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Many Americans are fighting for teachers to be trained and licensed to carry on campus in case of a school attacker. This would make sense, since they are on the front lines and could save lives of their fellow employees and students by shooting and stopping an attacker. However, the Democrats are fighting to reverse that in any way they can.

Now, a Democratic assemblyman is pushing a bill that would guarantee teachers would not be allowed to fire back at an attacker. So this would render teachers and students as sitting ducks once again.

California legislator Kevin McCarty’s bill, AB 424, is working its way through the legislative process after it was was introduced several months ago.

Breitbart reports:

He introduced the bill on February 13 and in mid-March reported that it was being pushed as a way “of closing a loophole in the Gun Free School Zone Act. That act, also known as SB 707, barred firearms on school grounds, but made exceptions for anyone granted permission by local superintendents.” AB 424 would take away superintendents’ powers to allow teachers with CCW’s to be armed for self-defense.

Gun Owners of California’s Sam Peredes talked to Breitbart News on May 12 and said, “Two years ago, California passed a bill saying a concealed carry permit holder could not carry on any school campus unless they had the authorization of the school administrator. Well, out of the one thousand school districts in California, five of them decided to allow concealed permit holders to carry on their campuses. That so ticked off the legislature that now they are going to take away the authority of even administrators to allow CCW holders to carry on their campuses.”

Breitbart News previously reported that that five school districts which chose to allow CCW holders to carry on campus for self-defense are Kern High School District, Kingsburg Joint Union High School District, Folsom Cordova Unified School District, Anderson Union High School District, and Palo Cedro’s North Cow Creek School District

McCarty justified his push to disarm teachers, saying, “A safe learning environment is essential for our children to be successful in the classroom. That’s not possible if a school district allows armed civilians to roam California school campuses.” Missing from McCarty’s appraisal is the fact that Sandy Hook Elementary was a safe learning environment until a mass attacker ignored the gun-free zone signage, and once he was in the building no one was armed to stop him.

When will democrats realize that “gun free” zones work as a magnet for people who do not care about the law?

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