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If you listen to the liberal mainstream media and anti-gun Democrats, you would think that legal gun owners, including those with concealed carry permits, are nothing more than violent thugs running around waiting for the chance to shoot someone. They are portrayed as being reckless and irresponsible.

However, the exact opposite is true as most of us know. Not only have studies shown that concealed carry permit holders commit fewer crimes and stop crimes in progress. They are more law-abiding than most other demographic groups of Americans.

To add to this, a recent study also indicates that legal concealed carry permit holders are less likely to drive recklessly than others.

Some public health researchers have attempted to link permitted concealed carry to aggressive or reckless driving.  Before turning to two of the papers by public health researchers, let’s look at some of the data on driving behavior.  Just as handgun permit holders are incredibly law-abiding, they also drive much more responsibly than the general public

The table shows that, compared to permit holders, permitless individuals are 2.4 times more likely to drive drunk. They are 34.1 times more likely to drive under the influence of a controlled substance, and 10.6 times more likely to drive recklessly.  Across these three types of driving violations, non-permit holders were 12.2 times more likely to be violating the law.

We have data for Texas in 2016 on the rate of reckless driving by permit holders, but not the rate for the rest of drivers in the state.  Still, while the comparison is only suggestive because enforcement rates can vary across states, Michigan non-permit holders are about also more likely to drive recklessly than Texas permit holders (0.0401% v 0.016%)…

Most concealed carry permit holders are law-abiding citizens who tend to follow firearm and traffic laws more so than others, especially over liberals. Look at the ultra-left members of Antifa who are regularly showing up armed to the teeth at peaceful rallies and protest just for the purpose of inciting violence and breaking up the peaceful gatherings. I wonder what their driving records look like?



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