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Chicago has a long-storied history of crime going back way before the infamous days of gangsters like Frank ‘The Enforcer’ Nitti, Papa John Torrio, Diamond Joe Esposito, Vinvent ‘The Schemer’ Drucci, Louis ‘Two Gun’ Alterie, Machine Gun McGurn, Big Jim Colosimo, Bugs Moran, Dean O’Banion, Baby Face Nelson, John Dillinger and Al Capone.

However, Chicago is also known for decades of crooked politics including mayors and city councilmen. Perhaps the most crooked politician who started his political career in Chicago is none other than Barack Obama. He started his political career in Chicago as a community activist and then a state senator, then US senator and then the White House.

Chicago’s current mayor, Rahm Emanuel served as Obama’s White House Chief of Staff before moving back to Chicago to run for mayor. Like his mentor, Emanuel is very anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment. Prior to Emanuel becoming mayor of the Windy City, Chicago residents lived with some pretty strict gun-control laws – some were state laws, some Cook County laws and others were Chicago city ordinances.

If Obama and Emanuel’s anti-gun rhetoric were true, one would expect Chicago to have a low crime rate involving guns, but the facts show that the opposite is true.

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  • ADRoberts

    Logic says that if something you are doing does not work, you would see that and change. But the liberals are not logical or reasonable. That is because:
    1. They want the blacks to kill each other
    2. They don’t care about safety but do want to disarm America before their masters, the Bilderbergs move to take over.
    3. It is about CONTROL
    And that means that we have to lose our freedoms for them to have control

  • Dryden01

    The City of Chicago is a zoo without walls around it and its politicians expect the police to serve as zookeepers.instead of being police even though the zoo animals have guns. In the meantime, somehow the drug dealers manage to keep as many of their ghetto dwellers sedated with drugs; driving up the profits that can only be protected by murdering members of the opposition dealers. It’s OK as long as the population makes it to the polls to vote for democrats on election day. This is how liberal progressives run things in Chicago and their thought is that since people are killing people with guns in Chicago then the right to keep and bear arms.should be denied to farmers in places like Idaho in order to solve their gun problem..

  • Centurion

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and always expecting different results.” …Albert Einstein. Yes, the demon-communist-cRATS are truly insane.

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