The extreme assault weapon restrictions in Turkey did nothing to prevent a deadly terror attack this week.

The liberal idea that banning “assault” weapons will make the world a safer place has been proven incorrect time and time again.

The latest tragic terrorist attack in the Istanbul airport this week highlights the ill-conceived logic of the leftists.  You see, Turkey, where the attack occurred, has some of the most restrictive laws in the world when it comes to semi-automatic rifles.

“In American leftist lingo, an AK-47, a type of semiautomatic rifle, is an ‘assault weapon.’ AK-47s are completely banned from private possession. That, however, did not keep a terrorist from getting one. And that alone highlights the foolishness of House Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-Wisc.) pursuit of more gun control following the June 12 Orlando terror attack.

“In fact, the gun controls in Turkey are so strict that a terrorist in position of an AK-47 only highlights what we should have already learned from Chicago–namely, that gun control empowers wicked people, while making law-abiding citizens vulnerable.

“According to The University of Sydney’s, Turkey’s gun controls are ‘restrictive.’ In addition to the semiautomatic rifle (“assault weapon”) ban and firearms licensing, Turkey has background checks that are so invasive an applicant undergoes an examination of his ‘criminal, mental health, domestic violence, medical and addiction records.’ If an applicant passes all aspects but a ‘likelihood of family violence’ is discovered, the license is denied.”

The Turkey attack was certainly horrific, and without a doubt puts international Islamic terrorism at the forefront of the global security question, but we mustn’t let the progressives of the world hijack and exploit this tragedy for their own gun-grabbing agenda.

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  • Valor

    At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, gun control laws are not and never have been about public safety. In large part they are and always have been about the safety of those that would rule! To a lessor extent, they are about votes from a generally ignorant of firearms public. Make it sound like they really care about public safety and these ignoramuses will vote for them. A lot of these politicians are either ignorant about guns, or misrepresent them. This Jackass Allan Grayson of FL made the asinine statement about AR-15s firing 700 rounds a minute. He knows the general public has no knowledge of the difference between a semi-auto like the AR-15 and a full auto like its look alike military counterpart. He knows a large part of the public will buy that BS. An AR-15, like any other semi-automatic, fires one shot and one shot only per pull of the trigger. At 600 rounds per minute the shooter would have to pull the trigger 10 times a second! Do the math! Physically impossible. I hear others like Hillary say we don’t need weapons of war on the streets. Sound reasonable. Except the AR-15 is not a weapon of war, you will not find one on the battlefield. But she knows a large part of the public will believe that BS. She and her kind know full automatic weapons have not been available to the general public without special permits since 1934! They want the uninformed public to buy the notion anyone can walk into a gun store or gun show and purchase a machine gun. You can not do so. Gun stores don’t even stock them, and you won’t find them at gun shows either. Bottom line: Disarm the public and the terrorists, criminals, and the government WILL be armed. And they WILL be armed with the real weapons of war. Bad situation!

    • Dave G Marshall

      Very well said, I could not add anything to it because you said exactly everything that needed to be said.

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