simple reason THEY were COWARDS, every one of them……

      • Earlybird

        You are a typical liberal the only evil lethal weapon is a gun. You disgust me.

        • Bandit

          Then you never heard about the guy that had his head bashed in with a sledge hammer, or the person that was stabbed in the neck with a screwdriver, or any of the other extremely violent crimes that were done with tools other than guns, try watching the move helter skelter, the murders that were committed were all done with knives. Your idea that guns are thw only deadly weapons is totally false, a persons hands can be used as weapons as well, there are people that I personally know that have defended themselves with deadly force using nothing but their hands, I know I was there.

          • Earlybird

            i live in a small town and the only murder here in years was a guy stuck another guy in the neck killing him. i will never allow such a thing to happen as i carry everyday from wake up to bedtime and while I sleep I am even better armed with a defensive rifle or 2 maybe 6

          • Earlybird

            Why did you say the only drawback, that is just stupid.

  • bpf53

    Surprised that BLM, the Black Panther or some other left-wing socialist group doesn’t complain that the police are buying people…

  • Mort Leith

    I’ll bet ODumbo and his liberal Christian HATERS don’t like this….

  • desert

    The attacking of the police is from the fomented scum of the earth, the leeches, who want it all but not have to work for it, and they have a.h.’s like soros, jackson, sharpton, fairy can, pushing them along…the only true solution is EXTERMINATION…mow the streets down, these scum think they have a right to destroy what people have worked hard to build? I DON’T THINK SO…eliminate them!

  • Centurion

    I would be so freaked out for being pulled over not knowing what I did. I don’t think I would be able to squeak out ‘thank you.’

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