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A 17-year old in Spokane, Washington just offered leftwing gun grabbers more evidence that taking away our firearms doesn’t make us safer, in fact, it does exactly the opposite.

17-year old Kimber Wood was sound asleep at 5am on Monday morning when the phone rang, waking her. On the other end of the line were her parents warning her that her boyfriend had called them to say that the news was warning of a criminal on the loose in her neighborhood. Wood asked her father if she could grab his gun and keep it close by until the danger had passed, he agreed. Wood grabbed the gun, placed it under her pillow, and went back to sleep.

A while later she was awakened by the sound of someone passing through the screen door of her home and entering the house. Wood heard the man climb the staircase to the 2nd story of the home, which is when she called her father who stayed on the phone with her throughout the ordeal. When the man came back down the stairs towards her room, Wood readied herself for a confrontation and pointed the gun at the door.

What happened next must have been terrifying for the young woman:

“He popped in and I said, ‘Who the [expletive] are you?'” Wood said. “His head was right there and I had the gun straight in his face and he ran.”

Wood followed him out through the same screen door he came in and watched down the barrel of her gun.

“I knew I wanted to be as close to him as I could, and your hands are shaking, but you know you have to have steady aim.”

Then she pulled the trigger. She didn’t aim to hit him, she aimed to scare him away.

“I fired a shot at him because I didn’t want him back,” she said.

The man ran off and did not return. Minutes later her parents returned home and with them came the police. They are still searching for the man but he’s not likely to return to that home anytime soon. Wood’s father is as proud as a man can be of his child, and he’s happy that he took the time to train her how to properly use a firearm.

“That is something you teach the kids,” her father said. “Lessons we went over and over, and you think they’ll never have to use them, and today proved that they did, and it worked.” It sure did.

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