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Have you ever walked into an actual gun store? I’m not talking about the sporting section of Walmart, but an actual gun store. Look around at all the guns displayed on the walls and in the glass cases. Then imagine having to purchase gun safes enough for all of the guns on display and in the stockroom and then imagine store personnel having to put every gun in the safe at night and take them out when the business opens.

Half the store would have to be a gun safe and it would take hours at night and in the morning, but hey, that’s exactly what one lawmaker in Wisconsin is proposing, after a recent gun store theft.

A recent area gun robbery has prodded a representative to propose new anti-theft legislation for gun stores.

Rep. Lisa Suebeck (D-Madison) has introduced a bill to require businesses that sell firearms to lock all firearms in a secured safe or steel gun cabinet when the business is closed.

She said she was surprised to see how easy it was for thieves to steal multiple firearms from the PT Firearms in Cross Plains last week.

“They can simply drive a vehicle into a front window or smash a front window, enter the store, often a few people enter the store and just scoop up as many weapons as they can grab,” said Suebeck.

Based on this lawmaker’s logic, a store would have to do the same with all knives and other dangerous items. What about when someone steals a car from a dealership and then uses it for a crime such as running over someone or carrying a bomb? Does that mean that all car dealerships must somehow securely lock up all of their cars in a theft proof safe or enclosure?



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