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Two small business owners in Phoenix were shocked to hear that they wouldn’t be included in the city’s 4th of July celebration.

In Arizona, one patriotic celebration will be a little less free after anti-2nd Amendment liberals are putting a stop to carnival fun.

Two small business owners, Pete and Valerie Fowler, are facing a shortage in business after the city of Phoenix decided not to utilize their services for a 4th of July celebration earlier this week.  The city cited that the Fowler’s rental of a shooting gallery game was not appropriate given the fact that bun ownership is a hotly contested subject this election year.

“Pete and Valerie Fowler, of Prescott, said Prescott Pete’s Highfalutin Shooting Gallery was deemed inappropriate by the organizers of Fabulous Phoenix 4th. A letter from the City of Phoenix said the game wasn’t a good fit given current events and perceptions surrounding gun violence.

“‘If it had happened immediately following the shooting in Orlando, I would have been a bit more understanding, but this was just out of the blue,’ Pete Fowler said. ‘For us to make this business work, we have to get into big events like (Fabulous Phoenix 4th).’

“The festival is in its 31st year and will be held at Steele Indian School Park. The event includes vendors, interactive exhibits and two stages. The event is expected to draw 100,000 people.

“City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation spokesman Gregg Bach told the Prescott Daily Courier that it was a straightforward decision by the event’s organizers.

“‘The planning committee was not comfortable with an exhibit/game that presented guns in a fun or glorified way,’ Bach said.”

I have some news for the organizers of the Fabulous Phoenix 4th; there would be no Independence Day to celebrate if it were for Americans owning firearms.

You can read more here.

  • ADRoberts

    So simple. Call a boycott. And make sure the “officials” know the damage they have done to Americans, whoever would have benefited from the event and all 2nd amendment supporters.
    It is not hard. Make them PAY.

  • Huffer

    As a young man I felt that most people were wiser and knew more than I did. I was raised by Christian parents and I was somewhat naive about the world because my mom was a gentle woman who believed the best about people.
    That was in the fifties. Carnival’s were a place to enjoy the games and rides. At the shooting range game, we felt the danger of mishandling the guns and this was good.

    The (everyday common man) 2nd amendment protester’s probably believe water holes should be filled in because no one should go near water until they learn to swim!
    Of what fool’s we’ve become!!

  • In appropriate by whom?….LIBERALS….Who are Neurotic. A liberal who does not like a radio station wants it banned instead of changing the channel….In other words they are at the center of thir self created neurotic universe and expect everyone else to do the same, when it is they who are MENTALLY ILL

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