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I would have guess California….although they may be in too much trouble now to pick any more bones with President Trump.

However, the state that has come forward, is not one I would have expected a all.

As most of us know by now, on Tuesday President Trump signed a new travel ban into effect active immediately. As usual, a Trump action is met with a crowd of detractors and negative comments. Trump’s new travel ban is very similar to his original ban, just not as wide of a range of people. This ban is a little more specific and written in a way that could be more easily defended in court.

Well, Hawaii has stepped forward as the first state to petition the ban, deeming it unconstitutional. The state and its team of lawyers started to file the lawsuit on Tuesday, but is expected to finish the paperwork on Wednesday. There are many other states, all “left-wing”, that are expected to join the trend of opposing the presidents agenda.

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