In the wake of recent shootings, and war on the 2nd amendment, Apple has decided to bow to the politically correct, liberal agenda. Starting in September, a water pistol is to replace the revolver emoji*.


The new green and orange emoji, with white plastic trigger, looks distinctly like a harmless toy and will replace the black and silver revolver.

The change, which comes into effect from September, was announced as Apple released 100 new emoji, including a rainbow flag, female athletes, police officers and construction workers and single-parent families.


So in an effort to thwart crime, Apple has eliminated a small, digital gun icon used for silly text conversations. Ironically enough, this decision actually follows Microsoft’s change; in which they replaced their toy gun with a realistic looking one.


While the move was welcomed by anti-gun groups in the US, some questioned the point.


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In a statement that did not directly address the replacement of the gun, Apple said the update included “beautiful redesigns of popular emoji”.


They are indirectly suppressing the 2nd amendment by sugar coating it with a statement about redesigns, in an effort to be politically correct and not step on anyone’s toes. How about the toes of the right-wing? Do we not have a dog in the fight? Everyone tip-toes around so that liberals don’t get their little feelings hurt, but can we seriously not even tolerate a gun emoji? Next, Hollywood will be removing gun props and replacing them with water pistols. That oughta get rid of violence in America. Right?


Careful who you vote for, or the gun emoji won’t be the only firearm taken from us.


 ***Emoji – a small digital picture or pictorial symbol that represents a thing, feeling, concept, etc., used in text messages and other electronic communications and usually part of a standardized set (


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  • James Maxwell

    The mentality of the Left Wing useless idiots and the Democrap Socialshit party, Ignore the problem
    and don’t talk about it and it will go away

  • junkmailbin

    another plus for microsoft and another big minus for the pandering rotten apple

  • TadhgMcLir

    Looks like I have purchased my last Apple product. No big problem, they are over-priced anyway, my Android phone is better.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    There has been an ongoing attempt, for several years now, to emasculate the youth of America in every possible way. We are seeing the result of that work now, and it continues apace.


    Boycott Apple and they will soon get the message.

  • Terrie Swanson

    Final nail in Apple’s coffin. No more iphones for me. Embarassed to have one now.

  • C6Vette

    This is totally ridiculous, why this harmless emoji is being replaced with a “Water Pistol”! The “Pistol” used in Apples lineup of emoji s was harmless and as far as I know only used as a joke, why is Apple going all PC on the general public? Maybe this Government is punishing Apple for not helping HACK the San Bernadine Radical Mudslimes iPhone and rewarding Microsoft, allowing IT to using a more realistic emoji of a Pistol instead of the obvious toy they use to use! This Government is doing all it can to turn everyone PC/Libtard while taking away all our Rights slowly! I believe ovomit is doing his best to totally destroy us before he leaves office (IF EVER)! How very sad! This is certainly NOT the America I grew-up in and only getting worse by the day! I remember when I was a child I would just go out and get on my Bike and ride with my friends, today you have to wrap your children in Bubble Wrap, make her/him wear a helmet and pretty soon they will have “Air-Bags” on Bicycles, the children today will never know the FREEDOMS we had as children and NOW everything is changing drastically for the worse in the name of Public Safety! Now Apple selling out appears to be a big change of heart for the company that was all for our Privacy, will this change also with a PC APPLE? So what’s next, aside from Driver-less cars and Burning Hover-boards? Maybe they will start selling Fire-suits for children! Hard to believe how much things have changed, our children today instead of going outside to Play are staying in the house, getting Fat from sitting on the sofa playing some stupid game instead of exercising as we did! All while children their age in the middle east are carrying AK-47’s and learning how to Kill people! God Help Us and God Bless America…..

    Nam Combat Vet
    “Live Free or Die”
    “Freedom is Not Free”

  • akoby

    Yes, because replacing that pistol emoji will certainly curtail crime in cities like Chicago and Detroit. We are not Ostriches. Sticking our heads in the sand will not make gun violence disappear. And eliminating gun emojis will not solve the problem of crime. Grow up Apple and quit pandering to the liberal left.

  • ADRoberts

    There you go folks. Apple does not believe in people being able to defend themselves
    Time to consider that maybe they are deserving of BOYCOTTING
    Folks, you can’t make an omlette without breaking eggs. Andyou can’t stop people like Zuckerberg without making a major dent on their POCKETBOOK
    Take a stand. Or go into slavery.

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